Monday, 1 October 2018

Most Popular Posts - September 2018

There have been some very big numbers of pageviews for some of the most popular posts of September 2018.

March 2018.

2. DFO, Salmon and Killer Whales: More than 10,000 page views. May 20 2018

3. CFIA Deception in Atlantic Canada, Just like in Pacific Canada: August 2018.

4. UBCM Stacks Deck Against Fish Farms [?], Well No, Times Colonist, September 2018: All they did was say we the cities of BC want fish farms on land.

5. BAD NEWS BITES:, May 2017.

6. Toxic Sea Lice - Norway is a Disaster Zone: Also one of the biggest posts of 2018. Lice chemicals kill lots of other species than lice on salmon. September 2018.

7. 249 On Land Fish Farms Around The World: This is the perennial, all time favourite post on this site. Yes, I have found 249 on-land fish farms, even though fish farms say it can't happen.

8. Wild Salmon Plan - Contact Your MLA: February 2018. Lots of references in this one.

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