Friday, 19 October 2018

Tasmanian Fish Farms Just as Bad as the Rest of the World's Fish Farms

Just in from Environment Tasmania that stands up for the environment in one of the most southerly countries in the world, their take on the many problems with fish farms in Tasmania.

They will sound familiar: major non-compliance, fire crackers/bean bags harassing seals, farmed fish rated red, or don't buy, flawed accreditation schemes. Note their website at the bottom. Read on: 


What an extraordinary week where multiple spotlights have been shone in to the Tasmanian Salmon Industry.

The release of an ASC audit (industry funded audit process) of Petuna seafood’s leases in Macquarie Harbour which found major non compliance and Petuna withdrawing from the certification process altogether.

Then we have the revelation that Tassal staff fire loud crackers and lead pellet loaded “bean bags” at seals.  Just this year up to July 1, 1,250 beanbags and 8,856 crackers had been used. Not only are the seals very vulnerable to damage but we have yet another example of fish farms polluting waters.

Next we had the highly respected sustainable fish eating guide produced by the Australian Marine Conservation Society recommend a just say no to Tasmanian Salmon. A red rating based on a rigorous review of all the available data.

Lastly, an international audit of the accreditation body for much of the world’s salmon industry including Tasmanian producers found the accreditation flawed in many cases. The review found Australian Salmon farms frequently breach Australian Stewardship Council standards but still have the right to badge their products with the ASC stamp of approval.

We are working very hard to protect our marine environment and we will bring about change. 

Philip Cocker


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