Tuesday, 23 April 2013

ISA in BC Salmon - DFO States the Opposite of the Truth, April 23, 2013

As hard as it may be to be believed, DFO, April 22, 2013 in the Tumbler Ridge News: http://tumblerridgenews.com/?p=10703. stated once again that there is no ISA in BC farmed or wild salmon.

“The fact remains that there has never been a confirmed case of ISA in British Columbia salmon – farmed or wild.  Anyone who suspects a case of ISA must report it to CFIA. CFIA will then investigate. The disease must be confirmed using international World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) recognized protocols.”

One gets weary of this ongoing denial of what DFO knows to be the truth. And it is wild salmon and BC that suffer at Ottawa's hand.

But I guess I will have to state the truth once again that: the world level OIE labs, Kibenge, and Nylund have both found ISA in BC wild salmon. Miller, who works for DFO, in BC, has found ISA and HSMI in 25% of Clayoquot Sound farmed chinook salmon. And she has found ISA back to 1988 in wild salmon, particularly sockeye.

In Clayoquot Sound, the wild chinook are down to 501 fish. This is extermination level and DFO continues saying there is no ISA in BC. It is stunning. Miller's work showed 125,000 to 250,000 farmed chinook per farm having ISA and HSMI. DFO is managing BC salmon into extinction. In the Sound, there are 22 fish farms, that is how bad this is, probably 15 Million farmed salmon. Against 501 wild chinook. Little wonder the chinook are almost extinct and the Kennedy Lake sockeye run, once the largest on Vancouver Island, collapsed almost a decade ago and has never recovered. There are trillions of viral particles in the Sound.

Once again, here is another truth that cannot be changed by claiming the opposite: DFO, the CFIA, their Moncton lab and the BC testing system were all discredited at the Cohen Commission by the experts.

 It is time for BC residents to take salmon back from DFO, get the fish farms out of the water and on land, and begin the long long work of habitat restoration required - because DFO hasn't done it - to bring salmon back. They will all be dead if we don't.

Friday, 19 April 2013

64 On-land Fish Farm Systems, Comprising more than 8,100 On land Fish Farms Around the World, Updated Sept 15, 2013

Here are another six links to on-land fish farms. That makes 63 on-land, mostly recirculating fish farm systems I have found without really looking. They comprise some 8,100 actual on-land farms around the world.

In-ocean fish farms are old-tech dinosaurs and should be legislated out of the water to save the pristine environments, and wild fish stocks. It is so simple.

Go to this link to visit all the on-land fish farm systems I have found: http://fishfarmnews.blogspot.ca/2012/01/key-document-34-mostly-on-land-closed.html. If you have trouble, just go to the posts for January 2012 and you will find it.

Here are the new sites. Six links, but actually sixteen more on-land fish farms:

1. Tilapia, MDM Aqua Farms, Rumsey, Alberta, Canada,  http://www.mdmaqua.ca/, website unavailable, 04/19/2013

2. Halibut, Scotia Halibut (Nova Scotia), http://www.halibut.ns.ca, landbased, Wood’s Harbour, Clark’s Harbour.

3. Sea Bream/Sea bass, Sustainable Blue, Nova Scotia, Sea Bream/Sea bass –  http://www.sustainableblue.com/, land based, recirculating.

4. Yellow Perch, Bell Aquaculture, Indiana, USA, http://www.bellaquaculture.com/about-bell-aquaculture/history-of-bell-aquaculture/. Landbased.

5. Tilapia, Canada, Courtenay BC, http://www.redfishranch.com/, Redfish Ranch.

6. Nova Scotia, 11 on-land systems raising adult fish. http://thechronicleherald.ca/novascotia/124757-inland-fish-farm-may-signal-new-wave.

Now, Sept 15, 2013, Sustainable Blue now has its first group of on-land, closed containment Atlantic salmon. See: 3http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/nova-scotia-moves-its-first-batch-of-land-raised-salmon-1.1332529.