Friday, 2 October 2020

Updated Profit Margin List

Look at this list, where the gross profit margins show just how much money is to be made because society does not make them pay for the environmental damage they cause. I have estimated that in BC alone the sewage cost that they escape but we have to pay is: $10.4B at the most conservative level I could calculate. At the high end of conservative it is: $31.4Billion

See the calculation here:

See the profit margins on fish farms that don't pay for their sewage:
These images of profit margin are larger and more easy to read than on this post. Double click the items here to enlarge them enough to read. This post shows that if we charged fish farm companies for licences the same as Norway taxes their companies, $32 t0 $40-million, per licence, that here that revenue that they would eat comes in at: "You need to include in your fish farm policies a drastic increase in license fees. Charging the same as in Norway would bring in for the 120 licences the industry claims it now has in BC: $32 X 120 = $3.8 Billion to $40 X 120 = $4.8 Billion. That is how much BC is subsidizing fish farms to ruin our oceans."
Now the updated profit margin list from Salmon Business, a good source of info on the global fish farm/seafood industry:
As I have said, if you find it difficult to read, click on the image. I have previously put up a post on profit margins here:
And here is another from that email:


These are the most viewed items on Fish Farm News and Science in Sept 2020.

1. BAD NEWS BITES: Notice how close it is getting to 6,000 problems across the fish farm/seafood industry.

2. Fish Farms out of Discovery, Cohen Recommendation:
DFO had the gall to say that the farms cause no damage to passing fry. This at the time that salmon are nearing extinction and only 283,000 spckeye made it back this year, when in 1900, the sockeye run alone topped 100 million. it is time for DFO to leave BC and stay in Ottawa, they are so badly regarded in BC.

3. 330 On-land Fish Farms:
That's a pretty long list and shows that globally on-land has grown very popular.

4. GOOD NEWS POST - ON-LAND news: And this has now exceeded 500 posts, that is how popular on-land is.

5. Cooke Aquaculture - A Litany of Complaint Against this Fish Farm Company:

6. Key Document, 142 Mostly On-land, Closed Fish Farms - : This is a post from 2012, showing that visitors to this site still find older posts useful, and fact-based text of importance to them.

7. Most Popular Posts - December 2016: This shows, again, that visitors find past posts are important to them.

Thursday, 10 September 2020

Wild Salmon and Climate Change

Go look at the original post on this subject. It has 181 items, and you can add that to these ones in this updated post:

Now read on:


26. Protected Land Fosters Climate Change Resilience - US, Sandy River:

25. Climate Change Affects Various Stocks - Indigenous food, US:

24. Elwa Dams Gone and Chinook Returning - WA:

23. Thermal Limits and Sockeye - BC:
Abstract: "Ocean surveys show that extremely sharp thermal boundaries have limited the distribution of sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) in the Pacific Ocean and adjacent seas over the past 40 years. These limits are expressed as a step function, with the temperature defining the position of the thermal limit varying between months in an annual cycle. The sharpness of the edge, the different temperatures that define the position of the edge in different months of the year, and the subtle variations in temperature with area or decade for a given month probably all occur because temperature-dependent metabolic rates exceed energy intake from feeding over large regions of otherwise acceptable habitat in the North Pacific. At current rates of greenhouse gas emissions, predicted temperature increases under a doubled CO2 climate are large enough to shift the position of the thermal limits into the Bering Sea by the middle of the next century. Such an increase would potentially exclude sockeye salmon from the entire Pacific Ocean and severely restrict the overall area of the marine environment that would support growth."

22. The Green's Longterm Plans for Salmon - BC:

21. First Nations Key to Skeena Sockeye Recovery - :

20. Study - effects of wild salmon on their freshwater ecosystem, Dr. John Reynolds:

19. Aging Ajax Mine Polluting Stream - leaching selenium and arsenic into BC stream:

18. Hood Canal Good News Story - WA, summer chum project worked:

17. Fish Trap Boosts Sustainability - WA :

16. Four States to Work Together to Save Columbia R Salmon - :

15. Abundance of One Salmon Species Affects Other Salmonid Numbers - :

14. Sockeye Could Be Wiped out by Climate Change - :

13. 8 Species Threatened in Northern BC;

12. Steelhead at Zero - Nootka Sound, BC:

11. World River Day - :

10. Abundant Salmon Eggs Foster Smaller Fish in Streams - Keogh River:

9. Fraser River Sockeye Down to 293,000 - In 1900, the Fraser sockeye stocks stood at 100,000,000, yes, 100 Million. DFO has managed them into extinction: While climate change takes its toll, the reality is that DFO has killed off salmon far more than climate change.

8. Municipalities Press Govts to Fund Salmon Safe Flood Control - BC:

7. Finding the Sweet Spot between Production and Protection - Galapagos:

6. Adopt a Stream Foundation - anchoring logs into rivers for fry and improving spawning habitat. This one has a good photo of cabling in logs. Redmond, WA:

“This project will increase juvenile Chinook rearing habitat through the installation of logjams that will scour pools and create cover habitat,” said Walt Rung, senior biologist with Adopt A Stream Foundation.”

5. Climate Change and Re-adaptive Restoration - a book on the subject: https://www.washingto

4. Global Climate Change and Oceans - a major study of 80,000 scientists signing the letter to authorities for urgent action:

3. Water Wars - California, fish and farms, see the controversy in a new light:

2. Moving coho from closed off pools - Cowichan River:

Extra gravel in long hot summers with no rain: creates long stretches of slow water, so higher temperature, lower oxygen, and fewer nymphs as they want algae that grows on larger rocks, but not on sand, and small gravel. 

Use this in my 

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Fish Farms out of Discovery, Cohen Recommendation, Deadline September 30, 2020

I sent the following post to the ENGOs in BC to help them in their response to the rapidly approaching September 30 Cohen deadline to get fish farms out of the water. Please feel free to use the two lists in shaping your letter to the Liberal govt about it's promise to meet all of Cohen's recommendations.
Hi Everyone

I pass on two lists regarding on-land fish farms in advance of the Sept 30, 2020 Cohen deadline about getting fish farms out of Discovery Passage. Use them in addressing Trudeau and Jordan.

They should help you with two things: on-land is now mainstream and if the BC industry doesn’t come on-land it will likely be wiped out as 85% of its product goes to the USA, but the on-land movement there is aimed at quadruple the metric tonnes, Atlantic Sapphire, alone, aiming for 160,000 to begin with, and 250,000 in its plans, triple BC.

I started noticing a steady stream of articles/papers/analyses about on-land in the global seafood press about 18 months ago, and started a post to put them together in one place. In that short period, I have found an avalanche of interest, exceeding 500 items. On-land is mainstream, despite what fish farms might say.

This link lists the first 500 articles/papers I have found about on-land:

This link lists the 326 on-land fish farms I have found: The list starts halfway down the post, so scroll down to it.

And the third thing is low employment: fish farms always say they bring employment to ‘down on their luck, remote’ communities. This post thoroughly addresses that employment has been in decline for decades, and that Norwegian automation suggests that in Canada we could face an additonal 80% cut in jobs, when it is brought here. We don’t need to destroy our wild areas.

This post is dense, so if you are pressed for time, find the Inga Milewski article link on employment and read it. It is the best paper I have ever read on the subject: The link to the BC Stats Report is in this post, the best stats on the BC ‘fishing sectors.’
DC (Dennis) Reid


The following are the most read posts in August, 2020, on this site.

1. BAD NEWS BITES: This is one of 14 posts, each of which lists 500 problems with fish farms

2. Wild BC Salmon Plan: Contact your MLA and tell them to get a move on bringing back wild salmon, as DFO is remiss, and it lists the communications language to accomplish this.

3. GOOD NEWS POST, news/articles/papers/analyses of on land fish farms around the world: . This post has reached a milestone, 500 GOOD NEWS POSTS in a year and a half. An avalanche of good news about on-land.

4. 326 On-land Fish Farm Systems!: This is the all-time favourite article on this site, which has found more than 300 on-land fish farms around the world, even though the in-water companies try to say it isn't so. They are dinosaurs. To read the 326, scroll down halfway, where the list begins. What is before this is much like the GOOD NEWS POST before I started it, as in item 3 in this list of most popular posts.
5. Technical Info on Sewage Comparisons: This is truly a fascinating article for science nerds, explaining the differences in fish, cow, human digestion of food to waste materials.

With this post I am going to add one new item from now on. It will be a post that is of major importance, as technical issue. This post it will be the issue of fish farm escapes, which fish farms say don't happen, or are far less than they actually are. Read this post for a mega-list of escapes that happen all around the world. Read it and keep the link on your files so that when the issue comes up and you need a reference you will have it right in front of you on your computer:

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Landbased Salmon Handbook - Undercurrent News

To complement my list of 325 on-land fish farm systems, and my Good News Post for more than 500 news/papers/analyses, Undercurrent has put together a land-based handbook on how to do the deed.

Norway emerges as surprise leader in developing land-based salmon farms

"Growing salmon to harvest weight in land-based farms is a technology that could potentially unseat the dominance of top industry suppliers Norway and Chile. But it is also an opportunity for two producing nations to leverage their operational expertise.

Norway, surprisingly, is developing more land-based farms than any other country, including China, Japan, and the US. There are more than 20 land-based salmon farms currently under consideration in Norway, according to The Land-based Salmon Handbook, a joint publication by Spheric Research and Undercurrent News. This surpasses the 14 projects we identified for the US market.

If all developed, Norway would add 483,800 metric tons of salmon supply to the 1.3 million tons that it currently produces from traditional sea-pen farming. There are only five other projects to grow salmon on land in the rest of Europe, and the biggest of those will be built on the Swedish coast, 20 miles away from the border with Norway.

Click below for more information on the The Land-based Salmon Handbook, or if you would like to order a copy."

Read more here:

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

GOOD NEWS POST: Links to On-land, Closed Containment, Studies, News and Papers! - Oct 16, 2020

I have reached a huge milestone on the On-land Fish Farm Movement around the world, with my first Good News Poet reaching 500 posts. It is on Nov 27, 2018, so take a look:

From that post, look at the Rabobank financial analyses articles, particularly, 233. And note that we are now talking about hundreds of thousands of metric tonnes of salmon raised on land, a huge number. BC's output is only 85,000MT, most of which goes to the USA. It is going to be wiped out if it doesn't come on land. Atlantic Sapphire alone is looking at double the BC output, all aimed at the US market, with longer plans to be triple BC MTs. And the new Aquacon is aiming at 100,000MT, and there are more being built in Maine, California.

And, of course, in addition to this post, there is also my list of 329 on-land fish farm systems around the world. The two posts go hand in hand: When there are hundreds of on-land farms in my list, and hundreds of articles on the positive news about on-land, when is enough enough, for DFO to put fish farms on land? Justin Trudeau let's get fish farms out of the water in BC, and catch up with the world.

UPDATE, UPDATE: I start a new Good News Post on Sept 2, 2020, the first entry being 501.
Now, the new list of GOOD NEWS POSTS:


586. New On-land Mariculture Project - Argentina, Aquisocial:

585. Samherji Looking for Land - for salmon farm:

584. On-land Fighting for Funding - huge growth is stressing funding:

583. Quality Salmon Aims for 100,000mt - Sweden, on-land:

582. Research into Strategies to Save Salmon in a Time of Climate Change - BC:

581. Quality Salmon Picks Chinese Firm for Huge On-land - water cleaning, aims for 100,000mt:

580. On-land aims for Huge 100,000mt Fish Farm - Quality Salmon joins single cell protein feed maker, Sweden:

579. AKVA Names On-land COO - :

578. Samherji Eyes 100 Hectares for Fish Farm - Iceland;

577. RAS Searching for Right Light - LED:

576. Quality Salmon to Raise On-land Farm - Sweden:

575. New RAS, Argentina - salmon, Aquisocial, RAS, 5000mt:

574. Indian State to Build 15 RAS Fish Farms:

573. Local Engagement Key to On-land - conference:

572. 'Too Early to Call It [On-land] Paradigm Shift - analysts:
"Most of this production -- more than 600,000 metric tons -- is planned for Norway, with other large projects planned for elsewhere in Europe. In North America, there are plans for 500,000 metric tons, while in Asia, projects for around 200,000 metric tons have been identified."

571. Stolt See Farm Posts Slight Uptick in Whitefish - on-land:

570. Kingfish 7 Year Journwy to be On-land 'Disruptor' - :

569. Proximar On-land - Grieg Backed, in Japan, 26,000mt:

568. Premium Svensk Lax Salmon gets Govt Approval - Sweden:

567. Nutreco is Backer of Pure Salmon - on-land, Denmark:

566. Investors Have Trouble Keeping Pace with On-land - :

565. Andfjord Salmon Hires CFO for 70,000MT Farms - Norway:

564. Nordic Aquafarms Hires Skretting Exec for US Operations - :

563. Onland AquaCon Hires Cermaq Executive - :

562. Nordic Aqua Farm Starts On-land Project - in China:

562. Andfjord Salmon Hires new CFO -

561. Bregal Joins Netrico in On-land -

560. Kingfish to List in Oslo - Danish on land:

559. Investment in Muri 50,000MT On-land: USA:

558. Salmon Evolution Hires New CFO - aiming for 36,000mt on land, Norway:

557. Sweden On-land Gets Approval - Sweden, Premium Svenskj Lax:

556. Nordic Aquafarms Hires Exec for US On-land - Maine, California:

555. Muri's 50,000 Land-based Fish Farm - USA:

554. Mount Fugi Firm: Proximar - backed by Per Grieg, aims for 26,000mt:

553. Sweden Based On-land - 10,000mt, Premium Swedish Salmon:

552. Mount Fuji Salmon - Per Grieg, to be listed in Oslo:

551. What the Major Issues are in Moving Forward - this is a really good article covering the entire industry, not simply on-land:

550. Land-based Yellowtail Wins Key Permit - USA, Maine, 6,000- to 8,000mt plant in Maine:

549. Atlantic Sapphire to Expand on 1,000mt Harvest - big increases coming, and lots of exposure to come at top retailers, USA:
"“The company will be expanding its footprint in (US store) locations of Giant Eagle, H-E-B, New Seasons Market, Publix, Safeway, Sobey’s, Sprouts Farmers Market and Wegmans,” it said in an article on its website." Next step is 10,000mt, then 60,000, on the road to 90,000, and ultimately 220,000mt by 2031.
548. Cargill Knows On-land Will Boom - :

547. Nordic Aquafarm Hires Fish Wellfare Manager - USA:

546. Retail Price of Atlantic Sapphire - US:

545. Riverence Harvests Trout, Steelhead - USA:

544. Disease - ISA, NL, Cooke, Cold Ocean Salmon:

543. Atlantic Sapphire Courts Sales to Biggest Retailers in USA - :

542. Atlantic Sapphire Reaches First Harvest - on-land, Florida:
This is a very good article on the on-land industry as a whole around the world. Do read it. br />
541. Salmon Evolution Hires New CFO -

540. Norwegain Firms Look for Spain On-land - :

539. Norcantabric Begins On-land Construction - Spain:

538. Pure Salmon Breaks Ground on Japan On-land - :

537. Nordic Aquafarms On-land Begins Construction - China:

536. Land Based Fish Farms for Middle East - AKVA, Vikings:

535. Construction Begins on New On-land - Spain:

Riverence On-land Hires Sales VP - :

533. China On-land RAS About to Construct - AKVA backed:

532. Pure Salmon Breaks Ground of Japan-based On-land:

"Phase one of 8F's Pure Salmon plan will see a 10,000-metric-ton unit in France, another in Japan, and a 20,000t facility in the US. It is currently raising capital for its five 20,000t units across China too, he said...."

531. Land-based Cod - :

530. More on Salmon Evolution After Raising $60M - for on-land:

529. Dongwon's Plan to Sell On-land Salmon to Korea:

528. Norwegian Firm to Build On-land in Spain - in 2021:

527. Salmon Evolution On-land, is 'Up and Away' :

526. Nordic Aquafarms Takes Full Control of Danish Yellowtail:

525. $4.6 M Raised for RAS Coho - USA, Finger Lakes Fish, 5,000MT, Devonian Capital. Intention is for multiple farms across the USA:

524. AKVA, Vikings Close Deal for Desert Farm -

523. Construction of On-land Begins - Skagan Aquaculture, Danish Salmon:

522. Capital to be Injected into Land-based Coho Farm - USA:

521. Dongwon Plan: Sell to Korea - on-land salmon:

520. Salmon Evolution up on Market - on-land, :

519. ENGOs Press Trudeau/Jordan to get Fish Farms out of the Ocean - CDN, Discovery Passage, Cohen recommendation 19:

518. Nordic Aquafarms Snaps up Two Yellow Kingtail On-land - Denmark:

517. New On-land Fish Farm - Denmark, Skagen Aquaculture, joint venture of Danish Salmon and Sashimi Royal:

516. Analyst Jumps to Kick Start new On-land Farm - Belgium:

515. Cargill Invests $1M in RAS Systems - Norway:

514. Escapes - Over 2 Million - in last decade, Norway: .

513. Plans Set for On-land - Local Ocean, France:

512. Funding Bullseye - Atlantic Sapphire, over target, USA:

511. Atlantic Sapphire Raises $100M for On-land - :

510. New Farm in France - Local Ocean. Note that as France gets its salmon from Norway, the two new fish farms in France likely will make Norwegian fish farms move stronger to on-land: .

509. Salmon Evolution Completes Over-subscribed Fundraising - on-land .

508. Akualogic CEO Takes Plunge with New RAS Platform - Singapore,

507. Analyst to Start On-land in Belgium - salmon and vegetables:

506. New RAS Firm Launches in Taiwan - Nocera:
The technology will allow a 50% increase in fish.

505. New On-land for Sweden - 10,000mt trout, salmon:

504. Matorka Applies to Double On-land Production - Iceland, salmon, char, trout:

503. Huge USA On-land - Aquacon, 100,000mt target: .

502 'Insatiable Appetite for On-land' - investors, Salmon Evolution, Norway:

501. Land-based Handbook - Undercurrent, 20 alone in Norway: