Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Wild BC Salmon Plan - Contact your MLA! - Updated Dec 6, 2018

Wild BC Salmon Plan – Prepared for John Horgan, Andrew Weaver, Lana Popham, Adam Olsen and Other Indigenous MLAs by DC Reid 

The government of BC has the following plan for bringing back wild Pacific salmon:
1.     We are moving forward to save BC’s iconic Wild Pacific Salmon, threatened now on several fronts. We will fund the Pacific Salmon Foundation $100 million over ten years to undertake freshwater habitat restoration. We are asking the federal government to add the same amount of funding for the same purpose, making this the biggest positive plan for wild salmon ever undertaken in BC!

2.     We will be setting up 12 net-pen operations for the next ten years, with 2 million sterilized chinook fry each to feed southern resident killer whales.

3.     We will set up net-pen operations in coastal First Nations to raise their own, local, sterilized salmon.

4.     We will provide funding for our aboriginal brothers to remove Atlantic salmon and their fry from BC rivers.

5.     We propose that DFO curtail the herring roe fishery for the next decade.

6.     Yes, there is science on the problems with fish farms, but there are other issues: wild salmon are declining, climate change is getting worse, British Columbians by and large don’t like fish farms, our aboriginal brothers want their wild salmon back and farmed salmon out of the ocean. We are acting in accordance with British Columbian wishes and using the precautionary principle.

7.     In accordance with our plans, fish farms will be moved to land. Globally, the industry has been moving onto land for many years, including in Norway, where BC farms are from, and it is now time to do the same here.
Norway stopped auctioning in-ocean licences in 2014 and now only grants, for free, on-land licences; this is a $9- to $12-million subsidy to set up on land. We will offer the same subsidy in BC, a free licence.

Marine Harvest is investing $100 Million in closed containment, and the other companies also have their plans. It makes sense for Norwegian companies to spend some in BC, on our much cheaper land, with cheaper labour than Norway, with their monetary policy inflated Krone that will buy more in BC, rather than go back to Norway and set up on land there.

8.     We will retrain workers who may be displaced by the move to land.

9.     We will set up a 20,000mt on-land fish farm, working with industry leader, Aqua Maof, and our aboriginal brothers at Kuterra.

10.  Specifically, we’ll retire 33% of current leases each June for the next three years. We’re here to help in the transition to land. And with our lower costs, you’ll be contributing to the BC economy, without the damaging externalities of the old way of doing things.
Supporting Communication Phrases:

We’re here with a new plan for wild salmon.

We’re here to help you – with free licences.

We’re here for jobs - to move in a new direction.

We’re here for retraining - and moving British Columbia forward.

We stand for British Columbians who want fish farms removed – 113,000 citizens signed a petition for moving farms to land.

We stand for investment in BC – and moving this industry to land.

We stand for wild salmon – threatened now on several fronts.

We stand for wild salmon – asking the federal government to curtail the herring roe fishery.

We stand for the precautionary principle – wild salmon threatened now on several fronts and need to be fostered.

We want your industry to prosper – on land is the way forward here and around the world.

We’ll be protecting wild salmon – by ridding our rivers of farmed salmon and their spawn, a costly outcome of farmed salmon escapes.

We stand for meaningful relations with First Nations – the UBCIC says 90% of FN want farmed salmon to be moved out of their and our ocean, and for wild salmon to be fostered.

We stand for jobs – why your own executives are jumping ship to the massive Atlantic Sapphire on-land plant in the USA. We want your jobs to continue, so getting on land is a must for you. 

We don’t want to see the industry wither away because it is not on land. You will know that your own executives (Marine Harvest) are already moving to AS. And, as you know, where you are from, Norway wants you on land, too. Everyone does.

We stand for jobs – and have a list of more than 200 on-land fish farms systems around the world, comprising 20,000 actual farms. So, we’re here to help you move forward.

We stand for jobs - fish farms have less than 1,000 jobs and we will have them transitioned quickly. 
We are bringing BC in line with our Pacific neighbours - Alaska and California forbid in-ocean farms, Oregon has none, and, as you know, Washington is in the process of removing fish farms from the ocean.

We hear what our municipal governments are saying - Sooke and Victoria are against fish farms. Victoria is taking the lead to have all BC cities ban fish farms.


Four BC MLAs are aboriginal: Adam Olsen (Green), North Saanich and the Islands; Carol James (NDP), Victoria-Beacon Hill; Ellis Ross (Liberal), Skeena; and Melanie Mark (NDP), Vancouver-Mount Pleasant.

Email Addresses: All MLA addresses have the same format:

Melanie Mark:

Final Note: In a chinook netpen, the fry are put in a pen in saltwater, fed for three weeks and then released to carry on with their lives. They return to the site of the pen as adult fish, rather than into a river. In the case of chinook, they can provide a fishery in their second to seventh year, depending on whether the chinook nurse in a near shore area, and on how many years the stock from which they are chosen typically lives before returning as an adult fish.


  1. what does this statement mean : specifically AS? your own executives (Marine Harvest) are already moving to AS. Thank you, Barb

  2. Atlantic Sapphire in Florida has hired Marine Harvest Executives from Norway, along with others. Google: Atlantic Sapphire hires Marine Harvest executives,and read the news that comes up. The lead in this firm is Johan Andreassen, also from Europe. AS site is:

    1. Thank you...I will check this out...always learning! Barb