Thursday, 29 March 2018

BAD NEWS BITES - Updated Aug 8, 2018

I receive 30 global press fish farm/seafood industry newsletters every week. In these, I have found a startling amount of bad news, and decided to do a post on it. I had no idea there was as much bad news as there is.

I am at my ninth post. In little more than two years, I have found 3,000 BAD NEWS BITES. Some days I am stunned by the amount of bad news in the fish farm/seafood industry.  Find the fifth BAD NEWS BITES post here: And that reaches 2,000.

This is the link to the fourth post, Jan 14, 2017, it has 500 BAD NEWS BITES in it: it has links to the previous three posts since July 2015. You can find earlier ones at these links.

Here is a summary of the bad news stories:

"In one mouthful, here are the kind of stories I am finding: boom bust industry, billions made and lost, crisis in lice and disease, bankruptcy, workers fired, executives jumping company to company, dividing big bonuses, fraud, corruption, litigation, conflict of interest with government and scientists, using the ocean as a free open sewer – $10.4 Billion in BC alone, killing of whales, seals and sea lions – more than 12,000 in BC so far, slavery, unpaid labour, taxpayers paying millions for diseased, dead fish – $177 Million in Canada, dueling scientists, weakening of laws, unsustainable feed, illegal fishing, jail sentences, disasters in Norway, Scotland, Chile, Canada, bullying of scientists, governments and anyone critical of their business, cartels, collusion, price fixing, fishing down the food chain to Antarctic krill, carcinogens and persistent organic pollutants, fluoroquinolones, chicken feathers in feed, animal feces in feed, eutrophication in a time of global warming, Malachite Green fungFicide in USA seafood, fake industry awards, all the wild salmon in the Pacific ocean, more than a billion, put in peril... it goes on."

Update, Dec 11, 2017: I have found 500 BAD NEWS BITES in less than 3.5 months. That means well over 1000 in a year. That is how much bad news there is in fish farms/seafood industry. This post, the sixth, may be found here:

Update, Mar 29, 2018: You will find the previous posts on these dates: 23/1/2018, 11/12/17, 29/8/17. 5/5/17, 14/1/17, 1/7/16, 6/5/16,  1/7/15, and a total of nearly 3,000 BAD NEWS BITES. 

And now, the BAD NEWS BITES leading from this most recent post:

500. Fishing, Aquaculture Clash - PEI:

499. Boom - after acquisitions, Insula, Norway, has $533M turnover:

498. Aquisitive Industry - Iceland, Iceland Seafood, Ibrica deal closes, 400M Euros:

497. ASC Ranked Site Rates Poor - Scotland, Marine Harvest:

496. Fish Farms Need to be On Land - BC:

495. First Nations' Consent - on Fish Farms, BC, what does it mean?

494. Slave Labour Screening Tool - UBC:

493. Litigious Industry - Sea Greens Farms sues other firms:

492. On-land Fish Farm - Norway, Losna Seafood:

491. Pollutant POPs in Farmed Fish - new study, from feed:

490.  GM Feed Boosts Omega-3s - plant based, UK scientists:

489.  Big Time Acquisitive Industry - US Foods, $1.8B, Food Services of America and four related firms:

488. Wild Salmon Catch Record - Russia, but not in BC which has fish farms:

487. Acquisitive Industry - China's Legend looking at Ibersconsa m&a:

486.  Black Cube Follows Scientist - Marine Harvest has Israeli security firm follow Alex Morton, instead of taking care of its issues, like not using PRV infected fish in BC: Aug 8, 2018 post.

485. M&A Recap - Undercurrents:

484. Blocked Activist Can Test Water - Swanson Island, BC judge, Alex Morton:

483. Disease - ISA, Cermaq, Chile:

482. Will Triple Tilapia Output - Tropo, Ghana:

481. Escape - 10,000 salmon, Cermaq, Norway:

480. Price Fixing - Thai Union, $44M set aside for settlements:

479. Acquisitive Industry - AquaChile buys Magallanes, $255M:

478.  Vaquita Endangered in Mexico - by Asian demand:

477. Aquaculture to Grow 40% by 2030 - FAO report

476. Fish Farm 'Sea Slime' Hits Malta

475. Largest Atlantic Salmon Escapes in History

474. Escape - Norway, 20,000 smolts:

473. Infested Fish - Huon, Norfolk Bay:

472.  Worst Animal Welfare Firms - Scotland, Marine Harvest, Grieg, SSC:

471. Salmon Super Power - AgroSuper, Chile, second largest in world at 355 concessions, oligopoly status:

470. Escape - Cooke, Hermitage Bay, NL, 3000 fish:

469. Low Wild Salmon - Norway, 470,000 fish remain: This has good data on genetic effects of escapees on wild - for my book.

468. Sentencing Hearing - NZ, $1.5M in fines for misrepresenting catches:

467.  Rampant Illegal Salmon Sales - DFO, Langley, BC:

466. Heat Wave Kills Sea Cucumbers - China, in Yushengyuan:

465. Possible Legal Action Against Marine Harvest - Chile, over fish escape in July:

464. Boom - seafood sales, Norway, July, NOK 1.5B:

463. Executive Arrested - Filipino confident of  being released:

462. Sentencing - NZ seafood firm:

461.  Acquisitive Industry - AgroSuper takeover of AquaChile, $850M:

460. Acquisitive Industry - Chile, AgroSuper, Empresas, AquaChile shares, salmon:

459. On-Land Shrimp Farm - Minnesota, 200 employees:

458. On-Land Park Site - BC LandAqua Ventures Inc.: This article has some fake logic  in it.

457. Sea West News Against On-land Fish Farms - this is the fake news site that is pro-in-ocean fish farms: See my post where I take them apart at the seams:

456.  Mekong Delta Threatened by Climate Change, ETC. - new paper:

455. Exec uses 'Trade Secrets' in Contracts - so says Pac Andes firm National Fish of Tampa Bay:

454. Acquisitive Industry - Chinese soy sauce producer, spends $710M to buy tuna fleet, Dalian Ocean Fishing Company:

453. Remove Fish Farms from Ocean - HDP, Canada, Fin Donnelly:

452. Boom - tripling tilapia output, Guatemala:

451. Sanitary Crisis - Chile, Marine Harvest escape:

450. On-land Shrimp Farm - Happy Shrimp, Norway:

449. Escape Complaint - Chile, Sernapesca files complaint over Marine Harvest fish escape:

448. Combating Consumer Mistrust - USA, chef:

447. World Fisheries Report - FAO: Alaska gets nod:

446. Acquisitive Industry - Regal Springs owner nets $412M for sale of feed firm, Gold Coin:

445. PRV Benign? - BC, not in chinook? BIV:
And the study:

444. Restocking Allowed at Environmentally Damaged Site - Tasmania, MacQuarie Harbour, Tassal: And, see:

443. Fake Figures - fish farms, Canada:  "CAIA members generate over $5 billion in economic activity, over $2 billion in GDP, and employ over 25,000 Canadians. Our mission is to unlock the full range of economic, environmental and public health benefits that flow from a competitive, sustainable and growing farmed seafood sector." See:

442. Escapes - NL, Atlantic Canada, 750,000 salmon, also in other countries, 2013:

441. Escapes - Norway, 2015, research paper: The review paper is:

440. Escape - more than 300,000, Scotland, 2016:

439. Laws Not Good Enough - Iceland, Arnarlax:

438. Disease - listeria, New York processor, Royal Seafood Baza and Euroline Foods:

437. Reset Aquaculture Button? - so says 'undercurrents' about new DFO Minister, Jonathan Wilkinson: He better reset fish farms to zero, or suffer the wrath of BC citizens.

436. Black Market Lobster - Wickham, Australia, $40,000 fines:

435. Record Fish Consumption - FAO report

434. Formalin Added to Indian Fish - practice must stop:

433. Call for Fish Farm Moratorium - Tasmania, Greens, MacQuarie Harbour, Petuna Seafoods/Tassal:

432. Pentair Exec Jumps to On-land Fish Farm - USA, DFO Eric Jacobsson goes to Whole Ocena:

431. Fish Oil Price Collapse - Peru, the separation of fish oil for humans, and fish oil for animals, in processing, lead to the price collapse:

430. Close Down Marine Harvest Breached Farm - Chile, Sernapesca, 680,000 fish remain escaped:

429.  Smolt Factory Bursts - Norway, up to 160,000 smolts got away:

428. 'Smart Fish Farm' Concept is Dumb - Norway, Salmar looks to build an offshore plant for 3 million fish, and disperse all its pollution right out of the cage, just like the current 1.5 million farm:

427. Dead Fish Stink - Tasmania, fish farms want to create a big pit for up to 4,000 mt dead fish, killed in an emergency, mayor, protesters don't:

426. Analysis of Chilean Industry - undercurrents:

425. Boom/Consolidation/New Regulations - Chile:

424. More Labour Abuses - Thailand fishing fleet, has laws involved:

423. Fire - Marine Harvest, smoker in France:

422. Escape - AquaChile, coho salmon:

421. Disease- vibrio, Venezuelan crab:

420. Acquisitive Industry - CapVest, eyes Young's, Karro:

419. Toxic Algae - mussels, Marlborough Sound:

418. Escape, Escape - Marine Harvest, Chile of 930,000, 250,000 caught, $7 million cost:

417. Photos to End Fish Farms

416. Protesters Against Fish Farms -

415. Climate Change Affects Fish Catches - FAO report:

414. Fish Farm Slows Current Speed - NS, feces/feed spread affected by occupied fish farm, lobster catches down:

413.  Closing Fisheries Counts as MPAs? - Canada, DFO:

412.  Global Seafood Growth - FAO numbers, 20% by 2030:

411. Maine Supports Land Based Fish Farms - Maine's Atlantic Salmon Federation, Whole Oceans, Nordic Aquafarms:

410. Slave Labour Doesn't Have to be Disclosed? - Costco, court: "The three-judge panel, on Tuesday, affirmed the dismissal of six lawsuits filed against six big companies -- Thai Union Group-owned Tri-Union Seafoods, which sells under the Chicken of the Sea brand; Hershey; Nestle; Nestle Purina; Big Heart Pet Brands; and Mars Petcare. The decision follows a more in-depth ruling published last month that found Mars Inc. was not required to tell consumers about “reprehensible” labor practices because “they are not physical defects that affect the central function of the chocolate products”, the news service adds."

409. POPS - Flame Retardants in Farmed Fish

"Most models to predict human exposure to pollutants typically focus on people in relation to their local environment. Dr. Ng's model compared a variety of factors to find the best predictor of PBDEs in farmed salmon, including pollutants inhaled through gills, how the fish metabolized and eliminated pollutants, and of course, the concentration of pollutants in the feed.

She says, "We found that feed is relatively less important in areas that already have high concentrations of pollutants in the environment. However, in otherwise clean and well-regulated environments, contaminated feed can be thousands of times more significant than the location of the farm for determining the PBDE content of salmon fillets."" Read more at:

Here is a news story about the paper:
Most models to predict human exposure to pollutants typically focus on people in relation to their local environment. Dr. Ng's model compared a variety of factors to find the best predictor of PBDEs in farmed salmon, including pollutants inhaled through gills, how the fish metabolized and eliminated pollutants, and of course, the concentration of pollutants in the feed.
She says, "We found that feed is relatively less important in areas that already have high concentrations of pollutants in the environment. However, in otherwise clean and well-regulated environments, contaminated feed can be thousands of times more significant than the location of the farm for determining the PBDE content of salmon fillets."

Read more at:

408. No Penalties for Fish Blood Water - BC:

407. Boom - Norwegian salmon shipments to China poised to triple: "The value of the Norwegian salmon exports to China grew 544% y-o-y to NOK 443m ($54.8m)."

406. More Bust - Young's loses chief shrimp buyer, who has started his own business, amid ASDA loss:,

405. Bust - Young's writes down asset value 40 million pounds:

404. Bust - Young's takes 12 million pound hit to chilled side of M&S shuffle:

403. Mega-Disease - Canada, ISA 8, of which four are infectious ISAV in NS/NB/NL;  IHN, BC, chum salmon; and  IPN, NS, brook trout:

402. Boom - Camanchaca aims for 80% growth, Chile:

401. Voluntary No Krill Zone for Antarctica - WWF:

400. July 10, 2018Legal Challenge to Thermolicer - Scotland:

399. Women Discriminated Against in Seafood - report:

398. Fisheries Closures Threaten Towns - DFO trying to 'save' extinction level killer whales with extinction level chinook:

397. Boom - AquaChile to raise $340M through share offering, to expand:

396. Huge Bristol Bay Sockeye Return - no fish farms in Alaska:

395. Some Escapee Fish Caught - Marine Harvest, Chile, 250,000 caught, leaving 680,000 on the lam:

394. Net Failure, Escape - Arnarlax, Iceland:

393. Huge License Costs - Norway: "“Adding a minimum price of NOK 120 (€ 12.7) million per license is incomprehensible. In areas with the highest dominance of listed companies, the real price can quickly reach between NOK 200-250 (€ 21-26) million per license. You don’t have to be a mathematician to figure out that this is a gratuitous fit for only a handful of the major publicly listed companies,” NSL Managing Director Robert Eriksson said." At an exchange rate of .16, the license cost in CDN dollars is: 120 X .16 = S19.2 million; 200 X .16 = $32 million, and 250 X .16 = $40 million.

392. Disease - ISA, Cooke, NL:

391. Disease - ISA, Marine Harvest, Norway:

390. Litigious Industry - Huon loses to Tassal, Petuna, Tasmania. over fish numbers in MacQuarie Harbour:

389. Massive Fish Escape - Marine Harvest, 930,000 salmon, Chile:

388. Consumers Need to Pressure MSCs - Spain, retailer, Eroski:

387. Boom - Norway, 1.4 million mt seafood exports to end of June, 2018:

386. Acquisitive Industry - USA, ADM buys Neovia, $1.78B:

385. More RAS Investment - Norway, Broodstock Capital:

384. Processors Break Permits - BC, 72%:

383. Another Exec Jumps Ship to On-Land - Norway: "Managing director of Salmon Evolution is former regional manager at SalMar for Rommsdal and Sunnmore, Ingjarl Skarvoy, 28,800MT.

382. Boom - Peru's seafood exports double to $1.6B:

381. On-Land OK - Nordic Aquafarms, Norway:

380. MLA Against Fish Farms - BC, Adam Olsen:

379. Feds Not Protecting Wild Salmon - BC, fish farms:

378. Canada Day Protest - BC:

377. Fish Farm Boat Plows Over Orcas - BC, Clayoquot, watch video:

376.  Gigante Havbruk - on land, Norway:

375. Consolidation Report - undercurrents:

374. PRV Blood Water to Stop - BC govt, fish processing facilities:

373. On Land Hires CPO - Whole Ocean, USA, Maine, Joe McElwee:

372. Hudson Valley On-land Steelhead - USA:

371. Young's Loss: 12 Million Pounds - M&S reshuffle, Grimsby, Pinney change:

370. Illegal Fishing Investigated, Again - Ireland:

369. Dead Sea Birds - AL, perhaps starvation:

368. EIS Needs More Work - Grieg, NL protesters:

367. Lice Cleanup Problems - Grieg plan for NL:

366.  More Disease - ISA, Marine Harvest, Norway:

365. More Disease - ISA, Cooke, NL:

364. More Pac Andes Trainwreck - Pad Andes, China Fishery, sue HSBC for $22.6M:

363. Goodwill Devalued - Young's, UK, 40M Pounds:

362. Disease - ISA, Marine Harvest, Norway:

361. Disease - ISAv, NL, Cooke:

360. Worms in Canned Fish - Malaysia:

359. New Aqua Bill Will Wreak Havoc - USA:

358. Gov, First Nations Agreement - BC, fish farms:

357. On-land Construction Moving Forward - Nordic Aquafarms, Norway:

356. Audit - lack of child labour, forced labour policies on supply vessels, Thai Union:

355. RAS Cheaper than Buying In-ocean Capacity Shares - Nordic Aquafarms:

354. PRV Causes Related Disease in Farmed, Wild Chinook - BC, new paper:

353. Fish Farms Out! - First Nation, BC, - court case, Dzawada̱ʼenux̱w:

352. No Offshore Oil Platform Fish Farms - Norway:

351. New On-land Fish Farm - Nordic Aquafarms, EU, subsidiary Fredrikstad Seafoods:

350. Fish Farms in Federal Waters? - USA, bill:

349. Acquisitive Industry - Cooke, Seajoy shrimp:

348. Young's Prospects Bleaker - UK:

347. More Consolidation - Chile:

346. Broken Free Fish Farm Almost Collides with Ship - Tasmania:

345. Certification Award Problems - ASCs, Clayoquot Sound, BC, Cermaq lice levels, above standard: And, SeaChoice's backgrounder:

344. Asian Workhouses - report, women, unpaid hours to reach 19kg/hour, Oxfam, grim conditions;

343. Global Socioeconomic Impact of Salmon Farming - industry report, using .00008% of ocean: "Internationally, the salmon farming industry produces 17.5 billion meals each year while using just .00008% of the world’s oceans and is responsible for 132,600 jobs in coastal communities, says a report published by the International Salmon Farmers Association, a group made up of other salmon farming trade associations from multiple countries..."

342. Processors Closed in Bad Market - tilapia, China, workers likely let go:

341. Consolidation - Ventisqueros, Chile:

340. Licence Sale Complete - $355M, Norway:

339. Disease - ISA, Norway, Nova Sea:

338. Land-Based Farm to Expand - CDN, Sustainable Blue:

337. Salmon Farming Worth $15.4 B - get report:

336. New Rules for In-ocean - BC, out by 2022, Lana Popham, Min of AG text/backgrounder:

335. Time to Move to Land - BC, Sun, MP, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones:

334. In-ocean Bad for Environment - DFO has 2010 report:

333. Boom - NZ, NZ King Salmon, submersible fish farms from Norway, Cook Strait:

332. Wild Salmon First, Sort of - BC, fish farms must have aboriginal consent, and DFO sign off on no damage to wild salmon:

331. Young's Loses 30 Million Pound Contract - Grimsby, Asda contract, UK:

330. On-Land Spirited Debate - Nordic Aquafarms, Maine:

329. Seafood Firms Convicted - NZ:

328. Death Charges Dropped - Australia trawler death:

327. Seafood Mislabeled - 25%, BC:

326. Fish Farms Require First Nation Agreement - BC:

325. Boom - Marine Harvest cleared to buy Northern Harvest, CDN, competition regulators:

324. Licence Revenue $355 Million - NOrway, in ocean:

323. Disease - Nova Sea, Norway, ISA:

322. Land-Based Tonnage to Increase - Sustainable Blue, CDN:

321. Wild Salmonids Crash - new committee to look into it, Scotland:

320. Fish Farms Require First Nations Agreement - BC, I'll bet they'll be handing out lots of money to get agreements:

319. Boom - Peru seafood industry exports nearly double:

318. Offshore Fish Farm Sewage to Come - offshore farms in every country to come:

317. Disease and Sea Lice Crisis - Scotland

316. Boom - China crayfish hits $42B

315. Humans Need Not Apply - Leroy opens most automated plant, Norway:

314.  Protest Leads to Govt Committee to Combat Criticism - Scotland, instead of getting fish farms on land, it is trying to squash protest:

313. Norway Opens up More Ocean to Fish Farm Pollution - sadly Norway has gone back on its four years of blocking licences for coastal areas - $281Million in first two days. This gives values, tonnage, area and purchaser:

312. Fraud Trial Opens - 'old' Pescanova - 348M Euros in Bail:

311. Mollusks, Oysters, Scallops Better for Environment - report:

310. Fish Farm Breached Licence - BC, McDade argues in trespassing case:

309. Boom - NZ, aims for $1.5B in 2022:

308. Pilot Killed in Crash - Scotland Salmon Co:

307.  100 Biggest Seafood Companies in the World:

306. Industry Consolidation - Chile, salmon, AquaChile: Quote: "In Norway, there are six large salmon companies, in Chile 19, Garay noted. As the industry becomes larger, there will be more consolidation." And: ""The Chilean salmon industry's consolidation, through acquisitions, mergers and business alliances, strengthens the efficiency and competitiveness of our industry in the world. It also ensures in a better way the development of new products and markets, strengthens confidence in the supply consistency of Chilean salmon," Puchi said."

305. Acquisitive Industry - shrimp, salmon company, Dutch Seafood Company:

304. Huge Offshore Sewage - Norway, Salmar, Smart Fish Farm concept: 1.5 million salmon in previous. This version up to 3 million fish, the sewage of five fish farms. Previous system, Ocean Farm 1, held 1.5 million salmon. And:

303. Washington Must Remove Culverts that Block Fish - WA, Seattle Times:

302. BC: Let Fish Farm Tenures Lapse - put fish farms on land:

301. BC Fish Farms Affect Washington Wild Salmon - WA:

300. June 14, 2018: Toxic Algae Kills Mussels - NZ, closes 100 farms:

299. On-Land Lobster - Norwegian Lobster Farm, NLF, Norway: One article on this page.

298. Save The Baltic - ENGO, has posts on problems with fish farms: Look at this.

297. Disease - ISA detected in NB, CDN, a strain known to cause disease:

296.  Grimsby Wins, Pinney Workers Lose Jobs - UK, 200 new jobs at Grimsby:

295.  Workers Need Not Apply - Leroy has world's most automated processing plant, Hitra, Norway:

294. Job Health and Safety Overlooked in Aquaculture, U of Stirling study:

293. iFarm Not Innovative Enough - Cermaq, only 4 of 10 licence applications, Norway:

292. Land-based, Offshore is the Future - BioMar CEO:

291. Still Hundreds of Slaves - Indonesia:

290.  Farming Switched to Seafood - Vietnam, from rice to other higher value crops:

289. On-Land Fish Farm Panel - Nordic Aquafarm, USA:

288. Bad Tempered Fish Farm - Tasmania, Tassal against woodchip facility:

287. Land-based in China - Seafood Dragon, it makes no sense to be shipping salmon around the world:

286. Smuggling Gang Busted - China, 19 mt of seafood, $ 7.8M:

285. Fish Farms Brace for More Toxic Algal Blooms - BC, Grieg, Marine Harvest, Cermaq:

284. Thermolicer can Harm Salmon

282. Massive Lice Numbers - Massovil, fined 5M kroner, lied about lice, 60-90 lice per fish, when limit is .5 per fish:

281. Cartel In Fish Farms - Bloomberg, Chile needs to consolidate:

280. Protestors Threatened - BC, First Nations:

279. On-Land FRD Fish Farm - Japan, taking it to the next level:

278. Land-Based Fish Farms Make Sense - Intrafish:

277. Aggressive Acquisition Industry - Cargill:

276. 200,000 Euro Seafood Theft - Italy:

275. Grieg Loses Million$ to Algal Bloom - BC, 'massive die off':

274. On-Land Farm Aims for 10% of US Market - salmon, Whole Oceans, beginning to build:

273. On-Land Fish Farm Staffs Up - NOrdic Aquabanq, Maine, 30,000mt:

272. Fish Farm Against Regulation Enquiry - Tasmania, Tassal:

271. 100 Orgs Against Fish Farms - the list: Here is the list, appended to their letter to Congress, USA:
Friends of the Earth • Center for Biological Diversity • Food & Water Watch • Center for Food Safety •GulfRestoration Network • Greenpeace USA • Indigenous Environmental Network •Citizens Sustainability League–ND • Community Alliance for Global Justice • Little Village Environmental Justice Organization • Earth Ethics, Inc. • Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement • Climate Justice Alliance • Whale and Dolphin Conservation • Another Gulf is Possible • Roots of Change • Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance • Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition •The Albatross Fleet • Duna Fisheries, LLC • Seafood Producers Cooperative • Fishermen's News •Port Orford Sustainable Seafood • Washington Trollers Association • Slow Fish International •Mermaid's Garden Seafood Market • Dock to Dish | Community Supported Fishery • Sitka Salmon Shares • Alaska Commercial Fisherman Walt Sonen • Iliamna Fish Co • Sam Ferguson, NC Commercial Fisherman (F/V Evan Elise) • Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations • Sea Forager • Clausen Fisheries, Inc. • North Shore Slow Fish • Blue Moon Fish •Gowdy Fisheries, Inc. • Reel Job Fishing • Ocean2table CSF •Real Good Fish •Alaska Trollers Association • Turtle Island Restoration Network • Port Orford Ocean Resource Team • Inland Ocean Coalition • Ocean Preservation Society • Blue Sphere Foundation • Farm Aid •Recirculating Farms Coalition • Peace Roots Alliance, Farms not Arms • National Family Farm Coalition • Rural Coalition-North American Farm Alliance • Rural Vermont • Northeast Organic Farming Association
Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York, Inc. • Black Farmers and Ranchers New Mexico • National Latino Farmers & Ranchers Trade Association • Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Hampshire • Food First • WhyHunger •U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance • Appetite For Change • Soul Fire Farm • Le Petit Cochon • Quillisascut Farm • Edible Seattle Magazine • Slow Food Seattle • Luc Restaurant • Loulay Kitchen & Bar • Madison Park Café catering • Linda Burner Augustine–Freelance Food Consultant • Sustainable Agriculture of Louisville • Seattle Chocolate Company • Diane's Market Kitchen • Farmington Land Trust • The Cornucopia Institute • iEat Green, LLC • Alabama State Association of  Cooperatives • Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group • Abanitu Organics • Community Food and Justice Coalition • Soil Generation • Real Food Media • The Northeast Organic Farming Association of
Connecticut • Wapack Sustainability • Cooperative Development Institute • HEAL (Health, Environment, Agriculture, Labor) Food Alliance • Food Chain Workers Alliance • Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy • Tataki Sushi Bar / Shizen • Agroecology Research-Action Collective •American Federation of Government Employees AFL-CIO, Local 3354 • Family Farm Defenders • Raising the Story • Occidental Arts & Ecology Center • Compression Institute • Mountain Association for Community Economic Development • Cape Hatteras Secondary School • Urban Sustainability Master’s Program at Antioch University, Los Angeles • Social Impact Consultancy •
Foster What Matters, Inc. • Witness Project of CT, Inc. • Health Care Without Harm

270. 100 Organizations Against Fish Farms - USA:

269. Liberal Government Selling Out Wild Salmon - fish farms need to be put on land:

268. DFO Protects Fish Farms, Not Public - fish farm info is 'proprietary', this is standard practice even though fish farms like to claim they are transparent: Q: "Fisheries and Oceans Canada has refused to release the names of salmon farms that have been investigated for infractions since 2016, in part because the department claimed it could result in “financial loss or gain” or “prejudice the competitive position” of a third party.

In response to an access to information request filed by the Star in April, the federal department released three pages that show companies were investigated after whales became trapped at the facilities. Others were investigated, issued warnings, and in one case charged for spilling damaging substances into waters used by wild fish."

267.  ASC Cert Suspended at 5 Fish Farms - Clayoquot Sound, BC, SeaChoice asked and ASC responded, up to 34 lice per salmon:

266. Fish Farm Challenge Case, Kingcome Inlet - aboriginal claim case, Dzawada’enuxw First Nation, it affects the province's tenures in the area, up for renewal in June. Woodward who won the Tsilhqot'in dase is the lawyer:

265. Heat Deaths of 1000s of MT Salmon - NZ King Salmon ekes out a gain after losing so many fish:

264. Boom - Alaska aims to triple seafood sales to China:

263.  Boom - Chilean salmon sales to China double:

262. Bail Set At $1M - former Bumble Bee CEO, Lischewski:

261. Boom/Bust Industry - shrimp, EMS one cause:

260. Massive Algal Bloom Kill - 250,000 dead fish at Grieg, Jervis Inlet farms, CDN:  Or at least Grieg says it is an algal bloom, and only 250,000 fish.

259. Fish Farm First Nation - trying to show aboriginals like fish farms:

258. DFO Non-transparency - 2016 whale deaths, etc:

257. Aboriginals Claim Ownership of Fish Farms - CDN:

256. Corporations Fail to Account for Environmental Damage - meat/fish corporations, more than 30 of the 60 studied:

255. Peroxide Used to Kill Lice - Clayoquot Sound, BC:

254. CDN, USA Aboriginals Against Fish Farms - :

253. 450 Workers to be Fired - Pinneys, Young's, Annan:

252. Acquisitive Industry - Chile, Aquachile buys Salmones Magallanes and Pesquera Eden, $255M:

251. 1.35 Million Salmon Dead - POMV, Tasmania, leaked information from govt:

250. 53 Million Dead Salmon - Norway:

249. Land-based Farmed Fish Hits US Market - July, 2018:

248. Eliminate Sea Lice Exceptions - ASC, Seachoice asks, or the ASCs don't mean much:

247. Smuggling - $3.5B in shrimp into China:

246. Acquisitive Industry - Chile, Los Fiordos, salmon farmer, buys Friosur, $229M:

245. Corruption - Namibia, fishing sector:

244. Boom - Regal Springs, to up tilapia, particularly from central America to 100,000mt:

243. Market 'Chaos' - tumbling salmon prices from high:

242. Disease, Death - 1.35 M salmon, Tasmania, good news coverage:

241. Disease, Death - 1.35 M salmon die to virus, Tasmania, biomass limited:

240. Diseased Shrimp Flood Market - China:

239. Desert Fish Farming - not in-water, Algeria, 100,000t:

238. Boom - Indonesia shrimp firm to double output after floating $66M IPO:

237. South East Asia Fish Farm Boom - too bad for the BC industry, trying to sell into Asia, with their US markets down because of on land fish farms:

236. Fish Feel Pain - study:

235. Strict New Regs to Prevent Disease - Scotland:

234. Anti-trust Settlement - to $50M - Thai Union:

233. 2,300 Workers Could be Fired - Papua New Guinea plant:

232. Worst Ever Shrimp Crash - Thailand:

231. Another Escape - Huon, Tasmania, Feb:

230. Huge Escape! - Huon, Tasmania, 260,000 - 600,000 salmon:

229. Escapes - Chile, Cermaq, they say 6200 fish, antibiotic use down:

228. 18 Workers Fired - Cooke, closes long time smoker in NS, after buying it last year, and moving to PEI: "Cooke Aquaculture had purchased St. Mary's River Smokehouses — a business that had been in the area for more than 20 years — in October 2017." See:

227.  Rapid Expansion, On-land Charr - Iceland, Matorka:

226. ENGO: ASC Farms Need Investigation - huge lice, for ex, says Living Oceans Society, BC:

225. 10 Million Dead Salmon - Scotland, Marine Harvest hit worst, 2016, mounting losses over the past few years:

224. No to Fish Farm Ship - huge off-shore fish farm ship nixed due to lack of innovation, Norway:

223. Smolt Transfer Refused - WA:

222. Time for Public Comments on Massive Placentia Bay Fish Farm System - NL:

221. PRV Infects Wild Chinook Salmon - BC:

220. Time to Move On-Land - Herald newspaper, Atlantic Canada:

219. Crunch Time for BC Fish Farm Tenures - BC government, BA tenures:

218. BC PRV From Norway/Iceland

217. Where is the Action on Cohen Commission Recommendations? - BC:

216. PSF/BC Against Fish Farms -

215.  Chairman Sells All Shares - Scotland, I wonder why: 'Robert Brown III, Chairman of the Board of The Scottish Salmon Company, has sold out of the company...  all of his 191,611 shares... It gives Brown a settlement of just under NOK 2.1 million.' :

214. Marine Harvest 'Loses' Fish - Norway, but didn't notice for some time, 52,000: MH spin is this: '"Marine Harvest is looking very serious at the incident, and will investigate how this happened and how we will prevent the like from happening again," said Marine Harvest, with the Directorate of Fisheries and suppliers.' This is the kind of thing that if you did not know the fish farms industry, you would take at face value. Once you have been listening to the spin for a few years, you just roll your eyeballs.

213. PRV in WA and BC - WA won't permit the smolts i nteh water, in BC, DFO refuses to admit it is here and fighting in court to allow PRV smolts put in BC water. Makes no sense: Angela Koch, May 17, 2018 post.

212. Wild Salmon Decline - Fish Farm Growth - BC, good graphics:

211. Transport Permit Denied - WA, Cooke Kitsap area, hatchery smolts:

210. Lummi Tribe Nets Award for Catching Cypress Escaped Atlantics - WA:

209. Taxpayer Dollars Fund In-ocean Fish Farm - more sewage and pollution, Humpty Doo Barramundi, Australia, AUD30M:

208. Acquisitive Industry - Cooke buys JC Seafood, processor, Florida:

207. 'Management Defunct' - Norway, spring herring, MSC certified, declining stock:

206. Communications Spin Versus News Reportage: Scotland, fish farmers against negative press:

205. Scientists Pressured to Change Recommendations - environmental assessment science, a related field:

204. India Shrimp Audit 'Surprisingly Negative'

203. Abuse of Migrant Workers - Taiwan, NGO accuses:

202. Price Fixing Indictment - Lischewski - Bumble Bee case:

201. Huon Out of Joint Management - Petuna, Tassal to jointly manage MacQuarie Harbour salmon leases:

200. May 17, 2018. New Licence Auction - Norway, June, in ocean:

199. China Moving Fish Farms to Land - : This will have a large negative effect on BC fish farms until they come to land.

198. Illegal Chemical Use Nets 'Slap on Wrist' - Northern Harvest, NS, Salmsan 50 WP, $12,000 fine, one storage facility may have had a million dollars of lobsters at the time, something the chemical kills:

197. Acquisitive Industry - AKVA buys Ergusund Net, $93M:

196. Escapes - Norway, Marine Harvest, 52,000 salmon:

195. Heavy Salmon Losses - 27% - Arnarlax, Iceland, due to handling in cold weather:

194. ASCs Investigates Cermaq Lice - BC, audit company investigated:

193. Boom - Grieg, BC, Norway up to 11000 tonnes salmon, Q1 harvest:

192. Boom - India, shrimp, $133M IPO. 'Apart from Devi Seafoods, four more seafood exporters are looking to go public, including Falcon Marine Exports, Sandhya Marines, Nekkanti Sea Foods, and Devi Fisheries.'

191. Boom - Camanchaca, salmon, Chile, profit up 143%, growth up 56%:

190. Protest Causes Cermaq to Suspend ASC Label - huge lice numbers protested, BC: See Item 183 for numbers.

189. 800 Workers Fired - Frabelle, PNG, processor:

188. 'Growing Opposition to Open-net Farms' - BC, PSF:

187. ASCs Investigating Cermaq Lice - BC:

186. Cermaq Halts Salmon Sales - BC, after ENGO complained about its soaring lice rates, something the ASC certifications forbid: See item 183 below for details.

185. 'Land-based is for Real' - Atlantic Sapphire shares surge:

184. Over Fishing - southeast Asia, surimi:

183. Seachoice - Take Back ASCs - Lice Counts are way to high, BC:

Cermaq Canada’s sea lice counts Sea lice counts from the ASC-certified and in assessment Clayoquot Sound farms:

• Ross Pass — 31.88 motile per fish / 14.9 adult female per fish (1 May 2018) HARVESTING
• Dixon Bay — 24.83 motile per fish / 13.07 adult female per fish (28 April 2018)HARVESTING
• Millar Channel — 29.13 motile per fish / 8.07 adult female per fish (29 April 2018)HARVESTING
• Saranac — 18.47 motile per fish / 5 adult female per fish (29 April 2018)
• Mussel Rock — 8.67 motile per fish / 4.53 adult female per fish (28 April 2018)
• Bawden — 18.82 motile per fish / 10.97 adult female per fish (25 April 2018)

182. Pillaging Anchovy for Fish Feed - 50% of Peru's quota: 1.64 million metric tonnes so far:

181. Government Agency Sued - USA, NMFS:

180. Remove ASC Certification - High Lice Levels - Clayoquot Sound, Cermaq, Dixon, Millar, Ross Pass:

179. Disease - ISA, Norway, Norway Royal Salmon:

178. Debt Crisis at Trout Firm's Parent - China:

177. Lice Outbreak - Clayoquot Sound:

176. Fish Farm News Spin - Miller PRV/chinook science is 'activism' not the truth:

175. Protest: Test Fish Farm/Processor Waste Water - Scotland:

174. Mega Offshore Fish Farm - China:

173. Cooke Lice So High Thermolicer Tried - Canada:

172. Chinese Duped By Fish Farm Spin - that farmed fish is nutritious, wholesome, despite all those cancer causing chemicals, and more fat than pizza:

171. Fish Farms Out - 42,000 signature petition, Scotland:

170. Fish Farms in Closed Containment - PSF, BC:

169. Fish Farm Lice Kill Salmon Fry - Clayoquot Sound, BC:

168.  Council of Canadians Against Fish Farms - BC:

167. Farm PRV Causes Disease in Wild Chinook - BC, this one has farm/science back and forth. The point being, as stated by Brian Riddell is that we can't wait for 100% findings, we must protect wild salmon: And DFO is 'monitoring', meaning don't count on the scientific evidence causing DFO to do anything.

166. Pesticide Charges - Northern Harvest, also has Kelly Cove fines in the past for such offenses:

165. PSF Against In-ocean, Open Fish Farms - BC:

164. Farmed PRV Infecting Wild Salmon - BC, Miller:

163. Closed Containment Now - BC, PSF. There is too much strain on wild salmon, and fish farms need to go, particularly, from Quadra Island north to Queen Charlotte Sound:

162. Disease - PRV Causes Disease in Wild Chinook - Non HSMI - BC, Riddell/Miller "
“Our study used novel molecular tools to show that PRV-1 was intimately involved in the development of jaundice/anemia in Chinook salmon,” said Dr. Kristi Miller-Saunders, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and lead scientist in the SSHI. “The study also reveals a difference in PRV-1 sensitivity between species that could easily explain why the virus causes inflammation in Atlantic salmon and cell death in Chinook salmon. Based on the results, we concluded that Chinook salmon may be at more than a minimal risk of disease from exposure to PRV occurring on salmon farms.” This is the link to the paper:

“The findings in the most recent study add to the concerns of scientists, environmental groups and the BC salmon community that PRV is having negative effects on wild Pacific salmon in our coastal waters,” concluded Riddell. “I certainly hope that industry and regulators consider these findings seriously as they look at the future of the aquaculture industry in BC.”"

161. Higher Biomass Cap, More Dangerous Locations - Scotland:

160. Court Case - Illegal Pesticide Use - Northern Harvest, CDN:

159. Emaciated, Sick Behaviour, Malignant, Deformed, Clouds of Fecal Matter - BC, Morton, 2017 fish farm video. This is the classic list of about a dozen fish farms with sick, malignant fish, sick behaviour and clouds of fecal matter: Jeremy Dunn in La La Land. This post has the poll results saying 75% of BC citizens want fish farms banned.

158. Jeremy Dunn in La La Land - BC, he thinks most people support in-ocean fish farms. I don't know what he's been smoking but the recent poll put it at 75% want fish farms on land - not out of business, just on land:

157.  Soy Fish Feed - Prairie AquaTech:

156. Massive On-land Fish Farm - Maine, Nordic Aquafarms, artist's rendering:

155. Disease - ISA, Russian Salmon:

154. Kuterra - On-land Fish Farm - BC:

153. DFO Not Protecting Wild Salmon - Commissioner, CDN:

152. 75% of British Columbians Want Fish Farms On Land - BC:

151. On-Land RAS Systems -

150. More Bribery, Fraud - Nutreco, Netherlands:

149.  Another Threat to Young's? - UK,

148. One Million MT New Salmon! - DNB, sad:

147. Huge Outbreak of Lice - Clayoquot Sound, BC, wild sockeye at zero:

146. 'DFO Has No Timelines or Plans' - to protect wild salmon and trout, BCWF, see report:
 "Dear Commissioner Gelfand and Auditor General Ferguson:

RE: Request for an Examination of Canada’s Failure to Protect Endangered Pacific Salmon and Anadromous Trout Species under the Species at Risk Act.

On behalf of the B.C. Wildlife Federation, we request that you undertake an examination of the systematic refusal of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) to protect endangered Pacific salmon and anadromous trout species under the Species at Risk Act (SARA). 1. We make this request pursuant to s. 7(2), s. 21.1 and s. 23(1) of theAuditor General Act."

145. Closure-Threatened Pinny's Meeting - UK:

144.  Environmentalists Appeal Tassal Farm Plan - Tasmania:

143. Fishing Violations - Only Tip of Iceberg - UK, violations sixth biggest crime area in world:

142. More Young's Shutdown - UK, sale:

141. DFO Science Woes - Stop Pretending There is a Scientific Debate on Fish Farms - BC: Stan P, good article:

140. Reef Smothered by Fish Farm Sewage - BC, glass sponge, ancient:

139. Scotland Swamped with Criticism - Marine Harvest:

138. Yet Another In-ocean Fish Farm Country - Argentina, looks for 80,000mt polluting its ocean:

137. Aboriginals Against Fish Farms - Ernest Alfred:

136. Bribery, Fraud - Nutreco, Netherlands investigation:

135. Chefs Call for On-land - BC:

134. Tax Leads to On-land, Other Countries? - Norway, high profitability:

133. New Disease? - Norway, black marks on salmon flesh investigated:

132. BC Wants Fish Farms On Land - poll:

131. 800 Lice Studies - yes, 800 studies on lice in aquaculture:

130. On-land Aqua Way of Future - major study

129. Disease - Norovirus, oysters, Canada, USA investigations:

128. Bust - Bankruptcy Settlement - USA, China Fishery:

127. Prosecutions - 11% of inspections, Thailand, human smuggling, labour violations:

126. Wild Salmon At Risk - Atlantic Canada: In the article, Minister LeBlanc says this: "“We understand Canadians’ concerns around aquaculture and are committed to science and evidence-based decision making.” (Undercurrent News, March 5, 2018)." He is missing that science hasn't done much in the last 50 years, and thus is naively giving us an answer that will not solve the problem. Getting fish farms out of the water would, though.

125. Put Fish Farms On Land - 75% of BC residents want fish farms taken out of the ocean:

124. On Land GM Salmon - Aquabounty, USA, wins production bid:

123. Two Year Jail Sentence - Ventola, National Fish, and more than one million in fines, USA:

122. On Land Public Offering Snapped Up In One Day - Atlantic Salmon, USA, on land, $76M:

121. Auditor General Report on Aquaculture  - industry notes support, but the report is heavily critical of DFO: See this post:

120, New: Profit Tax - Norway, we should be doing that here in BC where most of the revenue is sent home to Norway:

119. Farmed Salmon Toxic - Scotland: "They said the fish is so contaminated with toxic chemicals it should be eaten no more than three times a year.The chemicals, which have been linked to cancer and birth defects, come from the feed used in fish farms."

118.  EU Audits Shrimp Producers - India, antibiotic, microbiological residues the problem:

117. Disease, PRV in Puget Sound

116. NGO, Cooke Escape Lawsuit Moves Forward - WA:

115.  Mystery of Missing Salmon - Ireland:

114. How Deadly Virus Moves in Wild Salmonids - IHN, Alabama:

113. Aquaculture Trash On Shore - PEI, CBC:

112. Tuna Seized by Fraud Network, Opson - EU:

111. Fisheries Managers Support Fish Farms? - WA, after Cooke had 263,000 fish escape, conflicted governments back them up, hard to believe but true. Good thing WA outlawed them:

110. Two New 'Organic' Fish Farms - Scotland, public protests:

109. 22 Million Smolts from Europe to NL - not good for disease transfer issues, like ISA in Chile:

108. Cities Against Fish Farms - BC:

107. Atlantics in Skagit R, 8 Months Later - after Cypress, Cooke escape, WA:

106. Court Case - aboriginal fishing rights, BC:

105. DFO Doesn't Protect Wild Salmon from Farmed - environment commissioner, CDN:

104. Three Year Sentence - prosecutors want it for Ventola, National Fish exec:

103. Kick Back Scheme - National Fish And Seafood execs, Pac Andes subsidiary:

102. 'Ship' Concept Rejected - Norway, Marine Harvest, open ocean fish farm:

101. Boom - AquaChile offers $200M for Salmones Friosur, 2/3 of company it doesn't already own:

100. April 20, 2018: Litigious Industry - Vietnamese pangasius firms take US to court over anti-dumping tax:

99. Disease - Botulism - UK smoked salmon recalled:

98. Tough Import Rules - China, applies to Vietnam pangasius:

97. Disease - Peru steps up efforts to wipe out Tilapia Lake virus:

96. Boom - Nordic seafood market:

95. Pac Andes Wants Exec Spared Jail - USA, Mass, says National Fish could go under:

94. 'Irrecoverable Damage' - two new fish farms in Skye, Scotland, 14% fish loss to lice, disease in 2017:

93. Super Sized Offshore Fish Farms - size of six to seven football fields, Hainan, China, 6000mt, and automated with feed machines, fish monitoring, so low employment as well:

92. Minister Ignores ISA Impact - Atlantic Canada:

91. Cermaq Lice Chemical Protested - BC, amount and in-ocean:

90. $1B in Offshore Super Farms - China, meaning out in the ocean:

89. SEPA Blasted for Low Prosecution Rates - salmon farms, Scotland:

88. Longer Land-based Smolt Grow, Less Time In Ocean - Norway:

87. Land-based Tuna - Norway:

86. Norwegian 'Linchpin' Arrested Over Smuggled Salmon - China, Dong Yimin, Salmar related:

85.  Sign the Declaration to Get Fish Farms out of BC Waters:

84. Exec on Trial for Accepting Bribes - former, with EWOS, gross corruption, Norway, two others also indicted:

83. Boom - Nireus, Greek aqua, bass, bream:

82. Vancouver Island Against Fish Farms - Watershed Watch, towns vote to eliminate in-ocean: And here:

81. Government Takes over Icelandic Firms - Iceland:

80. Marine Harvest, Aarskog and David Suzuki Square Off - Vancouver Sun: Suzuki: "I dove under a net pen and stuck a yardstick into the excrement and it went in up to my armpit and I still couldn’t find the bottom. We can’t use the ocean as a toilet." On escapes: Aarskog: "We can only concern ourselves with our practices and our record on escapes in the past five years has been tremendously good." Not so Suzuki, citing Volpe. I using Volpe, calculate 153,000 escapes in BC per crop. Fish farms/DFO aren't being honest here.

79. Cooke Blocked from Stocking Salmon - WA, judge, Cypress Island:

78. Boom - China to build $320M fish farm on Hao atoll in French Polynesia:

77.  Chefs, First Nation Call for Ending Fish Farms - BC:

76. SalMar CEO Resigns over Dealing with Exec in Smuggling Case - China salmon smuggling, Trond Wiliksen:

75. Exec Arrested in Smuggling Case - China, SalMar worked with her:

74.  DFO Conflict of Interest, And Science Without Integrity - Stan P, Watershed Watch:

73. Salmon Challenge Denied - court, Tasmania, Tassal;

72. Massive Under Reporting of Deep Sea Fish Catches - 42%, study, using Sea Around Us data:

71. 2 Million Litres of Lice Chemical - to be dumped into Clayoquot Sound, BC:

70.  Whole Oceans On-land Story - Maine:

69. Disease - Atlantic salmon, three more ISAV cases in Atlantic Canada:

68. Salmar-Linked Exec Jailed in Smuggling

67. Norwegian Exporter Knew Salmon Sales to Vietnam were Smuggled into China - tells how:

66. Cooke one of Canada's Top Managed Companies? - this is the litany of complaint Cooke, the escape Cooke, the broken up net Cooke:

65. Difficulty Replacing Fish Meal from Feed

64. Lice 'Scourge' in Scotland Fish Farms

63. Arrests of Illegal Toothfishers - illegal activities have fallen 99%:

62. Farms on Verge of Collapse - India, shrimp:

61. Price Fixing Suit - Bumble Bee excepted:

60. Fish Fraud - so high that a tracing system is needed, UN report, 20% globally:

59. Disease - Norovirus, BC, oysters, people sick:

58.  Boom - Trident aims for top five in three years, China:

57. Oligopoly Nature of Industry - always bigger companies, China, Bright Food may bid on Iberconsa that has a $400M turnover. Bright Food had a $14B turnover last year: Bought Shanghai Fisheries (Group) General Corp last year. And this article is good on the oligopoly of mergers, counter mergers, growth and so on.

56.  Salmon Escape - Norway, Bolak, 4700 fish: Farm numbers are usually low, very low.

55. Salmon Smuggling - into China, how it was done:

54. Scotland Will Publicly Post Lice Counts - why not in Canada and elsewhere?

53. First World Prices for Farmed Salmon - China, $18.24/kg. These are prices that the hungry, in 52, just cannot afford. This is proof that BC claims are false:

52. False Information from Fish Farms - BC, they 'save wild salmon' and 'feed a hungry world'. Fish farms kill 5.76B fish to bring in one crop, and around the world for diseases, lice and so on killing local fish. Fish farms do not feed a hungry world because the hungry cannot afford farmed salmon and the fishing for feed takes food right out of the mouths of the hungry:
Here is the article from the Vancouver Sun:

51. Smuggling - eel, EU to Asia:

50.  Increasing Financial Interest in On-land - USA, Massachusetts:

49. Chefs, Suzuki Against Fish Farms - sent letter to BC govt, Ap 5, 2018:
 See this list of articles on the subject: Here is the letter:

48.  Salmon Smuggling Details - China, $100 million:

47. Workers to be Fired - Grimsby, UK, Five Star Fish, a 2 Sisters company, warns other firms off its staff while all  390 jobs could be gone:

46. Big Fish Farms Deny Smuggling - Norway to China, salmon:

45. Salmar Exec Jailed for Smuggling - China, salmon:

44. Tariffs Against US Soybeans - bad news for fish feed, but good news for those who don't want fish fed soybeans, as a non-normal diet constituent:

43. On-land, Offshore, In-ocean - pros and cons, energy fuel consequences:

42.  Worst Over-Fishing Offender - Ireland is one of worst in EU:

41. Smuggling Canadian Farmed Salmon - CDN, Norway, Marine Harvest, into China from Vietnam:

40. Tariffs to Affect Fish Feed Price - China, US soybeans, used in fish feed:

39.  Disease - ISA, Northern Harvest, being bought by Marine Harvest could be much worse than thought:

38.  Brexit Could Fire 600 Workers - P&P, Dutch fishing giant:

37. Young's to Fire 450 Workers - Scotland 'a betrayal' of a town that has served Young's well for generations: "‘The closure of Pinneys amounts to them shutting down the town. It is the ruthless betrayal of a local community that has served this company for generations.’" And: "Young’s, which has also won three key Mark & Spencer contracts, said on Monday that the site was no longer financially sustainable. It announced it was planning to get out of two loss making activities and move its natural (not smoked) salmon operation to Grimsby, where 200 jobs are being created." The union has called on Young's to open its books, and prove it.

36. Culverts Impede Wild Salmon - WA:

35. 450 Workers to be Fired - Young's, Pinney plant in Scotland:

34. Exec Leaves In-ocean for On-land - from Marine Harvest to CEO of Atlantic Sapphire:

33. Net Tear, Salmon Lost - Norway:

32. Big Hatchery Smolt Loss - Marine Harvest, Norway:

31. MSCs Slow on Reforms - WWF keeps up pressure for reforms, on eco-standard it helped start:

30. Boom - China's shrimp consumption to top 2M MT by 2020:

29. Boom - Atlantic Sapphire aims for 10% of USA market, on-land fish farm:

28. Disease - salmon, radio talk show about ISAV in NL:

27. Mail Fraud, Money Laundering Conviction - USA, shrimper:

26. Potential Loss of Fish Farms - BC, Hardy Buoys worried, but fish farms will be on land:

25. Conspiracy - WA, sea cucumbers:

24. Diseased, Dead Salmon Disposal Funding - protesters protest government money used for new method, $280,000:

23. GMO Omega-3s Questioned - Cargill, canola, questioned

22. Disease Could Kill Exports - Norway, Are Nylund, ISA, other countries can refuse ISA fish:

21. Staff Layoffs, Some Hired Back - Grimsby, Five Sisters closes, with 395 staff, Morrison's to add 100:

20. Offshore Farming - more pollution from Marine Harvest, the Beck Cage:

19. Offshore Farming - Salmar calls for offshore, which isa huge increase in ocean degradation:

18. Disease - Australia, shrimp, white spot outbreak, now back on track:

17. Disease - ISAV, harvested sick fish, Northern Harvest Sea Farms, NL, Spyglass Cove:

16. Disease - ISA, Marine Harvest is buying it, Northern Harvest Sea Farms, NL:

15.  Eco-friendly On-land - Atlantic Sapphire will have lots more appeal to consumers than conventional, in-ocean fish:

14. Boom - smoked salmon co, Farne, supplier to Tesco, rockets by 100million pounds, 20% increase:

13. 17 of 18 NL Rivers Invaded by Farmed Salmon - interbreeding: 750,000 salmon have escaped.

12. One-sided DFO Science - read these summaries:

11. More On-land - Norway, Salmo Terra, 8,000mt:

10.  Disease - Cooke harvests ISA farm:

9. Disease - IPN, ISA, in smolt farm, Norway, shut for 4-6 months, to sterilize, 25M NOK:

8. Aquaculture Role in Dying Wild Stocks - NL: "In a recent review conducted by the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas, 25 leading scientists reviewed over 150 studies about the impacts of net pen aquaculture on wild Atlantic salmon. Their conclusions were clear: salmon aquaculture negatively affects the productivity of nearby wild salmon populations."

7. Krill Killers Defend Harvest - Antarctic krill fishers against critical Greenpeace. krill feed baleen whales, for instance and should not end up in feed:

6. Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria - in fish farms, including BC:

5. Scotland Fails - to Protect Seals, and thus industry - US tariffs:

4. Tax Evasion Sentencing - Jack Ventola, in April, National Fish and Seafood:

3. Parasitical Worms - Indonesia bans cans of jack mackerel:

2. Injunction for Wild Salmon Fails - Marine Harvest to restock Swanson site with PRV smolts, Manson decision:

1.  Protest - Skye residents against 'organic' farms, Organic Sea Harvest: