In the Court the hearing pointed out, the Canadian Fisheries Minister, that she had been guided by professional advisers when permission was given, and that the license criteria was based on what she referred to as the scientific evidence. Judge Rennie was on his page not gracious with the Minister, stating among other things that she had never talked about science in the past. He pointed out also that the Minister was hiding behind the Marine Harvest Canada their alleged truths, without proper support for these. Rennie also made it crystal clear that the Minister could not be put forward so called scientific evidence without tangible proof.
In the 40 pages long, the verdict will be Morton its application for judicial review of the Fisheries Ministry's permission granted, including costs. The Court States that the Ministry has broken the law, and they have given the Marine Harvest Canada is declared invalid
The Norwegian, the nonprofit organization Save the salmon are jubilant over the verdict from Canada. Chairman of the Board Jens Olav Stain think that this can have a ripple effect all over the world, and maybe even make your way to the closed plant shorter.
"This is a big win for both Alexandra Morton, and everyone who cares about the wild salmon. I expect that there will be an appeal, and what one is actually ends up with in the end, it's hard to say for sure, but it's still great to win the first legal battle in such a case. If the verdict is being dealt with, of course, responsible authorities should take responsibility. Then, we have namely been established once and for all that this in fact is a problem, "said the Stain to the Hooked.
He does not hide that he thinks the fish farming industry is sure to be aware of the problem with the disease-bearing fish, and he also says straight out that it probably has to do with a lot of political governance when it comes to the industry's position and the emergence here on land.
"It's the money and the development that controls this, and the most important thing is to make money and get lives and jobs in sparsely populated areas. It's basically a noble thought, it seems the me too it, but then, these are the consequences when, "he said to the Hooked.
About the actual verdict says Stain that he as the layman find it difficult to put themselves into the details, but that it is unquestionably is positive that one now has obtained a judgment related to the spread of diseases between the tame and Wild Salmonids.
-As mentioned travel the verdict also part problems positions here at home, then there is no doubt that the aquaculture industry is spreading the infection, and that this leads to the death of among wild fish. Alexandra's untiring and self-sacrificing work that has led up to this judgment is impressive, "he said.