Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Morton and Ecojustice take Keith Ashfield, Marine Harvest to Court Over PRV Transferred To the Pacific Ocean, May 8, 2013

I don't normally just give readers a piece to go and look at, but the Alexandra Morton taking DFO, Keith Ashfield, and Marine Harvest to court over transferring PRV - piscine rheovirus - from freshwater smolts to the BC Pacific Ocean, is very serious.

My readers are from all over the world and PRV has been identified as the number 2 fish disease killer of farmed and wild salmon. In some ways it is worse than ISA. You can read these posts:

This is on the lawyer's site, Ecojustice:

This is Ecojustices note of PRV facts:

This is Alexandra Morton's May 8, 2013 post on the court action she is taking:

Oh, and six months after the $26 Million Cohen Commission on Fraser River sockeye and still no response from DFO..