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January 2017 - Most Popular Posts on Fish Farm News

I have listed the favourite posts on Fish Farm News each month since August 2016. Each list is on the first day of the following month, or close to it.

Starting this post, I also give you the indexes to articles on this site. I go back and update the articles, so you can often find current information in posts put up several years ago. Look for the Updated Date following the title.

Far and away the most popular post this month is the article by Prof David Miller on how the fish farm industry destroyed the credibility of a Science Jan, 9, 2004 article by Hites et al, Albany University on the cancer-causing, PCBs and POP chemicals in farmed fish. They were able to pull this cloak and dagger, and corrupt, er, successful, PR stuff even though the article was accurate and good science. That is when I decided to ground proof every claim made by fish farms and have come to the conclusion that they need to be on land raising a vegetarian fish - that is the polite answer.

Here is the most recent most important post posted in Jan: Kristi Miller on Disease and Conflict of Interest:

Here are the Jan 2017 favourites:

1. Key Document- Fish Farm Tactics,, David Miller, Oct 25, 2011:

2. Liberals Deal Body Blows to BC - Will We Fight? Just Watch Us.  Dec 27, 2016:

3. Hasta La Vista Liberals, Salmon as Important to BC as French is to Quebec, Nov 21, 2016:

4. December 2016 - Most Popular Posts on Fishfarmnews, Jan 4, 2017:

5. PRV Present in 80% of Farmed Fish - yes that is 80 PERCENT, Oct 6, 2016:

6. Trudeau Government in Court, Over Fish Farm Diseases, October 13, 2016:

7. Salmon Farm Diseases - in Norway, Nov 8, 2016:

8. BAD NEWS BITES, Farmed Salmon/Seafood Industry:

9. Wild Salmon/Fishing Revenue is 630% Higher than Fish Farms

10. ISAV in BC But DFO, CFIA and BCMAL Can't Find Disease, Jan 28, 2017


MOST POPULAR POST OF ALL TIME: 170 On-land Fish Farm Systems, comprising 20,000 actual on-land farms around the world, even though Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg Seafood claim it cannot be done. They say this even though they know it is not true:

Here are the indexes. Note that I go back and update posts, so many of the posts are current:

From Oct, 2014, all earlier posts:

From Sept, 2015:

From Jan 23, 2016:

From Jan, 2017: to come: or so I say.

Fish Farm Diseases in BC - Wild Salmon Catch Fish Farm Diseases, Too

Here is a good article that summarizes the various diseases in fish farms in BC: Wild Pacific salmon, that fish farms like to call feral fish - as though that makes them illegitimate - can catch fish farm diseases. Let me sigh and remind everyone, that this, as well as all fish farms problems, can be solved by putting them on land. This is so easy, and despite the fact that Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg Seafood claim it can't be done, I have found more than 170 different on-land systems, comprising almost 20,000 on-land farms around the world.

Fish farms want to be in the ocean to use them as a free, open sewer, that is all.

It will take you fifteen minutes to read this article and I suggest you do so, as it is a good one-stop take on PRV, HSMI, IHN, ISA, SLV, sea lice and so on.

The disease that I want to feature here - though it is not more serious than the others, far from it - is IHN, that has caused three epidemics in farmed fish over the last two decades. We have paid many millions of dollars to fish farms for their diseased, dead fish, so they can grow more and kill wild salmon. We don't want to pay. (See the indexes in the Feb 1, 2017 post on the most popular posts in Jan 2017, for the links).

Please note that one of these epidemics killed more than 12 million farmed salmon.

Here is some text from the article:

"IHNV is a rhabdovirus. Endemic to the Pacific Northwest, it has spread to Asia and Europe through movement of infected salmon eggs (OIE, 2009). IHNV is an internationally notifiable disease as per the World Organisation for Animal Health [76].

The IHN virus was first reported in BC Sockeye Salmon over 50 years ago, but was considered a freshwater disease [84]. Detection of IHNV in seawater-phase Sockeye Salmon is uncommon [95]. The virus is known to have a devastating impact on Sockeye Salmon [71], with greatest susceptibility occurring in juvenile salmon [101], OIE, 2009) where 50 – 95% mortality can occur [57] and [94].
Atlantic Salmon are acutely vulnerable to IHN and once infected, will carry higher IHN virus titres than Sockeye Salmon [60], which suggests Atlantic Salmon shed higher concentrations of IHNV than wild salmon. There have been three IHN outbreaks reported in the BC salmon farming industry [85] and [89] in 1992-6, 2001-3, and 2012."


"The 1992–1996 epizootic occurred in the Discovery Islands where it spread to 14 farms within an 11 km radius. The genetic homogeneity of the virus was specific to the farmed, but not the adjacent wild fish, and the outbreak ended abruptly with the onset of an area management plan suggesting that farm-to-farm transmission, not repeat infection from wild fish, sustained this outbreak [89]."


"The 2001–2003 epizootic also began with a single farm in the Discovery Islands. Genetic sequencing was used to trace the virus's spread to 32 salmon farms across the southern half of the BC coastline, including 81% of the farms in the Discovery Islands [85]. In addition to farm-to-farm transmission, juvenile Atlantic Salmon became infected as they were transported through the Discovery Islands aboard a vessel pumping raw seawater through the fish holding tanks. Farms along the route of this vessel, off Port Hardy (Fig. 2), became infected, as did the receiving farms on the Central Coast and in the Broughton Archipelago, where the virus resumed its farm-to-farm spread."

And this stunner:

"[30] reported that vaccinating farm salmon for IHN reduces downstream farm infection by only 31%, and that a vaccinated site will contaminate the entire width of Discovery Island waterways for over 30 km."

The article does not go on to list the same kind of information from the 2012 infection, but both Cermaq, in Clayoquot Sound and Grieg Seafood in the Powell River area had IHN in this infection, both of which were compensated for their diseased dead fish by us, the taxpayers of Canada, through the CFIA. Look at the Feb 1, 2017 Most Popular Posts of Jan 2017, for the indexes that will take you to the half dozen posts I have done, and their links for your follow-up, on the total payments for ISA we have made across Canada. 

The total paid, just for ISA, is $177 Million that we taxpayers paid to foreign multi-national multi-billion dollar corporations, as well as some Canadian ones in Atlantic Canada.

We don't want to pay, so let's put fish farms on land or they can go back to Norway, where their own government is so fed up with their lice, diseases and sewage, it is giving out free licences to set up on land, a $9 to $12 million subsidy, based on the auction price for a saltwater licence. Note that the saltwater licences are so expensive because they are goldmines for an industry with a 23- to 25% profit margin.

Friday, 27 January 2017

ISAV in BC - But DFO, CFIA and BCMAL Can't Find Disease, Updated Jan 29, 2017

This is the article that has found the worst fish farm disease ISAV - infectious salmon anemia virus - in BC, Canada. Subsequently, the BC testing system, DFO and the CFIA all protested it wasn't true, but Virology journal dismissed these claims. And, of course, you will recall that DFO and the CFIA colluded to find a testing system that would return no disease in BC, and decided the BC testing system would be the best to let a contract with in 2016. This is fraudulent, Justin and Dominic.

Note that the CFIA used the Atlantic Canada ISA variant and found no disease, but this just shows the CFIA made an error in all their testing, because the ISAV in BC is from Norway, meaning Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg Seafood are the recipients of eggs from Europe.

Here is the article:

Here is the abstract:

"Infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) virus (ISAV) belongs to the genus Isavirus, family Orthomyxoviridae. ISAV occurs in two basic genotypes, North American and European. The European genotype is more widespread and shows greater genetic variation and greater virulence variation than the North American genotype. To date, all of the ISAV isolates from the clinical disease, ISA, have had deletions in the highly polymorphic region (HPR) on ISAV segment 6 (ISAV-HPRΔ) relative to ISAV-HPR0, named numerically from ISAV-HPR1 to over ISAV-HPR30. ISA outbreaks have only been reported in farmed Atlantic salmon, although ISAV has been detected by RT-PCR in wild fish. It is recognized that asymptomatically ISAV-infected fish exist. There is no universally accepted ISAV RT-qPCR TaqMan® assay. Most diagnostic laboratories use the primer-probe set targeting a 104 bp-fragment on ISAV segment 8. Some laboratories and researchers have found a primer-probe set targeting ISAV segment 7 to be more sensitive. Other researchers have published different ISAV segment 8 primer-probe sets that are highly sensitive."

They tested more than 1100 fish - both farmed (bought at market - because fish farms have to give their agreement for farmed fish to be tested), and wild Pacific salmon, a very grave finding.

Here are the results:

"Seventy-nine samples were “non-negative” with at least one of these tests in one or more replicates. The ISAV segment 6 HPR sequences from the PCR products matched ISAV variants, HPR5 on 29 samples, one sample had both HPR5 and HPR7b and one matched HPR0. All sequences were of European genotype. In addition, alignment of sequences of the conventional PCR product segment 8 showed they had a single nucleotide mutation in the region of the probe sequence and a 9-nucleotide overlap with the reverse primer sequence of the real time RT-qPCR assay. None of the classical ISAV segment 8 sequences in the GenBank have this mutation in the probe-binding site of the assay, suggesting the presence of a novel ISAV variant in BC. A phylogenetic tree of these sequences showed that some ISAV sequences diverted early from the classical European genotype sequences, while others have evolved separately. All virus isolation attempts on the samples were negative, and thus the samples were considered “negative” in terms of the threshold trigger set for Canadian federal regulatory action; i.e., successful virus isolation in cell culture."

Note that the final sentence deals with the semantic issue of there can be ISA viruses, but not ISAV disease, if the strain cannot be grown in isolation. The problem is that the virus never was in BC and now is shown to be here, a result of egg imports from Norway, etc.

Of course, all we BC residents care about is the wild fish, and thus these are extremely disappointing results, and none of DFO, CFIA and BCMAl are willing to say the virus is in BC. The problem with that is that it takes an outbreak of disease that floods BC wild salmon water with trillions of virus particles every day.

Fish farms like to say, 'there is no disease', but when disease is discovered, they say, 'golly gee, I guess we have ISAV, and we'll just have to learn to live with it.' This ignores the point that it is the wild fish we care about, and fish farms should have all been on land decades ago to avoid killing real fish.

These are the results from the article:

"This is the first published report of the detection of ISAV sequences in fish from British Columbia, Canada. The sequences detected, both of ISAV-HPRΔ and ISAV-HPR0 are of European genotype. These sequences are different from the classical ISAV segment 8 sequences, and this difference suggests the presence of a new ISAV variant of European genotype in BC. Our results further suggest that ISAV-HPRΔ strains can be present without clinical disease in farmed fish and without being detected by virus isolation using fish cell lines."

But the government still carries on with its conflict of interest with fish farms saying the disease is not here. The problem is the government, and the reasons are above: they couldn't find ISA (and PRV, ie., HSMI); they have colluded not to find it, and they let a contract with the BC MAL system only because they felt sure that it would not find disease. 

Are you listening Trudeau and LeBlanc? Or is Ottawa too far away from the billion or more Pacific basin wild salmon?

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Key Document: DR. Kristi Miller - Diseases and Fish Farms, Nov 2016

See the Watershed Watch Salmon Society video of Dr. Kristi Miller: Then sign the petition to get fish farms out of our ocean to protect wild salmon:

Kristi Miller is the research geneticist who came up with the 'viral signature' work that identified salmon that were dying and were associated with disease, prespawn mortality, for example. This was most important in the Cohen Commission disease hearings and as one who witnessed her agree with lawyer McDade that fish farms diseases could be 'the smoking gun' it was palpably emotionally significant as you watched her face understand what she had just said.

Moving forward, in the Nov 2016 Parliamentary committee on fisheries, and the Fisheries Act, she spoke at length. Here is part of what she said about fish farms and disease. Note that DFO itself is conflicted with fish farms as her senior manager makes clear. This is neoliberalism at work, as in let's make businesses work and disregard the externalities like all wild Pacific salmon dying.

"In British Columbia there is considerable public debate on the risks that salmon aquaculture poses to our wild salmon. Given pressures from ENGOs, fishers, first nations, the scientific community, and the public, and the declining productivity of large numbers of our wild salmon stocks, it's imperative that the regulations put in place to assure minimal impacts of aquaculture on wild stocks are strongly evidence-based, and that the research to understand these risks be transparent, objective, and independent of influence from industry. It is also important that as regulators, we are not afraid to ask questions and conduct research that may unearth findings that are not immediately convenient to industry and may require us to rework policies to ensure minimal risk. 

When I started down this path of research in 2012, I was told by an upper manager, who's no longer with the department, that it was irresponsible to ask research questions that could potentially result in negative economic ramifications on an industry if we did not already know the answer. At the time, my lab was developing very powerful technology that could simultaneously quantitate 47 different pathogens—viruses, bacteria, and fungal parasites—in 96 fish at once. We had populated this platform with assays to virtually all the infectious agents that were known or suspected to be pathogenic in salmon worldwide, including many that were associated with emerging diseases in other parts of the world but that had never been assessed in Canada. The manager was concerned that by employing this technology, we would make our salmon [she means farmed salmon] in B.C. look dirty, and impact their economic value in the market, and that if we uncovered agents that were not known to be endemic, ENGOs and the public would immediately point to the aquaculture industry as the culprit. As such, the attitude was don't look closely, especially for things that we didn't know already were there. It took almost two years to get approval to go ahead with this technology, which we are now employing on over 26,000 wild, enhanced, and farmed salmon in B.C."

And: "Since 2015 there have been great inroads undertaken by the department to move to a more science evidence-based approach to policy development. I wholeheartedly applaud these efforts, but it can be difficult when the department continues to carry a dual role as a regulator and an advocate. At a working level, I remain concerned that there is continued reluctance by scientists, veterinarians, most of whom have strong ties to the industry, and managers to ask questions and undertake research that might not turn out favourably for the industry. The level of DFO consultation with industry remains very high. While this can be a good thing, in my view when we are addressing risk assessments, regulators and researchers need to have objective independence from industry." 

And: "At present, the department relies heavily on information that the industry provides to determine, for example, what pathogens and diseases to focus risk assessments on. There are not, to date, any provisions to enable scientists to conduct risk assessments to sample fish on farms unless the industry agrees to provide them. With those agreements, the industry generally retains some level of control over how the information is analyzed and interpreted. The exception is the regulatory audit program, whereby the aquaculture management division collects samples of normal daily mortalities from farms that are randomly selected for sampling. When the industry was regulated by the Province of B.C., they had a right of refusal to provide these samples, but that changed when the federal government took the lead. My research program is the first to be allowed access to these audit samples for research purposes, and I'm extremely..."

And: "In my view, it's difficult to convince a skeptical public that we are doing everything we can to conduct robust, transparent, evidence-based risk assessments on aquaculture-wild interactions if we do not maintain independence from industry and if scientists and managers must seek permission from industry to utilize their fish. By maintaining this reliance, and the industry's right of refusal, there is a real risk that we won't be able to ask the tough questions—for instance, are there emerging diseases not covered under OIE regulations that the industry may either not know about or are not compelled to reveal? At present, less than 40% of mortalities on farms are diagnosed to specific disease agents. Some may not be infectious, but others may simply not be specifically recognized."

In other words, fish farms are: The Smoking Gun.
Do I expect change? No, but let's hope for it because DFO and neoliberalism are killing wild Pacific salmon, which is wrong. We need fisheries management to move to BC and for it to remain here. DFO needs to be taken out of the equation, as does the CFIA. The issue in this is conflict of interest, and the scientist herself has pointed this out. 


At 17:20 Fin Donnelly, BC asks about a new disease. 

Saunders answers: "We found evidence of a disease that is considered the third most important emerging disease in Norwegian salmon. We have not yet demonstrated whether it impacts wild fish, merely that a disease that had not previously been diagnosed in B.C. actually is present there."

This would be PRV and HSMI. Note that fish farms, always claim there is no disease in the more than a dozen countries they operate in, as does the conflicted government, in this case, DFO and the CFIA. Then, when the disease is found - and the semantic issue of virus/disease is contorted - they say, "Darn and, well, golly gosh, we'll have to learn to live with it, I guess."

This is the ongoing pattern around the world, in their fish farm communications spin. Chile being an example.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Wild Fish Conservancy - Great Source of Information

The Wild Fish Conservancy, Duvall, WA that does work on behalf of wild fish in the Pacific North West, has an impressive list of fish farm articles on the problems.

Their list is worth a look by anyone interested in the perils associated with in-ocean fish farms.


There are almost 80 papers, science articles, reports and libraries of information on the down sides of in-ocean fish farms.

Go read up. Here is an article on the decline of wild salmon in Clayoquot Sound and the lice on wild smolts: There are 22 fish farms in Clayquot Sound.

The second largest sockeye run on the Island, the Kennedy, declined in the '90s and has never come back. There are only 501 chinook in a half dozen streams in the Sound - this is DFO's estimate. That is extinction levels.

Here is what the report says on chinook:

"Chinook salmon fry were scarce in Clayoquot Sound in 2009—a total of 550 fry were collected across sampling sites and seasons. While the data are sparse, what they suggest is compelling. Chinook fry, like chum, experienced higher infection rates (up to 60% infected) in inlets with many farms than those with fewer (up to 5% infected) though sample sizes were very small. In 2010, WFC plans to actively target chinook to develop a more robust data set on this important species."

Go look at the report's graph on falling chinook numbers.

Here is a library of reports:

Saturday, 14 January 2017

BAD NEWS BITES - Farmed Salmon/Seafood Industry, Updated May 4, 2017

I receive more than 20 global fish farm newsletters every week. In these, I have found a startling amount of bad news, and decided to do a post on it. I had no idea there was as much bad news as there is.

I am at my fourth post, and in little more than a year, I have found more than 1100 BAD NEWS BITES. Some days I am stunned by the amount of bad news in the fish farm/seafood industry. As of April 30/17, you can add another 500 BAD NEWS BITES, from this post, or more than 1,600 BAD NEWS stories since July 1/15, less than two years.

Here is the link to the previous post:

Here is the link to July 1/15 to May 1/16, 442 BAD NEWS BITES:

That post has links to the other BAD NEWS BITES posts. Skim down the bold facing and be prepared to see more bad news in an industry than you might ever have imagined.

Here is a summary of the bad news:

"In one mouthful, here are the kind of stories I am finding: boom bust industry, billions made and lost, crisis in lice and disease, workers fired, executives jumping company to company, dividing big bonuses, fraud, corruption, litigation, conflict of interest with government and scientists, using the ocean as a free open sewer – $10.4 Billion in BC alone, killing of whales, seals and sea lions – more than 12,000 in BC so far, slavery, unpaid labour, taxpayers paying millions for diseased, dead fish – $177 Million in Canada, dueling scientists, weakening of laws, unsustainable feed, illegal fishing, jail sentences, disasters in Norway, Scotland, Chile, Canada, bullying of scientists, governments and anyone critical of their business, cartels, collusion, price fixing, fishing down the food chain to Antarctic krill, carcinogens and persistent organic pollutants, fluoroquinolones, chicken feathers in feed, animal feces in feed, eutrophication in a time of global warming, Malachite Green fungicide in USA seafood, fake industry awards, all the wild salmon in the Pacific ocean, more than a billion, put in peril... it goes on."

Look at the last post as it shows the CEO of the company that owns Marine Harvest, John Fredriksen, selling half a billion dollars in stock on the bet that the share price will drop so he can make money buying it back.

I have made a new post on May 5, 2017.

And now the list of BAD NEWS BITES, January 14, 2017 to May 5, 2017 (yes, this is almost 150 bad news stories per month):

500. Boom - Austevoll Seafood, record profits:

499. More Pac Andes Trainweck - now bankruptcy filings for 16 subsidiaries:
498. Extra Salmon for Polluted Macquarie - Tassal, Tasmania:

497. Huge Fish Loss - Scotland, Scottish Salmon Co:

496. Illegal Fishing - seven Chinese vessels in West Africa:

495. Bust - World's largest fish factory vessel may be scrap, no one wants to buy it:

494. Boom from Bust - Grupo Neuva Pescanova to enlarge African fleet, $46.3 million, move into USA retail:

493. Fish Farm Fight - Huon, Tassal, Tasmania, dredging, dead fish:

492.  Huge Forage Fish Catch for Fish Feed - IFFO, 20m mt:

491. Offshore Sewage and Eutrophication - USA, NOAA wants offshore aquaculture, Gulf of Mexico, etc.:

490. Illegal Pesticide Use - Dawnfresh:

489. Anchovy For Humans, Not Fish Farms?! - Peru, first time in history:

488. Fish Deaths - Tassal accused of cover up: And:

487. Huge Lice Cost - Marine Harvest, Norway: 5 billion Kroner, meaning $602 million, higher than Scotland in 2016.

486. Aquaculture in Alaska? - say it ain't so:

485. Weakest Laws in the World? - Norway: "Norway enjoys the most casual  fish farm regulations in the world  in order to benefit its balance of trade and commerce" See:

484. Escape! Escape! - 175,000 salmon, Norway:

483. Bait And Switch GMO Salmon - PEI, AquaBounty, change to full grow out:

482. GMO Salmon - PEI, Aquabounty, apparently on-land, change in original plan:

481. Untransparent Industry/Government - Tassal, Tasmania. Read this one, the ABC news account uncovered all the usual refusals by industry and government to release information, after Tassal failed to report fish deaths, then claimed release was not justified, and government said it was a competitive disadvantage, and the industry 'voluntarily' submits info, and no follow up was reported. The FOI took, if you can believe it, two years. The usual:

480. Citizens Against Fish Farms - Tassal, Tasmania:

479. Fish Farms Against Paying Taxes - Scotland, a cartel of 9 companies:

478. Fish Oil Price Collapse - bad news in USA has decimated the Peruvian product - down $1000 mt.. Of course these billions of dead fish don't come back from the dead:

477. DFO is the Habitat Problem - "Here’s what most folks say again: research pathogens and disease from fish farms; ban them from the ocean; implement a “net gain” habitat policy instead of “no net loss,” a loophole for developers; remediate fish habitat lost to urbanization (Cultus Lake’s sockeye was sacrificed when DFO refused to save spawning ground for fish of “insignificant value”); restore productive habitat upstream of flood control structures in B.C." See:

476. Escapes, Antibiotics - Leroy:

475. Brink of Extinction - wild wrasse in peril from fish farms catching them:

474.  Massive Disease Outbreak - Bangladesh, shrimp farmers had big time loans, now dashed:

473. Gullible James Beard Awards - Skuna Bay furunculosis disease 'craft-raised' fish, to be featured:

472. Antibiotics - Germany/Norway huge use ethoxyquine:
" All 38 fish samples from conventional aquaculture are contaminated. Of these 32 samples are clearly above the limit value for meat (50 μg / kg). At 881 μg / kg, the highest ethoxyquine load is a salmon product from a Norwegian aquaculture (Stremellachs from Real) - an exceedance of the meat threshold of more than 17 times. Fish samples from organic aquaculture are clearly below the meat limit - with one exception (organic salmon fillet, Edeka, 155 μg / kg). Ethoxyquin is usually not present in organic food. However, it may occur in other substances added during feeding. No ethoxyquin was detected in wild catches since they are not fed. The fish samples are from German supermarkets and biomarkers." Google Translate.

471. Open Ocean Fish Farm Sewage - Norway:

470. Even More Bankruptcy - Zhonggang Fisheries Limited, fourth Pac Andes subsidiary files for Chapter 11 protection:

469. Norwegian Fish Farms Trounce Canadian in USA - Europeans flooding market with whole fish, harvested early to avoid lice problems. I have always said that the parent corps are cannibalistic on their own operations in other countries. This is the proof:

468. Industry Infighting - Chile, Invermar and Marine Harvest over limiting output:

467. Environmental Disaster, Non-transparency - Tasmania, pollution, too high biomass:

466.  No Enforcement - EU fisheries laws not enforced:

465. More Fines - Da Yang, $54,600, for wastewater discharges:

464. Bust - Canada, salmon take further hit in US market, flooded now with small whole fish from Europe:

463. Boom - Seachill aims Saucy Fish at 100 million Pounds:

462. Fines - Trident Seafood, $37,400, second fine this year, wastewater pollution:

461. Boom and Bust - Walmart takes Norwegian salmon for 485 stores, weakening the Canadian industry:

460. Boom - BC, Marine Harvest, sadly, has let a contract for 87 new in-ocean pens:

459. New Protest Group - NL, wants fish farms out of the water, and pay for any damage, no compensation for diseased, dead fish:

458. Boom - Camanchaca, Chile, aims for 50,000 mt salmon:

457.  DFO Refuses to Stand for Wild Salmon - see the Kim Klottins email, refusing for the CFIA to talk with Alexandra Morton:

456. Non-transparent Lobbiest - Timothy Powers, NB, read:; 
Neither wild salmon, nor the public, who overwhelmingly reject fish farms, have lobbiests.

455. Aboriginals Against Fish Farms - this document covers aboriginal election issues, as put forth by the Union of BC Indian Chiefs and related groups, for answer by candidates for the May 9 BC election. It includes fish farms and, when will DFO act on the Cohen Commission recommendations? No one in BC thinks Cohen has been acted on. See:

454.  Hunger Strike, DFO Protest - NL,

453. Increased Open Ocean Sewage - Norway, fish farms want to operate at sea, deeper than lice, but treat the ocean as a free open sewer, for even larger farms. Risk of wrecks, escapes of even more farmed salmon:

452.  Company Sold - major company Seachill, UK, by Icelandic Group:

451. Shipping Fraud - Vietnam, shrimp, EU inspections:

450. Immediate Suspension of Wrasse Fishery - salmon farms, UK Angling Trust:

449. False Financials - Chinese firm may be delisted, China Oceans Resources Co., South Korea:

448. Tax Fraud - exec pleads guilty, Pandolfo, National Fish and Seafood:

447. Boom - On-land fish farms:

446. Antibiotics - Huge Use in Chile, 2015 article:
"Unable to develop an effective vaccine [to SRS], Chilean farmers have been forced to increase antibiotic use. In 2014, the industry produced around 895,000 tonnes of fish and used 563,200 kilograms (1.2 million pounds) of antibiotics, according to government and industry data. Antibiotic use had risen 25 percent from 2013. In contrast, Norway, the world's largest salmon producer, produced around 1.3 million tonnes of fish and used 972 kilos of antibiotics in 2013."

445. Antibiotic Resistance, A Very Serious Problem! - passing resistance from fish farm use and bacteria to human bacteria. FC Cabello has been doing this research for decades, some 18 articles featured here:

444. Antibiotic Resistance - spreads far and wide with tide. Chile, 124 bacteria isolates from fish farms and 8km away, 81% had antibiotic resistance, to antibiotics used: "Resistance to tetracycline was most commonly encoded by tetA and tetG; to trimethoprim, by dfrA1, dfrA5 and dfrA12; to sulfamethizole, by sul1 and sul2; to amoxicillin, by blaTEM ; and to streptomycin, by strA-strB" This means in human antibiotics, and, resistance genes could be transferred to E. Coli, a human, warmblooded bacteria.

443. Bust and Boom - bust for in-ocean farms, boom for on-land farms: Q:  "land-based production costs and traditional sea-based costs are converging at NOK 35–37/kg head-on gutted. The major driver of this is the rapid increase in health-related costs for open net pen farming,” the bank [DNB] said." Ha, Ha. And, as I have been saying, the cost of transport is high, too, meaning near-market farms have an advantage: "production in RAS facilities – and with the advantage of being built in the US or Asia, that is to say, near to the market – puts the production cost per kg of HOG salmon on a par with traditional open net pens, at NOK 37/kg." And: “No new license have been awarded since 2014, when SalMar bid NOK 66 million for a license. Since then, the Seafood Index (OSLSFX) has doubled, suggesting the market value of a license is also higher.” NOK 66m is $10.6 CDN million. Why isn't NL and BC, NB and NS charging the same? Or more? And, finally: "Since June 2016 Norway's directorate of fisheries has begun allocating land-based farming licenses without fees, further helping on the start-up costs." Yes, it's an $11 million subsidy per license.

442. Bust - Marine Harvest, Scotland, 2/3s of its 50 farms had too high lice levels, losses from Thermolicer, higher chemical costs to kill lice, lost 5,000mt:

441. Protest Mega Project - NL, Placentia Bay:

440. Bust - on going train wreck, KPMG looking for administration for Grimsby, processor, Aquila Processing:

439. Salmon Ban in USA? - Scotland, Green protest:

438. Boom - Marine Harvest earnings up 92% in Q1, about 215 million Euros:

437. Bust - CP Prima, $150million losses, cuts farmers loose:

436. Diseases - fish farms make diseases more virulent than those caught from wild lice on wild salmon: "Mathias Stølen Ugelvik at the University of Bergen, Norway, and colleagues found that Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) infected with salmon lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) derived from two Norwegian fish farms suffered more-severe symptoms than those infected with lice from wild salmon. “Salmon lice from areas with fish farming appear to have evolved toward a higher virulence as compared to salmon lice from other areas,” study coauthor Arne Skorping of Bergen wrote in an email. The team’s findings were published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology this month (April 4)."

435. Boom - Royal Greenleand, record earnings of $48.3 million:

434. Injecting Shrimp with Agar - Vietnam investigates fraudulent practice:

433. Mega Fine - Marine Harvest, 20 million Euros:

432. Debt Refinanced - Nomad, 500 million Euros, acquisition aggression:

431. Workers Fired - Young's, pulls New England processing, Albert Darnell, in Grimsby:

430. Offshore Sewage - Huon prepares move to open ocean fish farm, Australia:

429. Feed Soy Kills Forests - fish feed is destroying Brazil rain forest:

428. Boom - Nigeria, Premiere Aquaculture to boost tilapia production to 20,000mt:

427. Protest - NL, Grieg Seafood, Placentia Bay mega-project:

426. Huge Anchovy Quota - Peru, 2million tonnes expected, reducing stocks and fish feed prices: Here is a second article on the issue, 55.6% rise to 2.8 million mt, in central region:

425. Antibiotics - 60% of resistance in humans comes from animal use, 50,000 people die each year in NA:

424. Antibiotics - needed by humans, approved for fish farms, Cermaq:

423. Antibiotics - use, Marine Harvest, look at Chile:

422. Antibiotics - resistance genes transferred to other bacteria, 2014:

421. Antibiotics - human bacteria consequences:

420. Antibiotic Laced Feed - NL, thousands of kilograms:

419. Antibiotic Resistance Transferred to Human Bacteria - Chile, fish farm workers:

418.  Antibiotics - Tetracyclines, Quinolones - in wild fish, Chile, from fish farms:

417. Disease - identifying HSMI, Europe:

416. Excrement in Fish Feed, Antibiotic Resistance to Human Diseases, 2011:

415. Massive Illegal Fish Importation - Nigeria, Association of Indigenous Seafood Stakeholders, $29.4 million:

414. Antibiotics Overkill - BC, 2014, almost 2000 kms of pills end to end: 

413. Antibiotic Resistance - furunculosis, genes passed to other bacteria that we use antibiotics for human diseases:Antibiotic-resistance-Atlantic-Canada-hatcheries-salmon.pdf · version 1. 
A 2008 paper

412. 'Cesspool' - Fish Farms - NZ, public protest, Marlborough Sound:

411. Chemicals in Fish - Chile, antibiotics in salmon sold in Buenos Aires:

410. Killing Our Oceans With Fish - offshore salmon and sewage farm for Huon, Australia:

409. Disease - white spot disease sparks Easter shrimp slump, Australia - no shrimp on the barbie:

408. Boom/Conflict of Interest - Nigeria, backs $3billion in recapitalization loans from banks:

407. Boom - after last year's Bust of 38.2 million dead salmon, Chile salmon industry stocks hit seven year high:

406. Bust - China, tilapia processors, raw material shortage, sales slump:

405. Huge Lice Costs - Norway, 2016, 78.5 Million Euros, up 32%, Scotland hard hit too:

404. Disease - ISA in NB, CFIA:

403. 20,000 Salmon Escape - Scotland, Bloody Bay:

402. 'Fish Farm is Dirty Man' - Scotland farmed fish dirty:

401. On-land Taking Over - shrimp farming on land:

400. Conflict of Interest - Ecuador government to establish Ecuador Shrimp with shrimp farmers:

399. On-going Death of In-ocean Fish Farms - Norwegian, Broodstock Capital, buys Danish RAS firm Billund Aquakulturservice, :

398.  Ongoing Trainwreck - Young's, stemming, first, from losing Sainsbury contract, ticking time bomb:

397. Open Ocean Destruction - Walton backed project aims at open ocean farming, InnovaSea:

396. China Denounced - giant squid fishing illegal off Peru:

395. Inadequate Reforms - Chile, salmon farmers complain:

394. Salmon Dumping - Chile, officials in row:

393. Salmon Escape - Scotland, 20,000, Scottish Sea Farms:

392. On-land Farm - shrimp,

391. Offshore Sewage - Norway, fish farm, SalMar:

390. Protest - NZ, moving farm sites, impacting residents:

389. Boom - Marine Harvest, Ireland:

388. Boom From Bust - Invermar salmon:

387. Boom - Marine Harvest, Walmart, skin pack salmon sales rocket:

386. Certification? - Peru squid, half of million tonnes, half of world's annual supply, looks for certification? See:

385. Land-Based Fish Farm - good for Tasmania, Huon, bad for rest of industry:

384. Arrests, Guilty Pleas - USA elver trafficking:

383. Fake Awards - industry BAPs for India Shrimp:

382. Bust - Vietnam, pangasius, to EU, down sharply:

381. Bust - Kirwin processor, UK, drop, even before Aldi loss:

380. Workers Threaten Strike - Pescanova, Spain:

379. Stricter Laws - Chile, things are so bad that even the salmon farmers want stricter laws:

378. Consumers Want WILD - USA, salmon:

377. New Disease - Tiliapia Lake Virus (TiLV), Egypt, etc.:

376. Fish Farm Ship Sinks - Gray Aqua, NL:

375. Banned Antibiotics - Minh Phu shrimp refusals in US:

374. Environmental Bust - Magallanes, Patagonis, fish farms want clean water, won't harm environment. Greenpeace protests:

373. Boom - BC, biggest exports four years in a row:

372. Workers Fired - Espersen to close Denmark plant, firing 125 workers, move to Poland:

371. Bust - UK, Grimsby based processor goes into 'administration':

370. Bust - Chile new laws for fish farms:

369. Boom - Biomar, Norway, 280,000 mt of fish feed, more than 60 times its first product amount:

368. BOOM - fish farm LICENCE cost: Updated, April 2, 2017: The evidence suggests that the cost of an in-ocean licence in Norway is even higher than the earlier auction price above:

"No new licenses have been awarded since 2014 [in Norway], when SalMar bid NOK 66 million for a license [$10.56 million Canadian]. Since then, the Seafood Index (OSLSFX) has doubled, suggesting the market value of a license is also higher.” This puts the Grieg Seafood licence subsidy in NL at $116 million - before the $45M offered to set up shop. Crazy.

367. Fake Monitor - NZ, fishing industry monitor business is actually owned by industry's largest lobby, NZ Seafood, Greenpeace determines:

366. Illegal Fishing - Indonesia burns 81 foreign boats:

365. Boom - CP Foods, Thailand, snaps up UK 340m pound neat/seafood supplier:

364. Pacific Seafood Sued - NGOs against oyster plan:

363. Bumble Bee Not Illegal - judge, but out of line:

362. Neoliberalism/Government Conflict - Norway, fish farm business 'friendly' research: Note this is in Norwegian, but the April 4, 2017 post on this site, has the 'Hacking Research' in a better than Google-speak  translation.

361. Boom - unpopular expansion, Scottish Salmon Company:

360. Boom - Turkey, Camli, to double bream and bass in 3 years:

359. Chemicals Harm Worker Children - chlorpyrifos, typically used on land, this chemical is in fish feed: "after concluding that the chemical impaired fetal brain and nervous-system development. Specifically, the children of farm workers exposed to heavy doses of the product appeared to suffer aberrantly high rates of learning, memory, and behavioral problems." See:

358. Boom - Sea Harvest, big time growth:

357. Exploding Lice - huge cost, 1 billion Pounds world wide ($1.67 billion CDN):

356. Lice Treatments Add Cost - Treatment to control lice infestations in Norwegian salmon farms increased from 2013 to 2014 (Jansen et al., 2016) and represented in 2014 an estimated average cost of 2-5 NOK per kg produced salmon, or 9–23% of the total production cost per kg salmon (Iversen et al., 2015). Note that 2 to 5 NOK is about $.32 CDN to $.8. See: The study notes that lice are eliminated in closed containment with water drawn from below 25 metres.

355. Slice Kills Crustaceans - Norway study, may need restrictions. See:

354. Rampant Fraud - mislabelling, Time:

353. DFO Diluting Wild Salmon Policy - BC:

352. Conflict of Interest - more on NL govt and Grieg Seafood, Kenn Oliver at The Telegram:  

351. Boom - Iceland Seafood acquisitive in 2017, strong growth:

350. Conflict of Interest - NL, govt expenditure of $45m into Grieg, Placentia Bay dev is a conflict of interest by a government who has to regulate the industry. I should add that in Norway, the auction cost of the 11 in0ocean licences would be an $88- to $121-million outlay for Grieg, not 11 free licences plus $45 million. They know perfectly well that fish farms are a licence to print money and any government that would charge zero and add $45m, thus conflicting themselves, is an idiot. See:

349. Criminal Punishment- Codfather to give up 13 vessels as part of guilty plea:

348. Bust - NL, Grieg won't get $45 million taxpayer money for massive Placentia Bay. Good News:

347. Bust - investor pulls out of Tassal, Tasmania, sustainability concerns:

346. Disease - Norway, Pancreatic Disease, Marine Harvest:

345. Illegal Fishing - Russia, 300m rubles:

344. Boom - yet another massive RAS shrimp facility in China, $43.6m:

343. Battle Ground - Russia, officials, Mafia, IUU crab:

342. Investor Bust - Australia Ethical investors to sell Tassal shares as fish farms unethical, fish feed problems:

341. Trump Bust - if NAFTA goes down, NS fish/seafood goes down:

340. Frozen Fish Fight - must win battles, Bird's Eye, Findus parent Nomad, Igloo:

339. Bust - Vietnam pangasius in trouble, US import law changes:

338. Boom - GeneSeas, Brazil, tilapia, to expand by acquisition:

337. BC Wild Salmon Policy - Bad News, DFO against wild salmon, listen to show:

336. Boom - Labeyrie, France, looking to buy biggest smoker in US, Acme:

335. Exec Fired - scallop theft, Oceans Fleet, USA:

334. Conflict of Interest - NL residents don't want government to put up $45 m for Grieg Seafood's Placentia Bay development:

333. Boom - On land fish farms viable:

332. Bust - Vietnam, massive shrimp deaths due to weather and pollution: 44 million black tiger and 75m white leg vannamei.

331. Bust? - NZ King Salmon in environmental, money problems:

330. Pac Andes Trainwreck Gets Worse - Golden Target subsidiary files for bankruptcy:

329. Fish Feed Kills Bass - Veath Fish Farms, litigation with Purina fish feed:

328. Dogs Won't Eat Farmed Salmon:

327. Boom - Biomar, Australia, new 110,000 tonne fish feed farm. And this is means more pressure on those 19 out of 20 ruinously fished forage fish? See:

326. Wild Wrasse Killed by Fish Farms - Norway, wild wrasse populations way down. "They found that the goldsinny wrasse was up to 65 per cent more abundant in samples from the non-fishing zones. The corkwing wrasse was 92 per cent more abundant in some samples from the non-fishing zones."See:

325. Boom or Bust - Scotland salmon on Brexit, adapt or die:

324. Boom - Australia, SeaFarms Group, giant shrimp farmed goes ahead, $1.2b, black tiger:

323. Shareholders Pissed - 'Old' Pescanova shareholders say no to capital increase:

322. Boom - Columbia PezCo tilapia sales to US, big expansion:

321. Environment Ruined - Chile, rivers, "40 tonnes of dissolved organic substances end up in the rivers for every 50 tonnes of farmed salmon." "In particular, much higher concentrations of carbohydrates, proteins and their building blocks, and lipids are present downstream of the facilities. The aquacultures therefore provide the low-nutrient rivers with a kind of fertilizer boost." "Nevertheless, rivers should not be misused as natural sewage treatment plants," emphasises Norbert Kamjunke." "The researchers also draw another conclusion from their study. They do not consider it advisable to install any further aquacultures on Chilean rivers. The authorities have already imposed a moratorium on new salmon farms in the country's lakes. Operators are now considering the option of moving the farming of medium-sized salmon from the lakes to the rivers. "In theory that could work," believes Norbert Kamjunke. "But from an ecological perspective, it would not be a good idea."" See:

320. High Antibiotic Levels - Chile, 66% of farmed salmon fillets (77% in summer) have antibiotics that create resistant bacteria in humans after we eat the fish. Don't eat the fish:

319. Boom - CP Foods, Philippines, aims for $2bn growth, $500m more revenue in one year:

318. Lice - Scotland the nation of $480 million on lice chemicals in 2016, Conservationists: must move, Marine Harvest: no way, we are blameless:

317. Disease - Alberta, whirling disease found in Bow River:

316. Human Trafficking - Thai Union trying to stop it:

315. Huge Lice Numbers - NS, fish farmers blame it on climate change, instead of the obvious which is getting out of the water. See:

314. Untransparent Fish Farm - Cooke, CDN, listen to Fred Griffen: He makes the point that if the disease money paid by taxpayers for diseased, dead fish had been spent on closed containment instead, the industry would already be on land and causing no problems.

313. Antibiotics in Salmon - Chile farmed salmon to Argentina:

312. Disease - Antibiotics Leads to Resistant Human E coli:

311. Litigious Industry - Australia, knock on effect in NZ:

310. Disease - resistant bacteria to human diseases, from antibiotics in Chile, oxytetracycline, oxolinic acid, and florfenicol:

309. Disease - Norovirus, oysters, 300 people sick, BC:

308. Disease - SRS, Multiexport et al, $300 in losses, Chile:

307. Disease Piscirickettsiosis, Chile:

306. Globally Inconsistent Fish Farm Laws - the Atlantic Salmon Federation study:

305. Trashing of 'Vast' Forage Fish Stocks - Africa, Somalia to cash in, fish feed plant:

304. Cartel Consolidation - fish farm/seafood industry, USA:

303. Disease - tilapia virus spreads to Egypt:

302. Price Fixing - Bumble Bee, tuna, VP Ken Worsham pleads guilty:

301. Cooke Litany Continues - escaped fish, radio show, NB:

300. Dispute on Fish Farms -Marlborough Harbour, to move or not to move, NZ King Salmon Farms:

299. Sea Lice Infestation - NB, Gray Aqua,500,000fish die. Listen to the broadcast onCBC:

298. Human Trafficking - Thailand, 14 year sentences for 6:

297. No More In-ocean Fish Farms - RAS Org tells NOAA, USA:

296. Tasmania Against Fish Farms:

295. Disease - White Spot disease spreading, Australia:

294. Lice Disaster Narrowly Avoided - Gray Aqua, NB, 2016, receiver documents:

More than 250,000 salmon died from the fast-growing lice infestation before contractors managed to gain the upper hand.An additional 284,000 salmon were were pre-emptively killed to contain the infestation. See CBC:

293. Dead Salmon Dumped on Highway - Scotland:

292. In-Ocean Myths Exploded - on-land Stewart Lamont, news video:

291. Rampant Antibiotic Use - Bethune, research documents: There are several papers linked on this one.

290. Rare Seal Killed at NOAA-Funded fish farm - USA:

289. Court Banishes Fish Farms From Ocean - Sweden. Just read the 90 page judgement on the sewage in this one:

288. Boom - NL, fish farms:

287. Environmental Authority Attacked - fish farm, Petuna, Australia:

286. Bullying - Marine Harvest, Chile, doesn't like regs, complains:

285. Losses Mount - Aquabounty, USA, GMO salmon:

284. Workers Strike - Pescanova, Spain:

283. Disease Harvesting - ISA monitoring, Bakkafrost, Faroes:

282. Off-shore Fish Farm - polluting the open ocean, Norway, Nordlaks:

281. Boom - shrimp mega farm, China, Sino Agro spinoff, on-land:

280. Seal Death at Fish Farm - Rare monk seal, Hawaii, drowned in nets:

279. Failing Grade - Labeling very bad, Canada:

278. Labour Abuses - $60,000 fines, Oregon, Da Yang:

277.Quota Sales Drive Cartel Formation - Russia:

276. Theft - Pacific Seafoods exec steals $310,000 from company, buys guns, luxury vacations:

275. Boom - USA, Marine Harvest, aims for 200,000t growth, 10 times current output by 2021:

274. Workers Fired - Scotland, Young's, Marine Harvest, up to 650: 2016

273. Fish Farms Banned - Philippines, three years:

272. Fish Farm Moratorium - Scotland, NGO:

271. Fish Farms Destroying World Heritage Site - Tasmania, Huon taking government to court:

270. Fish Kill - Bluefin, Norway, $5 million:

269. Accusation - government preference for Tassal - Huon, Tasmania:

268. Boom - China, Pingtan 500,000mt storage, processing plant:

267. Theft Charges - $1 million in lobster:

266. Boom - fish feed to exceed 5 million mt IN 2017:

265. Taxpayers Pay for Fish Farm Group - Scotland:

264. Taxpayers Buy Fish/Shrimp Farm Insurance - not the industry, Indonesia:

263. Court Case - Placentia Bay, NL, Grieg Seafood:

262. Fish Farm Sewage - can be used for biogas or fertilizer, Norway, NOFIMA, new report, they have a model for calculating waste feed:

261. Versinia DNA:

260. Fish Infections Humans Catch: Versinias include the bubonic plague: Versinia pestis.

259. Fin Fish Infections: Versinia, MH infection that killed 2 million smolts.(?)

258. Boom - Iran fish farms, to 200,000mt by 2020, some on-land facilities:

257.  Protests Against Fish Farms, Fish Farms Don't Like the Laws - Iceland:

256. Boom - Iceland can hit 100,000mt, Norway Royal Seafood: The four other players in the industry are Arnalax, which Norway’s SalMar has invested in, and Hradfrystihusid-Gunnvor in the Westfjords, with Laxar Fiskeldi and Fiskeldi Austfjarda, or Ice Fish Farm, in the eastern fjords. Norwegian farmers Midt-Norsk Havbruk and Masoval Fiskeoppdrett have invested in Ice Fish Farm and Laxar, respectively.

255. Insurance Costs Skyrocket - Chilean salmon farms ponder alternatives:

254. 2 Million Fry Die - disease at Marine Harvest hatchery:

253. Pathogen Transmission, Lice - BC, Canada:

252. Lice Loads on Fry, Heavy - BC, Canada:

251. Conflict of Interest. Illegal Political Donations? - BC government, DFO; Stan Proboszcz:

250. SLICE Pollution - Scotland:

249. New Lice Regulations - Norway:

248. Tragedy of Fish Farms - Scotland:

247. Conflict of Interest - Canada, BC, with government:

246. Trainwreck - Gray Aqua, the 2016 story of all the problems. And we paid for them. Just look at all the millions wasted on this boom/bust company:  Here is a bit of what they say: "Far from being an ecologically sustainable industry providing well-paying jobs for rural residents, aquaculture is a government-subsidized trainwreck resplendent with a comfortable and well paid cheerleading government aquaculture bureaucracy.The politicians from the rural ridings are desperate to be able to point at anything positive in their impoverished rural ridings"

245. Fisheries Subsidies - WTO close to solution wording:

244. More Smuggling - Nigeria, many species of frozen fish:

243. Fish Kill/Escape - Cooke Aqua, NS:

242. Boom - BC farmed salmon up 40%:

241. Acquisitive Industry - AMERRA picks up Biomega:

240. Boom - Multiexport Foods, Chile, to up salmon production in Area 12:

239. Boom - profits up in Chile, Aquachiles, after huge algae bloom salmon loss:

238. Smuggling - low quality, pangasius, Vietnam to China:

237. Land Based Fish Farms - 150,000 mt, good news for environment, bad news for in-ocean -

236. Climate Change Industry - offshore mariculture:

235. Massive Forage Fish Use - fishmeal to exceed 5million mt in 2017:

234. Public Infighting - salmon farming, Australia:

233. Sea lice, Bullets in Seal Heads - Lock Duart, Scotland, video:

232. Boom - Australis Seafoods, $29 million Q4 profit in Chile:

231. Boom from Bust - Pescanova, strong US plans, to offset losses:

230. Fish Farms Protest environmental measures, bully government - Norway:

229. Protest - Iceland, fertile fish farm fish, rather than sterile fish:

228. Boom - Los Fiordos, profit surges:

227. Boom - Marine Harvest, from 10,000t to 100,000t pre-pack salmon:

226. Boom - $200 million algae plant for omega 3-s, Royal DSM, Evonik:

225. Boom - Russian salmon company in big expansion:

224. Dead Fish - Cooke Aquaculture, Canada, offers belligerent excuses: It's excuse? “It is unfortunate that we are asked to comment on normal farming activities every time there is a storm event."

223. Massive Fish Kill - Vietnam pays out $146 million to fishermen:

222. Labour Abuse - Taiwan fishing industry:

221. Storm Kills Farmed Salmon - Cooke:

220. Rising Mercury in Tuna - Hawaii:

219. Human Forage Fish Kill - human food made into fish feed, Sea Around Us doc, 20 million tonnes/18mt:

218. Boom - Myanmar, increase shrimp to 100,000tonnes:

217. Diesel Spill - 1500 litres, Cermaq fish farm, BC, first reported at 3000:

216. Protest - Community doesn't want Marlborough Sound NZ King Salmon Farm:

215. Bust - ASF files rejection of Grieg Seafood $250 million NL, Placentia Bay farm complex:

214. Boom - 15000 shrimp farmers trained, Asia:

213. Bust - NOAA budget dropped 17% by Trump:

212. Bust - Norway seafood exports down 19%:

211. Dead Farmed Fish - Cooke, NS:

210. Lice Chemicals kill crustaceans/Conflict of Interest - fish farms/SEPA/Scottish government coverup of report: "
"We have been trying to agree a common media position with all parties in order to minimize the controversy as and when it is noticed by the media," wrote the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation in an email to the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency in August 2016.

"Your statement concerning the fate of SLICE is pre-emptive, controversial and could undermine commercial confidence in the industry," stated another email from the SSPO to SEPA.  "Should you publish this statement in its current format, I suspect that it will lead to a good deal of media scrutiny which will seek to undermine the industry’s reputation and will probably damage all of our reputations," begged SSPO's Chief Executive Scott Landsburgh."

209. Protests, Ireland - Marine Harvest, Bantry Bay farm:

208. Boom - China, Zoneco Group, Zhanjiang Guolian and Baiyang:

207. Fish Farm Protest - St. John's, NL, Canada:

206. Boom - Tasmania, Tassal, $76.6 million to be raised:

205. Fake Award, BAPs - Chile, Patagonia Seafarm:

204. Diseases, PRV/HSMI - BC, Canada:

203. Diseases, PRV Causes HSMI - BC, Canada:

202. Boom - Thai Union targets $4.3 billion:

201. Boom - New Zealand King Salmon exports 19% up:

200. Job Losses? - Young's picks up Asda, loses Aldi:

199. Boom - Biomar, new facility in China, 60,000 mt of feed:

198. Salmon Escape - Cooke, NS:

197. Disease - BC Canada, PRV/HSMI:

196. Fake Awards - Patagonia Seafood, sad in a place so pristine, gets BAPS:

195. Boom - Scotland, still reeling from BUST due to lice, pollution, plans for growth:

194. Cartel Formation - Spain, South America, Africa:

193. Sewage, Lice - Scotland no longer organic: Only 2200 jobs in 6000 job industry.

192. Corruption - Russia, director implicated: Evgeniy Degtyarenko, agency Rosrybolovstvo’s  private crisis consultant:

191. Feed Bust/Pollution - Ireland, IFFOobjects to feed fish should be fed to humans, and fish farms pollute:

190. Fraud - Lidl, mislabelling fish, Ireland:

189. Feed Bust - Alltech, GM canola Omega-3s issues, maggot feed won't fly:

188. Bust - Ireland, Atlantic Salmon, drop from 20% to 5% in decade since drift net ban:

187. Boom - Marine Harvest to buy Gray Aqua in NB, as well as NL 7 licences:

186. Killing the Lungs of the Planet - offshore farm planned, Gulf of Mexico:

185. Boom - Brasmar, Portugal, processor, acquisitions, expand 33%:

184. Consumers Hate Fish Farms - USA, long time exec to try to change image. Of course this does not involve taking fish farms out of the water, and raising only vegetarians, the reasons consumers hate fish farms: Wake up guys.

183.  Fish Farm Sues Government - Huon, Tasmania, for failure to regulate in very negative environmental conditions. Also, why Tassal got far greater densities:

182. Heavy Fines - NRS, Norway, heavy fines for triploid fish handling:

181. Boom - Marine Harvest, feed plant, 110 million Euros, Scotland: See 179.

180. Bust - USA aquaculture 'failing', according to standard fish farm spin because the laws are too strict, consumer negative perceptions because of activists, lack of capital from government. Sound familiar? See:

179. Boom and Bust - Marine Harvest, Scotland to get new feed plant, despite Marine Harvest rocking Youngs/Grimsby/Sainsbury last year by withdrawing from them and workers being laid off, going with a Poland plant, now Texas and now Scotland. Marine Harvest is no benign company:

178. Fraud - California restaurant fined $120,000 for selling tilapia as higher priced fish:

177. Boom - Yokoreis in Norway:

176. In-Ocean on the Skids - interest in on-land fish farms growing:

175. Sewage Costs Norway - $5 billion, from fish farms: My estimation is that this is far below what the actual cost is. The prof is talking about what ends up under the pens, but not the huge amount that floats off in the plume of infected water.

174. Bankruptcy - Krill firm, Noway, Emerald Fisheries:

173. Boom - De Heus, Egypt, one of the largest fish feed facilities in world, 150,000mt:

172. Fish Feed Trashes Ocean Fish - DNA shows 8 species in feed, scientists say it is urgent that reduction fisheries stop:

171. Investigative Journalists - Document the Jack Mackerel Crash off Chile/Pacific Ocean:

170. Fish Farms Investigated - Australia, public doesn't like them:

169. 90% of fish for fish feed could be eaten by humans:

168. Omega 3s Down 50% - See:

167. Sea Lice Crisis - Scotland:

166. Chemicals - 20 million litres of hydrogen peroxide, Scotland, it stuns lice till they fall off, doesn't kill them, but affects fish gills:

165. Low Employment in Fish Farms - Scotland, only 6 people needed per farm, versus 24 at start:

164. Vertical Consolidation - Aquachile, producer, $15 million:

163. Fake Award - BAP for Islandsbleikja:

162. Boom - black fly maggot feed, Enterra, Canada, approval:

161. Boom - Norway Royal Salmon, 27% increase in production, 2017:

160. Boom - profits up 70%, Maruha Nichiro:

159. Bust - Plague Emergency, Chile:

158. Bust - Bloom Study Slams Industry over feed:

157. Marine Harvest Delists from New York Stock Exchange - trading volume only 3% of trades, couldn't make business:

156. Bust - Vietnam, processors:

155. Protests Against Fish Farm Expansion - Scotland, Kames Fish Farming fish farm in Sound of Jura:

154. Bust - Ocean Oxygen down, climate warming:

153. BUST - major new report slams reduction fisheries for fish meal, for fish farms, pigs, mink, etc.:

152. Boom - indoor shrimp facility, Minnesota, $48 million:

151. BOOM - Marine Harvest doubles profit, $741 million, new plant, farms in Canada:

150. Bust - world forage fish for fish farms:

"Throughout this report and a scientific study conducted simultaneously (Cashion et al., 2017), BLOOM and coauthors show that reduction fisheries are the result of the massive overexploitation of traditional fish stocks, and that they are now contributing to the sequential depletion of the very first links of the food chain, despite their crucial importance for marine ecosystems."

149. Bust - report, The Dark Side of Aquaculture' on fish stocks:

148. Bust - Peru, Exalmar, feed sales sharply down because fish catch down:

147. Bust - Vietnam shrimp down 'massively', pleads with Australia to lift ban, white spot disease:

146. Boom - Norway Royal Seafood, salmon production up 27%:

145. Boom - Processor Great American Seafood, acquisition ready with $300 million:

144.Bust - Pac Andes debacle, British Virgin Island decision moves bankruptcy action forward:

143. Bust - Norway, processor consolidation from firms going bust, more automation, not workers:

142. Bust - Chile, salmon in algal bloom down 17%:

141. Plague Emergency - Chile, fish farms:

140. Chemicals in Fish Farms - hydrogen peroxide, 160 farms, Scotland:

139. NOAA Wastes $100M on Fish Farms, all flops - USA:

138. Offshore Fish Farms Nixed, and Nixed Again - USA, good references in this, page 8:

137. Fish Farm Kill Wild Salmon/Mix Genes - with wild salmon, Canada:

136. Global Seabirds Down 70% - in part to global overfishing:

135.Global Fisheries 50% Higher than reported - Daniel Pauly, UBC, Canada:

134. Bust - Philippines, tilapia loss reaches $2.5 M, state of emergency:

133. Bust - Tasmania industry in trouble, exec:

132. On-land Fish Farm - Norway, $48 million, Tomren Fish, Trohaug, Tomrefjord:

131. Bust - Chile, dead fish reach 170,000, same algal bloom as 2016:

130. Boom - Chile, trout up 44%, to $541 million:

129. Boom, Boom Boom - Cooke from 5,000-fish to 275,000t of seafood, to $1.5 billion global player in 30 years:

128. High Egg Mortalities - Maine:

127. GMO Salmon - Norway, considered by Biotechnology Council:

126. Execs Jump Ships - Bob Hannon left Nomad Foods, with one buying team, to, Iglo, Findus parent,Nomad:

125. Toxic Algae, Again - Chile, Australis, Nova Austra, mortalities, halt salmon shipments:

124. Cooke Aquaculture - disease, lice, illegal chemicals, etc., another litany of complaint:

123. Bust - Philippines, tilapia, 'massive' 1400 mt kill due to low oxygen:

122. Boom - shrimp, India, record 1.33 billion pounds to USA in 2016:

121. Oligopoly - To Control Global Supply, shrimp Guolian acquisitions:

120. Sea Lice - Norway, research org to fund sea lice research:

119. 'Utterly Unsustainable' Fish Farm - Environmentalists, Scotland:

118. Bust: - toxic algae again, Chile, 149,000 smolts killed:

117. Wild Salmon Threatened - Canada, DFO receives evidence:

116. Bust - bankruptcy, Atlantis, Cali Shrimp, trading under the name SeaCatch Seafoods :

115. Boom - Santa Monica aims at $1billion turnover:

114. Sernapesca Investigates Massive Salmon Mortalities - Chile, toxic algae:

113. Bust - Pac Andes bankruptcy train wreck continues, $1.5 B assets, HSBC:

112. Bust - Tasmania, Tassal told to destock MacQuarie fish farm:

111. Patagonia Saved from Fish Farms? - Greenpeace, Rainbow Warrior sets sail against fish farms in Patagonia:

110. Bust - Icelandic strike, 1600 jobs lost, Grimsby in UK to fire more:

109. Boom - Portobello, surimi producer, Spain, to double revenue, Angulas Aguinaga:

108. Bloomberg on Trashy Fish Farms. 'Fish Farms No One Wants':

106. NOAA Wastes $100 Million on Fish Farms, PDF:

105. NOAA Wants Fish Farms nobody wants - :

104. Boom - Vietnam, shrimp, increase exports 300%, to $10 billion:

103. Boom - Chile, salmon, trout exports up 44% to $541m:

102. Boom - Taylor Shelfish, eyes $100m revenue, geoduck, oysters:

101. Global Stats Bad - Althelia Sustainable Ocean Fund, USAID:
"Collectively, the global ocean covers 70% of our planet, with more than 350 million jobs linked to the ocean through fishing, aquaculture, coastal and marine tourism. Ninety percent of the people who derive their livelihoods from fishing live in developing countries.
However, over-fishing, largely due to poor management is exhausting this critical common global resource, with 90% of the world’s ocean fisheries categorized as over exploited or fully exploited. Cumulative losses from fisheries mismanagement are estimated to be more than US$2.2 trillion over the last thirty years. Further as a result of expanding coastal population centers, destructive fishing and climate change, the ocean has also seen a decline of habitats with 35% of global mangrove, 30% of sea grass beds and 50% of coral reefs destroyed.
Conservation International as well as the Environmental Defense Fund are engaged as strategic partners for the Sustainable Ocean Fund. This collaboration with leading environmental organizations will ensure the fund is poised to direct investments into projects that uphold the highest environmental standards and allow for effective collaboration with stakeholders, including local communities and governments."

100. Disease - PD, Cermaq exec:

99. No Wild Salmon Return - Ireland:

98. Bust - nine seafood companies lose more than $1 billion, with Trump:

97. Consumers Misled - Ireland, German processor:

96. Bust - Young's Q1, due to on-going Sainsbury problem:

95. Boom - NZ salmon to increase to 8000t:

94. Workers Fired - 100, despite record profits, Nordlaks, Norway:

93. Sea Lice Prices - New Zealand, salmon:

92. Execs Jump Ships - Marine Harvest, Cermaq:

91. Execs Jump Ship - Cooke, Icicle:

90. Execs Jump Ships - Young's, Joe Munday:

89. Ban Fish - Spain, in schools, pangasuis, tilapia:

88. Disease - new bacteria, New Hampshire:

87. Execs Jump Ships - Dawnfresh, Young's, Greencore:

86. Fish Feed Problems - Chile cuts Spanish sardine, anchovy catch for human artisanal catching:

85. Execs Jump Ships - Bob Hannon leaves Nomad:

84. Fish Feed Problems - alternatives needed:

83. Disease - Australia, sixth farm has white spot disease, shrimp:

82. Litigious Industry - Deutsche See sues Volkswagen:

81. Disease - four strains of EMS on South America shrimp:

80. GMO Salmon - Norway may produce GM, sexless salmon:

79. Litigious Industry - Huon, takes Tasmanian government to court over environmental problems:

78. East Pacific Tuna Troubles - too many boats, too little management:

77. Fish Feed Up 12% - not good for global forage fish, in a year when salmon supply dropped 8.7%:

76. Global Fish Supply Down - 8.7% - Lice eat salmon/algal bloom kills:

75. Fish Farms Destroy Atlantic Salmon, Atlantic Canada, link has papers:

74. Boom, Bust, Ugly - Bay of Bengal Fisheries Destroyed for Fish Feed: "Today the collateral damage of the trawling industry is processed and sold to the fast-growing poultry and aquaculture industries of the region6. In effect, the processes that sustain the Bay of Bengal’s fisheries are being destroyed in order to produce dirt-cheap chicken feed and fish feed."

73. MSC Certs in Trouble - Bycatch, Even Krill - 50 NGOs criticize MSC certifications - the best ones - for fisheries/fish farms: For example, fishing for the lowest of the low: The Antarctic krill fisheries: "The NGOs claim that no annual or updated stock assessment exists for Antarctic krill, and that concerns about data deficiency and ecosystem changes due to the effects of climate change were ignored through the successful certification applications of Aker Biomarine and Rimfrost in 2009 and 2015, respectively."

72. Conflict of Interest - DFO and fish farms, Dr, Kristi Miller, geneticist:

71.Human Trafficking Prosecutions - Thailand: 317 persons prosecuted, 268 found guilty.

70. Boom - Mexico, 'unrivaled opportunity' for fish farms, $70million:

69. Sea Lice Infestation - killing salmon supply, NZ:

68. Bankruptcy - Dickie Poh assets acquired,

67. More Oligopolies - CEO of Blue Harvest:

66. Labour Abuses, Traceability - Fishwise papers:

65. Protest Blast - NZ, Greens blast Marlborough Sound farms:

64. Jail Sentence, Fine - Cameron, exec with Bumble Bee on price fixing:

63. Boom - aggressive expansion, oligopoly tendency, SalMar owner, Insula, majority stake in Amanda Seafood:

62. Unfair Subsidy - China, 5 billion Euros into fishing fleet, four other companies:

61. Illegal Shrimp Farms - India:

60. Boom - industry could grow 78% by 2020, Ireland:

59. Disease - Norway, PD, salmon:

58. High Pollution in Fish Stops Retail Sales - pangasius, Italy:

57. Bankruptcy News - Pescanova, Portuguese Court, largest turbot farm:

56. Workers Petition Thai Firm - pay, work conditions, 2,000 Burmese migrants:

55. Lowest Catch in 3 Decades - Japan, salmon:

54. Health and Safety Violations - Iceland, FDA sent to Fish:

53.Workers Fired - Norway, Nordlaks, 100 workers, despite record profits:

52. No Habitat Enforcement - DFO, BC, budget cuts, virtually no enforcement since 2012:

51. Boom - Peru, looking to be big aquaculture player, $40m World Bank Loan:

50. Boom - Peru, fishery landings 40% over Dec 2015:

49. Boom - Peru's second anchovy season brings in $1billion in revenue:

48. Consumers Won't Buy Farmed Fish - want wild salmon:

47. Workers Petition Unicord - 2000 workers, Myanmar, working conditions:

46. Boom - Tongwei, China feed mfg to increase feed 10% per year for five years:

45. Bust - Youngs, UK, 98million Pounds, Sainsbury salmon loss - this is an ongoing train wreck:

44. Fined Fish Farm, Cooke - wants to start a farm in Juan de Fuca Strait. But there is a litany of complaint against this company, illegal chemical use, taking $25 million for a plant they never built and not given the money back to the government, etc.: This is the news link:

43. Disease - ISA, Chile, Los Fiordos farm:

42. Boom - Portobello Capital triples revenue in 10 years, Spain:

41. Worker Dies - 'gruesome oven death' - Bumble Bee pleads guilty:

40. Pollution - NZ, polluting King Salmon farms to be moved to low pollution sites, rather than be taken out of the ocean: Public, environmentalists not happy.

39. Increased Lice, Increased Price - ASF see:

38. Disease - ISA, Bakkafrost, A-73 fish farm:

37. Disease - ISA, Central Norwegian Aquaculture:

36. Anchovetta Ravaged - Peru, 1.7million metric tonnes landed for fish meal:

35. Problems with MSC Accreditation: 50 ENGOs point out problems:

34. Boom - CDN, Cooke goes after yet another expansion company, Atlantic Aqua Farms:

33.Boom - Norebo, Russia, integrated processor:

32. Farmed Salmon Output Down until 2019 - Andy Wink, analyst:

31. Huge Seafood Companies Expand - China, Shandong Oriental and Tongwei Group, raise huge funds, to expand into other sectors:

30 Offshore Pillaging, Horse Mackerel - 200 miles, Peru, harvest up 35% to 10,000mt:

29. Off Shore Farms, Off Shore Pollution - NZ:

28. Forage Fish Dependency Ratio - a problem for ASC certification:

27. Record Profits - Eu Fleet, 770 million Euros:

26. Trump Screws Alaska Fishery - revokes TPP:

25.Chinook Invasion - Chile, chinook ranching has led to invasion:

24. Disease - ISA, Bakkafrost:

23. Conflict of Interest - fisheries minister resigns, Chile, Raul Sunico Galdames:

22. Petition Against Fish Farms - Tasmania:

21. Wild Stocks Collapse - USA, Pacific coast, nine species:

20. Collapse - PEI herring:

19. Boom - $100 million, fish farms, processing, fish meal, Chinese in Cambodia:

18. Cheating, Fraud - Vietnam, Egypt exporter, Al-Reda Group for Trading and Development, pangasius worth $58,881from Vinh Hoan Company, did not pay:

17. Bust - Iceland, Polar Seafood boat - drugs, missing girl, police:

16. Boom - Tasmania, Ridley, new $37.7 million feed plant:

15. Bust - fish meal sales lowest on record:

14. Subsidy - Market Distortion: $12.2 million subsidy for CNFC Overseas Fisheries follows, CNY 135m subsidy for Shanghai Kaichuang; Greenpeace slams both:

13. Boom - Bumble Bee enters shrimp, fish farm field:

12. Petition Against In-ocean Fish Farms - Petition e-463, Canada, not that BC signees are ten times the next province:

11. Disease - EHP, Thailand, shrimp:

10. Fisheries Need Reform - China, Stanford study:

9. Boom - Vinh Hoan, Vietnam pangasius, profit up 70%, $22.4 Million:

8. Disease - EHP flattens growth,Thailand, shrimp:

7. Collusion, Scam, No Payment - Echopack, Que, New Zealand, General Equity bank collude, take shipments from Vietnam, Vasep, refuse to pay:

6. 175 Workers Laid Off - Mazzetta, processor:

5. Bust - Salmon, world supply down, due to Chile algal bloom and Norway/Scotland lice problems: 'This meant that global 2016 supplies fell 8.7 per cent to a three-year low of 2.1 million tonnes, said Nordea.'

4. Toxic Algal Blooms - Domoic acid, predicting blooms:

3. Methylmercury Contamination - China refuses Peruvian squid:

2. Boom and Bust - Chinese terminal could ruin Uruguay squid fishery:

1. Unconstitutional Industry - Fish Farms, Norway: