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Lice and Chemicals, Illegal Peroxide Dumping - Norway, Marine Harvest, Updated Jan 3, 2017

See the original article:

Note that Are Nylund, OIE, scientist in Norway has been on the record saying he is shocked that peroxide from wellboats would be dumped at sea.

Now, a Google translate version of the 10/11/2016 article on trying to charge Marine Harvest, et al:


- Before, we knew where they had their fish farms, so we did not shrimp there. But we had other shrimping areas. But when they started with well boats to treat the farmed fish (with hydrogen peroxide), we lost those places as well, says shrimp fisherman.

One year after he notified the police they have dropped the case, although they say that the law really was broken at the time.

- Initially, this was in my opinion that this was an offense covered by the Pollution Control Act. But it is done openly by many players in the aquaculture industry and the appropriate authorities are aware of it. It was therefore not appropriate to apply a single corporate penalty and the matter was, for this reason, dismissed, said police lawyer Amund Sand Trøndelag Police District.

He says that shrimp fields were previously like gold mines, with more than enough resources for a large shrimp fleet to take off in the district.

Now he finds that it is becoming increasingly less shrimp in the area. Some shrimp fields are as good as gone. He puts the Blame on aquaculture and the use of chemical delousing agents.

The chemicals used for bath treatment in the aquaculture industry in Norway (and abroad) is hydrogen peroxide, azamethiphos, Deltamethrin and Cypermethrin.

Research has shown that shrimp are significantly more sensitive to the combination of these chemicals than when the drugs are given separately. Other species (non-target organisms) can be affected in several kilometers away, even as long as 24 hours after discharge.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (FSA) warns specifically against combination use.

Over the last 5-6 years, the use of chemicals to kill lice has exploded in Norway... In 2009, only 308 tonnes of active substance used by this drug. In 2015, consumption increased to 43,246 tons.

[Let me add that this is an increase of 14,041 % in five to sis years. This is an astronomical increase to try to kill lice. The straight forward solution is to get out of the water and set up on land, where there are no lice.]

Dead shrimp

- They do not have a discharge permit

It is the use of well boats to remove sea lice that has shrimp fisherman Larsen particularly worried in recent years... Where Larsen would trawl for shrimp in the area north of the island Leka in Nord-Trondelag...he saw a well boat circling around the area to dump the lice treatment chemicals.

The wellboat came from Marine Harvest's fish farms at Stein Fles, outside Leka. Larsen, who repeatedly had experienced similar situations elsewhere along the coast, was provoked.

Along with farming critic Roald Dahl jr. cited the Marine Harvest farm and the wellboat company Rostein AS.

- We cited them because they had no discharge permit, said shrimp fisherman.

- Wellboat processed fish for sea lice was with hydrogen peroxide, confirms CEO Aarskog from Marine Harvest.

The Director of Marine Harvest, the world's largest aquaculture company, shows that well boats dumped hydrogen peroxide over shrimp fields Larsen used.

- We and the wellboat company were reported for allegedly dumping hydrogen peroxide on an illegal place. But the case was dismissed, says CEO Aarskog.

Shrimp had lost roe

Already four years the field he usually got 4-500 kg shrimp in after five hours of trawling, after the well boat was finished he got only 20 kg of shrimp.

- Then I saw that female shrimp in the catch had lost roe. This should not happen at this time of the year, says Larsen.

He resolved to send some of the shrimp into the IMR, in the hope that they could find out what was wrong.

- Tor Inge Larsen is not the only one I've talked to. I have talked with several shrimp fishermen who are worried about the shrimp stocks along the coast, says researcher Gold Borg Søvik at IMR in Bergen.

She found out that something was not right with the shrimp that Larsen had sent her.

- In late November shrimp will carry roe. Ten of the shrimp I followed had little roe, while 34 had released all roe, says Søvik.

- If it occurs over large areas, it can have an impact on next year's crop of shrimp, the researcher ...

- I have not delivered the shrimp to the factory this year. I've just had enough to sell shrimp on the pier and bait to local fishermen. Shrimp is the favorite dish of wild fish. They will struggle when the shrimp disappear, believes Larsen.

He points out that not only is hydrogen peroxide dumped by well boats in the ocean. Also other chemicals used for delousing. Most he fears the so-called combination use; when more treatments are used simultaneously in delousing and then dumped into the sea.'


So, peroxide is safe is it, DFO? Why not use cypermethrin, too? Oh, you say, that Cooke Aquaculture was fined half a million dollars for using that for two years... before you caught up with them. Hmm. Why not just use cyanide?

Please excuse me for my transgression in this Trump era. On the other hand, cyanide is cheap.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Liberals Deal Body Blows to BC - Will We Fight? Just Watch Us - Updated May 19, 2017

This is what British Columbians say to the coming war on Kinder Morgan: Will we fight?
"Just watch us." (7)

Here is some of what Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, has to say about the body blows dealt to BC by the Trudeau Liberal government in 2016:

"I was certain the new government would be much better than the last, and it has been. Nevertheless, the decisions of the Trudeau administration—approving the Woodfibre LNG plant in Howe Sound, maintaining the anti-environmental laws of omnibus bill C38, selling military vehicles to Saudi Arabia, issuing permits for the destruction of the Peace River Valley in northern BC, approving the monstrous LNG plant on Lelu Island BC, deciding to keep Harper’s climate target, and most recently, approving the Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker expansion—are body blows.

We must continue to press the new government. They promised better and they must be held to that promise." (8)

Virtually all of these issues are environmental. BC is the environmental heart of Canada, and when it comes to issues of climate, land, water and air we are the first to push for reform. That is why more than 200,000 people have signed a petition against Kinder Morgan, and Leadnow is adding another 50,000. (6). And that is also why 113,000 BC residents signed a petition to get fish farms out of the ocean.(1).

That is because salmon are as important to BC as French is to Quebec. (2)

The Trudeau Liberals voted against Bill C-228 that would have taken fish farms out of our ocean they use simply as a free, open sewer. (4). But 70% of BC Liberals broke rank with Trudeau and voted for wild salmon and getting fish farms out of the water. They know they would never be re-elected if they didn't vote for wild salmon.

Even though fish farms say it can't be done, I have found more than 160 on land fish farm systems, comprising more than 20,000 actual on land fish farms around the world. (3)

And just so you know, jobs and revenue for fish farms are low. Just look at the figures of how small they are compared with the rest of the salmon sector - sport, commercial, processing. Of 13,900 multiplier jobs, only 1,700 are from all of aquaculture. The rest are from wild salmon. We don't need them in our ocean.(5)


When you consider that fish farms and Justin Trudeau Liberals and Dominic LeBlanc et al like to claim there are 6,000 multiplier jobs in fish farms, the number from the real stats for all of aquaculture is only 28.3% of what they claim.

When you consider that I went out and found the actual number of fish farm jobs is only 820 jobs, the difference between the Justin Trudeau Liberals and reality, shows only 13.7% of what Trudeau claims - in other words, it is the case that fish farm jobs are about 1 in 10 of what Trudeau claims.

Finally, I receive more than 20 global fish farm newsletters each week and the on-going news of problems with fish farms/seafood industry world wide is so bad, it is hard to believe. Go take a look at my most recent Bad News Bites post. You might just be shocked by how bad the news is:  Almost 500 bad news stories in six months. The Newbie Liberals don't have enough experience with fish farms to know what they are dealing with.


1. See the petition of 113,000 British Columbians against in-ocean fish farms:

2. Survey:  Salmon are to BC as important as French is to Quebec:

3. See:  On-land fish farms are in high numbers already. I have found more than 160 on-land fish farms systems around the world, comprising more than 20,000 actual on-land farms:

4. See the Bill C-228 vote:

5. The BC Stats Report is here: The summary table is on fishfarmnews at:

6. Leadnow petition:

7. PE Trudeau:

8. Reference to Elizabeth May:


9. Now, an update on the legal challenges to Kinder Morgan's pipeline, from West Coast Environmental Law, Mar 16, 2017:

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Wild Salmon Supporter - Please Sign Petition Against Fish Farms - Updated Dec 27, 2016

Watershed Watch has started a petition to get fish farms out of the water. Ottawa, Justin Trudeau, Dominic LeBlanc, DFO and the CFIA are against wild Pacific salmon. They don't realize that the fight to save one of the greatest food and societally important animals will continue until fish farms are out of the water.

We now know that the Liberals are against wild Pacific salmon because they voted against Bill C-228 Fin Donnelly's bill to get fish farms out of the water. Salmon are to BC as important as French is to Quebec. See: 

Please sign the petition below, share it on Facebook and ask friends to do the same:

Justin Trudeau has unleashed anger in BC unlike any that has been unleashed before. Kinder Morgan and salmon? BC will fight.

Just Watch Us.

Here is the note:

Dear DC,

Thanks for taking action for wild salmon!

The salmon feedlot industry has many lobbyists working hard to maintain a foothold in the pristine waters of our beloved province. We need to reach more people who care about our wild salmon like you do! If there’s one thing that can change politicians’ minds and spur them to take action, it’s people power!

Can you help us amplify our call for action and get more people on board? Here are two easy ways you can do more to help.

1. Chip in $5 to help us reach more people in this campaign. The money will support producing hard-hitting videos, printing important leaflets and attending festivals and events so we can reach more people who care.

2. Forward the short message below to 5 friends, neighbours and co-workers and ask them to sign the call to action, or write your own message.

Dear friend,
We’re lucky to live in a beautiful place like BC, that still has healthy wild salmon runs left.

But we need to ensure their protection, because foreign-owned industrial fish feedlots are spewing clouds of disease particles and parasites right in the path of our wild salmon migration routes.

We need more people to take action so  our government will remove the worst of these farms. Can you take a stand at ? It only takes a few seconds. Thanks!

Thanks so much for standing up for our wild salmon. We can do this!


P.S. Keep sharing the petition on Facebook and Twitter. We can win this campaign together!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Canadians Overwhelmingly Reject In-ocean Fish Farms - CFIA, DFO the Problem, Updated Dec 18, 2016


Canadians overwhelmingly reject in-ocean fish farms and want them put on land.

The problem is that the CFIA and DFO won’t take them out. I have the references on the collusion between you and DFO regarding finding a lab that would not find disease in BC:

You are the problem, but continue blindly down the path to trashing Canada’s oceans, just as is being done around the world.

Here is one post from my blog on the global problems with in-ocean fish farms: I receive more than 20 global fish farm/seafood industry newsletters each week, and have found more than 1000 bad news stories in a little more than a year. The news is shocking. Just scan the boldfacing for a minute.

Canadians want fish farms on land or they can go back to Norway where their own government is so fed up with their pollution that it is giving out free licences to set up on land, a $9- to $12-million subsidy, based on the in-ocean auctioned licence price.

Just look through these images and see how much eastern Canadians want fish farms out of the water:

Jobs and revenue are low, and workers are the first to be fired in this boom/bust industry: There are only about 1 in 10 of the job numbers fish farms/DFO claim. Typically disease wipes them out, for example, the algal bloom in Chile this year caused, in part, by their own sewage, killed 23,000,000 farmed salmon. Note, as of Dec 27, 2016, the salmonid deaths in Chile have been upgraded to 38.2 million farmed fish.

Even Marine Harvest says that employment in fish farms is low, because of all the automation: Worldwide job numbers, MH Handbook:

And there is lots of corruption in fish farms, for example, the CEO of the company that owns Marine Harvest, Jo Lunder, was thrown in jail earlier this year for massive bribery. See what Bloomberg says:

And the corruption is wide spread as all the companies are interrelated, and owned, in part by the government of Norway and government of Russia:

There is no way forward for fish farms in Canada other than to be on land.

And just so you know, on-land fish farms are in high numbers already. I have found more than 160 on-land fish farms systems around the world, comprising more than 20,000 actual on-land farms:

FYI my most recent award for sustained environmental writing on fish farm environmental damage was awarded to me in Ottawa in June, 2016, the national Roderick Haig-Brown Award. See: My site has become a global portal for fish farm environmental damage science.

DC Reid

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Liberals Stand Against Wild Pacific Salmon

Hi everyone (Fin Donnelly, Elizabeth May, Mel Arnold, Todd Doherty, Dominic LeBlanc, Justin Trudeau, press).

Here is my post on Fin Donnelly’s Bill C-228 that would have required fish farms to be brought out of the water and set up on land, and thus stand for wild Pacific salmon.

Unfortunately it was defeated. Trudeau Liberals voted against wild Pacific salmon.

As mentioned in this post, you can tell politicians that jobs and revenues are low in aquaculture, give them the correct figures and they just continue saying jobs and revenues, even though their information is false.

And in this post, I cover all the misinformation in Serge Cormier’s, Lib, speech: That includes all the misinformation in Todd Doherty’s, BC, PC, speech against Bill C-228.

And, anyone who says on-land fish farms can’t be done, is simply wrong. Here is my list of more than 160 on-land fish farm systems around the world, comprising 20,000 actual on-land fish farms:

And there is a surprising, almost stunning, amount of bad news stories about the global fish farm/seafood industry. I receive more than 20 global fish farm newsletters every week and have found more than a thousand bad news stories in little more than the past year. For example, the CEO of the company that owns Marine Harvest was thrown in jail earlier this year for corruption and bribes.

Here is one of my Bad News Bites posts. I think you may be shocked: Just scan the boldfacing for a minute.

I think the day is coming when BC takes back responsibility for wild Pacific salmon from DFO and the east.

DC Reid


One more thing. If you want to see how mad the people of Atlantic Canada are about fish farms, take a look at this: