Friday, 5 May 2017

BAD NEWS BITES: Salmon/Seafood Industry, Fifth Post, Updated Aug 29, 2017

I receive more than 25 global press fish farm newsletters every week. In these, I have found a startling amount of bad news, and decided to do a post on it. I had no idea there was as much bad news as there is.

I am at my fifth post, and in little more than a year, I have found more than 1100 BAD NEWS BITES. Some days I am stunned by the amount of bad news in the fish farm/seafood industry. As of April 30/17, you can add another 500 BAD NEWS BITES, from this post, or more than 1,600 BAD NEWS stories since July 1/15, less than two years. Now see the more than 200 more below.

This is the link to the fourth post, Jan 14, 2017, it has 500 BAD NEWS BITES in it: it has links to the previous three posts since July 2015.

Here is a summary of the bad news stories:

"In one mouthful, here are the kind of stories I am finding: boom bust industry, billions made and lost, crisis in lice and disease, bankruptcy, workers fired, executives jumping company to company, dividing big bonuses, fraud, corruption, litigation, conflict of interest with government and scientists, using the ocean as a free open sewer – $10.4 Billion in BC alone, killing of whales, seals and sea lions – more than 12,000 in BC so far, slavery, unpaid labour, taxpayers paying millions for diseased, dead fish – $177 Million in Canada, dueling scientists, weakening of laws, unsustainable feed, illegal fishing, jail sentences, disasters in Norway, Scotland, Chile, Canada, bullying of scientists, governments and anyone critical of their business, cartels, collusion, price fixing, fishing down the food chain to Antarctic krill, carcinogens and persistent organic pollutants, fluoroquinolones, chicken feathers in feed, animal feces in feed, eutrophication in a time of global warming, Malachite Green fungicide in USA seafood, fake industry awards, all the wild salmon in the Pacific ocean, more than a billion, put in peril... it goes on."

Look at the last post as it shows the CEO of the company that owns Marine Harvest, John Fredriksen, selling half a billion dollars in stock on the bet that the share price will drop so he can make money buying it back.

Update 2017: of some humour, the share price went up, so I guess John made the wrong bet. Here's a thought: John, raise fish on land, thus increasing supply, thus reducing cost, then MH shares go down, and you buy them back!

Now, to add to the 1,600 bad news stories I have found in the recent past, here are the BAD NEWS BITES, starting May 5, 2017:


403. Boom - from Bust, China Fishery, in backruptcy scores triple earnings, part of the on-going Pac Andes trainwreck:

402. Exec Jumps Ship to Atlantic Sapphire - yet another exec has jumped from Marine Harvest to AS:

401. Coho Better than Atlantic Salmon for Farms - Chile:

400. Aboriginals Want Licences Removed from Fish Farms - BC:

399. Aboriginals Occupy Fish Farm, Want it Removed - MH, BC, Swanson:

398. Wild Salmon in Deep Decline - Wild Salmon Policy not implemented properly:

397. Dismal Wild Salmon Return - BC, Aaron Hill:

396. Diseased Salmon Video - BC, a long list of fish farms and sick fish:

395. Sick, Blind Salmon - BC, video:

394. Aboriginals Occupy Fish Farms - BC:

393. End to In-ocean Fish Farms - aboriginals, BC:

392. Solar Eclipse Not Reason for Fish Escape: Cooke WA,

391. On-land Fish Farms Only - BC:

390. Cooke to be Sued - WA, escape:

389. Boom - Tassal, Huon, Tasmania, record profits:

388. Don't Eat Farmed Salmon - WA, Cooke, escaped salmon:

387. Net Break/Fish Escape Criticized - Cooke, WA:

386. Bust - Norway, Marine Harvest, lowest salmon volume ever:

385. Massive Escape Not Result of Tide - Cooke, WA, scientists say:

384.  Marine Harvest Exec to Atlantic Sapphire, USA:

383. Boom - China Fishery to triple earnings, Peru, anchovy fishery:

382. Surimi Cartel - USA:

381. Video of Diseased Fish - BC, Quocksister chief:

380. Lice Costs Eliminate Profits - Grieg, Shetlands: Q: ""Sea lice is one of the main challenges that face the fish farming industry. Steps are in hand to effect the transition from medicinal to mechanical (nonmedicinal) methods of dealing with sea lice," the firm said,"

379. Disease - CFIA, Atlantic Canada, a dozen ISAV cases in 2017:

378. Disease - yellow mouth, Cooke, WA, fish escape story:

377. Land-Based Fish Farm - Norway:

376. Price Fixing - Norway, big fish farm companies, they say it's whining:

375. Ethoxyquin - EU wants it out of fish feed, an antioxidant, shouldn't be in human food, feed mfgs want it there:

374. Boom - Tassal, Tasmania:

373. Boom - Biomar, Ecuador, growth of 400,000t more feed:

372. Consolidation/Cartels - undercurrents, financial details, analysis:

371. Video of Fish Escape, Cooke Fish Farm Collapse: WA, USA:

370. Fish Escape - Cooke, WA, as many as 305,000:

369.  Boom - double food production in 12 years, Norwegian Seafood Federation:

368. Boom - Ecuador shrimp:

367. Wild Salmon Policy in Ruins - BC:

366. DFO Fails Wild Salmon - Wild Salmon Policy, Canada:

365. Seafood Fraud:

364. Wild Salmonids Killed - research study:

363. Illegal Fishing - China off Equador:

362. Seafood Fraud - the hows and whys:

361.  Enormous Environmental, Employment Risks - Asia:

360. Boom - Indonesia farmed fish to treble to 9 million tons  by 2019. Perhaps:

359. Farmed Fish Half Deaf - from accelerated growth:

358.  Embezzling - China firm, by CEO:

357. Fish Farms Banned - Tasmania, large areas of coast:

356. Buyout of MH - prices are so low that MH, the largest fish farmer may be bought out by a bigger company:

355. Bust - Norway, salmon price to dip to 17 year low:

354. Wild Fish In Fish Farms - BC, herring, salmon, video:

353.  Fine, Contested - Chile - Camanchaca, $180,000:

352. Disease - ISA, 900,000 farmed fish to be slaughtered, Norway, Bremnes Seashore:

351. Bust - Scotland, Argyll River, wild salmon, from fish farms:

350. Boom - global forage fish caught to feed fish farms will grow 7% in 2017, Peru, unsustainable:

349. No Fish Farms? Tons of Salmon - Alaska, 133 million harvest so far, unlike BC where there is no sockeye fishery:

348. Bust - Norway salmon prices tank:

347. Cartel - Peru, fish meal, four firms control 70% of market:

346.  On-Land Surges - AKVA orders:

345. Fish Farm Sludge - Norway, NOFIMA, on-land, uses, bio-gas, fertilizer:

344. Land-Based RAS Systems - NOFIMA, Norway, paradigm shift. Note that these are the guys who were tasked with giving fish farms what they want, neoliberalism:

343. Flotilla Protest - USA, WA, Our Sound Our Salmon:

342. Fish Farm Diseases, Lice, Sewage - BC, look at the video, Morton, Martin Sheen. Justin Trudeau, is this reconciliation? Killing wild salmon, herring, capelin, etc.:

341. Fish Farmers Are 'Liars' - BC, farmed fish eat wild fish, fish farmers deny it. Read the Angela Koch post:

340. Hoarding Cash - Thailand, $34billion, instead of investing:

339. Fish Farms Kill Wild Juvenile Stocks - BC:

338. Crook Still Fishing? - Codfather, Bedford USA:  

337. Wild Salmon Decimated - by fish farms, Scotland:

336. Bust - big fines for seafood company, China, financial irregularities:

335. Bust - China, bans N Korean seafood (and other) imports:

334. Boom - Avanti, India, triples profit:

333. Slavery - Thailand, documentary, 'Ghost Fleet':

332. Cooke Hatchery Concerns Residents - NS:

331. More Price Fixing - Thai Union, Bumble Bee, Starkis. Chicken of the Sea is the whistleblowert:

330. Lice Kill 20% of Farmed Salmon - Norway: See the graph:

Pareto says this: "When asked by Pareto Securities about the time it would take for sea lice to cease to be an issue limiting supply growth in Norway, the majority of chief executives at salmon companies last year had answered within three years. However, this year, they believe this to be six years or more." That is how bad lice in Norwya are, and much worse in Scotland in 2016

329. Poor Employment Numbers - Scotland: "The salmon farms are highly automated and according to the Scottish government’s 2015 fish farm production survey, total full-time employment in marine salmon farms amounts to a mere 1,256 jobs in an economically active population of 3.5m. It is less than 1 per cent of those employed by the NHS in Scotland." See:

328. Aboriginals Against Fish Farms - BC, TC article, Judith Lavoie, 2016:

327. Boom - Brazilian process aims to double output in three years, after just doubling output:

326. Fish Farms Kill Fraser Salmon - BC: See the graph:

325. Boom - Guolian profit up 700%:

324. Industry Fear Disease Audit - Sea Shepherd, A Morton, coming:

323. Fish Farms - Bad Reputations - Tasmania, images greatly damaged by news:

322. Executive Embezzler - Pacific Seafood:

321. Walmart Approves Fake Certification - the BAPs are industry set up and industry funded:

320. Dueling Certification Schemes - WWF (ASCs) concerned with MSCs:

319. GM Salmon - 5 tons sold to Canadians, AquaBounty:

318. Boom - India seafood exports may exceed $6 billion:

317. Tax Evasion - Executives Arrested, USA:

316. Tasmanians Against Tassal Fish Farms - Okehampton Bay:

315. Protest Weak Laws, Biosecurity Standards - NZ:

314. Boom - Malaysia wants to produce 3 million tons of fish by 2020:

313. Boom - Brazilian firm to double processing in three years:

312. Litigious Industry - NZ King Salmon seeks decision on mussel farm intrusion:

311. Boom - Pilarex PE buyer looks for more salmon value chain:

310. Boom - Russian Aquaculture aims for 30,000t salmon and trout:

309. Boom - highest value processor in sight for Summa Equity:

308. Aboriginals Want Rights in Fisheries Act Update - BC, laws:

307. Placentia Bay Mega Project Stopped - NL, needs environmental assessment: The problems include:
"Included in the court documents is the recommendation submitted to Trimper by Eric Watton, an environmental scientist from the Department of Environment and Municipal Affairs, that the project undergo a complete environmental impact statement.

The impact statement would have required an ecosystem and population study of the wild salmon in Placentia Bay, as well as a contingency plan and extensive public consultation.

Watton's recommendations include a list of cons associated with an impact statement. They include project delays, possible court challenges from developer Grieg NL, and the possibility that Grieg would pull the project out of the province and set up shop somewhere else."

306. Conflict of Interest - Placentia Bay, NL, government backs Grieg development to the tune of $45million, making it illegally try not to do an environmental assessment of the mega development. 11 farms up to 2 million fish each:

305. Placentia Bay Mega-project Stopped - NL, Grieg Seafood, needs environmental assessment, judge: "
he proposed Placentia Bay development would be the largest salmon aquaculture project in Canadian history. Because of significant public concern, and the likelihood of serious damage to wild Atlantic salmon and other species and the environment, Judge Butler found this project “represented an example of an undertaking requiring the highest level of further environmental assessment.”"

Also about local Atlantic runs: "a 2016 study by Fisheries and Oceans Canada found 17 of 18 rivers sampled on Newfoundland’s south coast, home to the existing salmon aquaculture industry, showed signs of hybridization, where escaped farmed salmon had bred with wild populations. This results in compromised offspring and is a reason for collapsing wild salmon stocks in the area.

Grieg NL Nurseries and Grieg NL Seafarms, subsidiaries of Norway’s Grieg Seafood, have proposed to raise 7 million European-strain Atlantic salmon annually and place them in open net-pens in Placentia Bay. The area has no existing aquaculture, is recognized as an Ecologically and Biologically Sensitive Area by the Canadian government, and has at least 19 wild Atlantic salmon rivers.

As a result, the court quashed the minister’s original decision and has ordered the company to complete an environmental impact statement."

304. Faulty Assessment Process - AquaBounty protested, Canada:

303. Boom - South Africa firm, acquisitions, expansion, TerraSun:

302. Disease - USA, tilapia, vibrio:

301. Tax Evasion - USA:

300. Boom - Kuwait pushes aquaculture:

299. Disease - ISA, Aquagen: You will remember from the Vike/Nylund article that this is the company that says it hasn't had a disease in 45 years, and that it didn't cause the ISA crisis in Chile in 2008.

298. Ecosystems Destroyed - China, aquaculture triples:

297. Disease - USA, threatens tilapia growers:

296. Taxpayers Lose Loan $$ - USA, Umami Sustainable Seafood refusal to take loan payment, Mexico, $1.7M:

295. Bankruptcy - TerraVia Holdings, processor, Corbio from Netherlands:

294. Undersize Fish in Fish Meal - India, pledge not to use them:

293. Trash Fish Demand - China, drastic over fishing, Greenpeace:

292. Angered Fishermen - Tasmania, Tassal seal relocation:

291. Quadruple Antibiotic Use - Tasmania, Tassal, salmon:

290. Fish Farm Death - India, employee kills 2000 trout with bleach:

289. Boom - Norway, Coast salmon, 70% increase in profits:

288. Aggressive Expansion - Tasmania, Tassal, Long Bay: This is at the same time as the protests against it in Okehamption Bay. See 284 and 282 below.

287. Processors Close - China, tilapia, workers fired, too tough conditions:

286. Price Fixing, Huge Fine - Bumble Bee, $25 million:

285. Huge Wild Sockeye Catch - Alaska, where they won't allow fish farms, smashes records for sockeye in 2017, unlike BC where the Fraser has crashed:

284. Citizens Against Fish Farms - Tasmania:

283. Citizens Against Fish Farms - BC, Alex Morton/Martin Sheen vessel. Watch video: Wild fish in the nets, which is against the law.

282. Citizens Against Fish Farms - Tasmania:

281. Slice Controversy - Industry Bullies Government Body SEPA - lice drug in Scotland:

280. Unregistered Feed, Banned Drugs - Mekong Delta shrimp farmer:

279. Boom - Brazil processor, Noronha Pescados, to double sales in three years:,

278. Disease - Guangdong, shrimp:

277. Boom - Nova SEa, Norway, profits soar:

276. Grieg Seafood Dead in Tracks - CBC, NL, Placentia Bay: ""I conclude the minister lacked the jurisdiction to release the project. The only possible conclusion he could reach was that the project had both 'significant public concerns, and the potential for significant negative environmental effects,'" wrote Justice Gillian Butler in her July 20 decision."

275. Grieg Seafood Dead in Tracks - NL, Placentia Bay development, judge agrees with protesters,  wants environmental assessment:

274. Corruption, bribery - South Africa:

273. Smuggling Cash - USA, Codfather sheriff's deputy convicted:

272. More Hidden Channels - Norway, between lobbyist and government: "The way the farming industry and FrP communicate on independent critical Norwegian research is directly intimidating."

271. Government/Fish Farm Conflict - A news story in Norway about hidden emails and channels of communication. The problem is that both are too close:

270. Sewage - Norwegian fish farms:
"Feces from Norwegian fish farms almost matches that which comes from the overall population in the Nordic countries, ie from 24 million people. As trapped salmon suffer from various diseases, we assume that in the bottom sediments and sea currents is contaminated with harmful metals, drugs and pathogens which may be pathogenic for humans."

269. 400 Million Escaped Farmed Salmon/Trout - Norway: "Precautionary Principles for some reason are to be sabotaged. We also know that there are nearly 400 million escaped farmed salmon and trout along the Norwegian coast."

268. Industry for Billionaires - Norway, fish farms: "Of the proceeds from the aquaculture industry, 31.5 billion. Kroner was made in just the first half of 2017, coming to barely a fraction to the coastal people. More than chairman of Karlsøy, Ingrid ( "Mossa") Evertsen, leaving the Labor Party. Yes, there are a few jobs, but the big profits go to finance moguls. The greatest, Gustav Witzøe of SalMar, which increased his fortune by 10 billion Kroner in 2015 to 16.5 bn. In 2016. (Source: Capital 16-22 / 9-2016). Tax fugitive John Fredriksen as Marine Harvest, is not on the list."

267. Disease - listeria, Bakkafrost, Faroe Islands:

266. Cartel Nature of Industry - 'consolidation' by any name is still a cartel:

265. Counterfactual Government - 71,000mt farmed salmon - Iceland, Marine Research Institute,  'won't affect wild salmon'. If so, that would be the first place in the world where that resulted:

264. Indictment of Fish Farms - BC, view this compelling video of salmon fry infested with fish farm lice:

263. Accusation War - Ecuador, Brazil over shrimp disease:

262. Dead Zone - Gulf of Mexico, largest ever:

261. Tax Evasion - seafood wholesaler, George F. Estudante:

260. Fees Double - Iceland, government, fishing industry, exchange rate .012/CDN dollar:

259. Boom - Marine Harvest, USA, to double Ducktrap smoker plant production:

258.  Illegal Shrimp Farm - Andhra Pradesh:

257. Boom - South Africa to triple seafood industry, 7,000 to 20,000 tons:

256.  Tax Fraud - USA, seafood industry, Richard J. Pandolfo:

255. Nontransparent Industry Forced to Reveal Antibiotic Use - Chile: Liesbeth van der Neer, ED Oceana Chile : "After a long legal battle in which salmon farmers systematically refused to release information of public relevance, using loopholes to prevent citizens from learning about an essential issue for public health and the environment, finally the Supreme Court, in a sharp decision, supports us," said van der Meer." And this about kg used: " "Report on the use of Antimicrobials for National Salmon Production 2016", Chilean companies used 382,500 kilos of antibiotics to produce 727,812 tonnes of salmon while Norway used 523 kilos to produce twice as much salmon."

254. Antibiotics in Chile - fish farm bacteria passing resistance genes to human bacteria and to humans, "quinolones, tetracyclines and florfenicol:

253. Antibiotics in Chile - : "In Chile, up to 50 percent of salmon concentrated in aquaculture facilities die from infections linked to poor water quality and sanitation." There are several papers here on the issue.

252. Aquaculture Antibiotic Use Leads to Human Antibiotic Resistance - Lancet: "In some countries, antimicrobial use in aquaculture has surpassed use in human medicine."

251. Antibiotics Up 75% - Tassal, Tasmania to 301 kg, oxytetracycline - a human antibiotic that should not be used in other animals:

250. Disease - ISA, Norway, AquaGen who claims they have never had an infection in their 45 year history: This ignores the Chile ISA explosion that cost $2B and 13,000 lost their jobs from AquaGen, ISA infected eggs.

249. DFO Sued - BC, for allowing diseased fish in the ocean: "On May 6, 2015, the Federal Court struck down the aquaculture licence conditions that allowed Marine Harvest to decide whether to transfer fish infected with viruses into open pens in the ocean. The Court rejected DFO’s argument that its licence conditions were based on sound science about HSMI or other fish diseases, finding there was no evidence that DFO relies on science in issuing aquaculture licences. Instead, after noting that “the weight of the expert evidence before this Court supports the view that PRV is the viral precursor to HSMI,” the Court accepted that transfers of farmed salmon infected with viruses like PRV may be harmful to the protection and conservation of fish – and thus contrary to the law. DFO and Marine Harvest have since appealed the decision.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Marine Harvest appealed the 2015 decision, but adjourned the appeal days before the hearing, in May 2016, when a federal scientist announced that HSMI had been detected on a fish farm in B.C. Despite this recently published research, the Minister refuses to enforce testing for farm salmon prior to transfer into sea pens on wild salmon migration routes." The DFO scientist is Kristi Miller. The quote is from an Ecojustice post.

248. Dumping Duties - USA, India shrimp dumped:

247. Slavery - Hong Kong:

246. Boom - India, Ecuador, shrimp out put surges:

245. Boom - India, Kerala, to double aquaculture in 3 years, to 80,000mt:

244. Toxic Algal Bloom - saxitoxin, Chile, red tide:

243. Boom - Louis Dreyfuss, one of world's largest commodities traders to join in aquafeed market with "Cargill, Bunge and Archer-Midland-Daniels (ADM), known collectively as the "ABCD" companies":

242. Massive Deaths - Denmark on-land salmon:

241. 'Focus on Disease' - VASEP warns shrimp farmers:

240. Huge Sockeye Catch - AL, where fish farms are banned:

239. IPN Disease - CFIA brook trout, NB:

239. ISA Disease - CFIA reports a dozen cases of ISA virus. It says they do not cause ISAV, but the point is that in fish farms the viruses mutate:

238. False Accreditation - Tassal invokes ASCs, the problem being that the ASCs are not valid measures as they allow in-ocean fish farms:

237. False Fish Labeling - Brazil, 17%:

236. Escapes - farmed salmon escape, NL:

235. Nontransparent Industry - Chile, court orders fish farms to release antibiotic use - SalmonChile. They didn't want to:

234. Massive Clam Deaths - Taiwan:

233. Disease - white shrimp, Guangdong:

232. Dead Zones - and Low O2 spell death to fish farms, in the near future:

231.Workers Eliminated - Robotic Plant - Cermac, Baader, automated processing plant, 160 fish per minute:

230. Bust - massive die-off of smolts, Atlantic Sapphire, Europe:

229. Boom - Russian Aquaculture, first step in vertically integrated firm:

228. Wild Salmon Numbers Plummet - Maine, total NA run 500,000:

227. Disease - NZ King Salmon, new bacteria:

226. 60,000 Migrant Workers Flee - Thailand:

225. EPA Defends Sewage - Tasmania, Tassal:

224. Deadly Bacteria - NZ, King Salmon :

223. Lice Kill Wild Salmon - BC:

222. Boom - Russia seafood goal, 700,000t:

221. Price Fixing - Target targets tuna giants, Rubicon:

220. Human Trafficking - HIgh Liner, Rubicon:

219. Bullying Government - Scotland: Quote: "“If the Scottish Government and its agencies want to deter investment, put jobs and economic benefit in jeopardy this is certainly the right way to go about it. Sepa has introduced immediate regulatory changes with no consideration of the social and economic impact despite being legally required to do so.”"

218.  8u9ud9kp1617R49D90n7

217. Saved from Bankruptcy - RimFrost buys new vessel:

216. Drugs - fisherman arrested, USA:

215. Boom - Ireland, double production with license process improvements:

214. Boom - record number of salmon, Chile. Prices to drop. Just before another algal bloom? See:

213. Fish Escape - NL, from 400,000 fish farm:

212. Fish Farms Bully Government - Scotland: 
Quote: "“If the Scottish Government and its agencies want to deter investment, put jobs and economic benefit in jeopardy this is certainly the right way to go about it. Sepa has introduced immediate regulatory changes with no consideration of the social and economic impact despite being legally required to do so.” This is about reducing the use of Slice, a chemical for killing lice. Fish farms want to kill lice with anything they use, and this is the push part of the push/pull tactic used all over the world by fish farms to get what they want from government. The answer to this is to put fish farms on-land.

211. Sewage - thousands of metric tonnes on a tarp? Tasmania:

210. Boom - Soaring profits, 122%, Norway, Noredlaks:

209. Lower Densities, Report Mortalities, Stricter Regs - Chile:

208. Protest Against Fish Farms - Iceland, new fund to fight salmon farming, Icelandic Wildlife Fund:

206. Strictest Laws in the World!!! - Iceland, salmon. Add to Norway, Chile, Canada and Scotland where farmers have made the same claim, which must be, wait for it, false. Quote: "The statement reads as if they are unaware of the existing, strict regulations that have been in place since 2004 -- and updated most recently in 2014. Our aquaculture regulations, I think, are the strictest in the world," he said. See:

205. Boom - Scotland, near shore exposed sites:

204. Boom - Estonia packers inks deal with Scottish smokers:

203. 1500 Seals Shot To Death - Scotland, past six years:

202. Chefs Rufuse Farmed Salmon - Tasmania:

201. Disease - Kudoa - typically a problem for Marine Harvest, it lost $12 million in product in 2016:

200. Litigious Industry - Huon, Tassal back in court, Tasmania:

199. Price Fixing Guilty Plea - yet another Starkist VP, Stephen Hodge, pleads guilty:

198. Human Trafficking - China, USA TIP report listing:

197. Huge License Regs Overhaul - Ireland, from none in 10 years to 20 year licenses, report: To double industry by 2023, to 81,700 tonnes.

196.  Escape - Marine Harvest, Scotland, potential salmon escape. Earlier in year 283 lumpfish escaped at site:

195. SLICE Drop Regs of 60% Brings 'Chaos' Industry Argues - Scotland, salmon:

194. Boom - double profits, Nordlaks, Norway:

193. Stiffer Regulations - Chile, Salmon:

192. Growth Target Unlikely - Scotland, aquaculture:

191. Money Laundering - Pescanova:

190. Exec Eyes On-Land Market in Asia - US, salmon:

189. Boom - salmon sales up 60%, Russia:

188. Seals Shot at Farms - Scotland:

187. Government to Investigate Environmental Problems of Fish Farms - Scotland:

186.  Chefs Refuse Farmed Salmon - Tasmania:

185.Wrasse Catch too High - Plymouth, bid to stop wild catch of lice cleaner fish for salmon:

184. Farmed Salmon Most Toxic Food:

183. Government, Merck Collusion, Slice - Scotland:
The Scottish Government allowed a US drug company to secretly rubbish a scientific study blaming one of its pesticides for killing wildlife in Scottish sea lochs.

The Sunday Herald has uncovered that the £76 billion New Jersey multinational, Merck, hired reviewers to criticise evidence in a scientific study that the company’s fish farm chemical was causing widespread environmental damage.

The scientists behind the study and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) privately protested about Merck’s involvement. But they were overruled by government and salmon industry officials who insisted that the company’s role should be kept secret.

Merck’s behind-the-scenes influence has been exposed by more than 70 megabytes of internal documents released by the Crown Estate under freedom of information law."
182. Sea Lice Outbreak - BC:

181. Global Disease Crisis - review paper:

180. Lice Kill, Infect Wild Salmon Fry - BC, study:

179. Mangrove Swamps Destroyed - aquaculture caused, study:

178. Boom - Scotland, seafood exports climb 30.8%, high salmon prices:

177. Boom - Alsaker Fjordbruk, Nroway, profits up 1000% in four years:

176. Offshore  Pollution - Chile, fish farms:

175. Drugs in Frozen Fish - China, 1.1 metric tonnes:

174. Environmental Damage Investigated - Scotland, government:

173. HADD Provision in The Fisheries Act - DFO against HADD, etc. See Fin Donelly's dissenting opinion:

172. Disease - ISA, Norway, Grieg Seafood, second fish farm:

171. Disease - ISA, Norway, Grieg Seafood:

170. Disease - Tilapia Lake Virus, 7 farms Taiwan:

169. Illegal Fishing - in Namibia, Spanish fleet:

168. Cartel Nature of Industry - Thai Union to buy Camil Alimentos, Brazil

167. Diseased Fish Put In Ocean Farms - BC, PRV, DFO not testing fish:

166. Atlantic Sapphire to Takeover USA Salmon Market - Hasta La Vista In-ocean, Chile, Norway, CDN:

165. Illegal Trafficking, Guilty Plea - Maine, elver:

164. Protest Against Tassal - Tasmania:

163. IFFO Rejects Alternate Omega-3s:

162. Red Snapper Fraud - USA:

161. In-Ocean Fish Farms Are Toast - an update on Atlantic Sapphire, aiming at 150,000 tons on land in Florida. Hasta La Vista, Canada, Chile and Norway. Look through the stellar lineup of staff:

160. Tasmanians Against Tassal and Government - Please donate to save Okehampton Bay:

159. Lice Kill/Weaken Wild Salmon - Norway:

158. More Land-Based Fish Farms - Intrafish:

157. Environmental/Social Issues with Fish Farms - NL, a very long list of problems:

156. Fishing Laws 'Failing Miserably' - NZ

155. DFO Against Freshwater Salmon Enhancement:

154. On-Land Fish Farm - Floro Norway, 'world's largest', 20,000 mt (not larger than Atlantic Sapphire in Florida, 90,000mt):

153. Sea Lice Infect Wild BC Salmon - CBC:

152. Conflict of Interest - Scotland, government won't ban SLICE, emamectin, for killing lice, and the rest of the crustacean environment:

151. Illegal Aquaculture Killing Agricultural Land - Andhra Pradesh:

150. Salmon Out Of Control - Tasmania, Huon:

149. On-Land Shrimp - USA, Ralco, Minnesota:

148. Offshore Pollution - Chile, salmon farms:

147. On Land Fish Farms the Future - Norway, Grieg, AKVA ink deal:

146. Greens Against Government/Fish Farms - Australia:

145. Fish Farm Protest - Tasmania, Tassal protested:

144. On Land Fish Farms the Future - In Ocean Toast - Aquabounty, Atlantic Sapphire:

143. Salmon Farm Criticism - Norway:

142. Killing Our Oceans With Fish - Chile to mount off-shore, open oceans with fish farms, moving pollution into the worlds oceans:

141. Disease - tilapia lake disease reaches Taiwan:

140. Litigious Industry - BC, Marine Harvest sues Alex Morton for using a teaspoon to scoop bird feces off a float. They allege she was damaging their anchoring system. Take a look: This is a vexatious suit, after they dropped charges against the aboriginals (who asked AM along in their own territory) for trespassing last summer by boarding a fish farm in their own territory for a cleansing ceremony.

139. More Patagonia Pollution - MultiExport, $50M, Chile:

138. Litigious Industry - Tasmania, Huon goes after Tassal:

137. Boom - tilapia, Vietnam:

136. Litigious Industry - Ireland, High Court quashes licence revoking:

135. Boom - tilapia, India:

134. More Algal Blooms - Chile, climate change:

133. Patagonia to be Polluted - Chile, Blumar, $150M, 21,000mt:

132. New Regs Threaten Fish Farms - NZ, sadly, NZ has 750 farms, BC has 85 because citizens against fish farms:

131. Time Against Fish Farms - also use of astaxanthine dye:

130. Government to Kill In-ocean Fish Farms - BC: NDP/Greens: She said a transition to closed containment will eventually mean the closure of the open-sea farms. “A leads to B,” said Trevena. “But we haven’t got a timeline for it.” Trevena also said the NDP would offer incentives for companies to move inland.

129. Dead Workers - Ghana, Thai Union, plant:

128. Boom - new salmon farms in Magallanes, Chile, Multiexport, $50m:

127. Boom - on-land, GMO salmon salmon, Aquabounty, USA:

126. Disease - Louisiana, white spot, crawfish:

125. Tilapia Recall - Giant Eagle, milk allergen:

124. Disease - ISA, Canada, while the CFIA says it is a strain not known to cause disease, in fish farms, ISA mutates to become infectious and kills huge numbers of farmed fish, and passing the disease to wild fish:

123. Fish Farms Kill Wild Wrasse - using wild wrasse to eat lice is endangering wild stocks:

122. Fish Farms Kill Wild Salmon - Scotland, alarming decline in wild salmon:

121. Disease - Is lake tilapia virus the new ISA?:

120. Disease - ISA, Grieg Seafood, Norway:

119. Price Fixing - Starkist SVP:

118. On-land Trout Farm - Russia:

117. Atlantic Sapphire - USA, on-land fish farms begins building, Florida,  "Norwegian salmon farming entrepreneur Johan Andreassen has brought in a former Marine Harvest and Villa Organic executive as chief operating officer (COO)":

116. Harrassment, Threats - Norway researchers abused by fish farms, for negative science:

115. Boom - INdia, shrimp to USA up 43%:

114. Marine Harvest Trespassing - BC, lawyer, Greg McDade points out that dropping their trespassing case against aboriginals (but not Alex Morton) is tacit approval that aboriginals can board their sites. Video:

113. Move Polluting Farms? No. - NZ, citizens say no, from low-flow to high-flow. Flow is about dispersing sewage:

112. Government/Industry Collusion - Scotland, drug company, emamectin benzoate, aka, SLICE, bad for environment. Industry plants on study review panel:

111. More Grieg Sell Off of Itself - 2016:

110. Bigtime Industry Speculation -  25% of Grieg, 28.8 million Grieg shares, bought in 2013, and sold in 2016, by Marine Harvest, making a half billion dollars:

109. Workers Fired - Cermaq, Chile, 259 workers:

108. ASCs Not Worth Anything - SeaChoice Against Seafood Watch:

107. Price Fixing - Starkist VP:

106. ASCs Worth Something? - Monterey Bay, Seafood Watch:

105. More Pac Andes Trainwreck - bankruptcy:

104. ASCs Not Worth Anything? - China, tilapia companies:

103. Litigious Industry - Pacific Seafood, this one is quite a knot of problems:

102. Litigation - Marine Harvest cuts and runs, afraid of First Nations. Stops trespassing case against aboriginals in their own territory. Watch the video:

101. Citizens Against Fish Farms - USA, Washington:

100. Fish Farms Banned - USA, California, Oregon and Alaska forbid fish farms in their waters. Now, Washington is petitioning their government to do the same. Sign the petition:

99. Litigious Industry - Marine Harvest sues aboriginals and Alex Morton for 'trespassing':

98. Acquisitive Industry - Cooke, new farm in Scotland:

97. Disease - more ISA in NB:

96. Ocean Acidification - California:

95. Pesticide Use in Atlantic CDN - Bryden:

94. Acquisitive Industry - Biomar buys 70% of Ecuador fish feed firm for $120 million, Alimentsa:

93. Another Algal Bloom - yet again in Chile, in 2017, like 2016:

92. Too High Salmon Cap - Tasmania, EPA, angers environmentalists:

91. Fake Leadership Trophy - Thia Union claims, Greenpeace denies:

90. Litigation - Marine Harvest Backs Down - sues BC aboriginals for trespassing, but stops the case before going to court. A very significant happening in this litigation crazy industry. You can't beat the Tsilhqot-in decision:

89. Disease - White spot Syndrome, USA, shrimp:

88. On-Land Fish Farm Success - Pareto:

87. Labour Abuse Litigation - Thailand, Andy Hall:

86.  Tasmania - Govt EPA, FED and pollution in MacQuarie Harbour:

85. Cleaner Fish Rocket 25% - two problems, declining wild populations, possible escapes of commercially made fish:

84. Tuna Scandal - execs fraudulent, cover up:

83. Disease - ISA, Norway:

82. Disease - tilapia being killed by disease across three continents:

81. Zero Lice, Zero Escapes? - Marine Harvest:

80. Lice - 11 times over maximum - Loch Duart, Scotland:

79. More Pac Andes Trainweck - Ng family given six months to get Pac Andes under control or its bankruptcy:

78. DFO Intransigence - habitat staff fired in BC, 2013-14, including the office that looked over fish farms, Port Hardy:

77. 'Catastrophic Salmon Disaster' - Oregon, California, governor's agree:

76. Disease - new tilapia virus outbreak, capable of killing freshwater fishes:

75. Rape of the Sea - Chinese squid fishing in Argentina up 270%, in Peru up 515%, 2007 - 2015, CNFC Overseas Fisheries, leading to 'dilution of resources' and 'pressure on businesses'. Really?

74. Bait and Switch - Aquabounty, typical with fish farms. Say they will do one small thing, then try to enlarge the project, usually endlessly: "On paper, their plans went from a small conventional Atlantic salmon hatchery to a large-scale, GMO salmon egg to grow-out facility, literally in one day.

AquaBounty applied for an Environmental Impact Assessment on April 12/17; on the same day an amended statement (EIS) was released. The document outlines they consulted these new plans with two provincial and three federal government departments in one single day. This is one example of the countless irregularities in the 89 pg. EIS."

73. Boom - Norway seafood exports to China, sees increase to $1.5 billion by 2025:

72. Patagonia to be Trashed - Chile, Nova Astral to build hatchery immediately:

71. Budget Cuts Kill Aquaculture - Trump cuts to NOAA et al, takes chunk out:

70. Cancer Chemicals - Round Up Causes Cancer - Monsanto suppressed research:

69. Sewage, Money Problems - AquaBounty, Rollo Bay, PEI, plant has serious issues, including public funds, environmental problems in Panama, etc.:

68. Illegal Fisheries - EU warns Liberia:

67. Harmful Subsidies - WTO works against fishing subsidies:

66. Anti Trust Lawsuit - Pacific Seafood, and Trident sued:

65. Boom - shrimp, Argentina, $1billion to China et al:

64. Dumping - India in USA, shrimp, $4.7 billion industry, next chance to challenge, 5 years:

63. Sewage Damage - Tasmania, Tassal: Huon says: “Playing Russian roulette like the EPA director is doing now ... is just breathtaking in its stupidity," And: "HUON Aquaculture says the Environment Protection Authority is playing Russian roulette with Macquarie Harbour over its draft decision to allow farming of up to 18,000 tonnes of salmon."

62. Disease - ISA, Bakkafrost, Foroes:

61. Lice - 20% of farmed salmon die from lice:

60. Litany of Complaint - Tassal, Tasmania, WWF receives up to $500,000 per year to license its logo for ASC certification. See the litany of links at the bottom:

59. Boom - Young's rises from its own ashes, after Sainsbury debacle caused by Marine Harvest:

58. Fraud, Theft - CDN lobster industry:

57. Fraud - Pac Andes, 2013 buying of Copeinca:

56. Offshore Sewage - Norway:

55. Boom - Oman, $2B new developments:

54. Disease - ISA, Norway:

53. Tuna Price Fixing/Slime - podcast:

52. Triple Fish? - Norway:

51. Fish Escape - NZ, 6,000 fish:

50. No More In-ocean Fish Farms - Norway, only on-land fish farms from now on: More about on-land fish farms:

49. Tassal Violates ASCs - Tasmania, 19 requirements not met, in a certification scheme that is weakened by not requiring on-land, closed:

48. Lice Kill Wild Salmon - PDF of the Ireland study over 30 years:

47. Boom - India, tilapia sector to grow:

46. Boom - hasta lavista in-ocean fish farms - Mitsui to establish on-land fish farms in Japan with the object of on-land all across Asia:

45. Boom - Leroy doing $150 million investment in plants/smolt plant in Netherlands, Norway:

44. More Pac Andes Trainweck - losses across the board:

43. Fish Farm Threatens Norwegian Government - Nordlaks, threatens to push production to China, Australia, Iceland:

42. Triple Salmon Production!! - Norway, Kvera Analyst:

41. Lice $$- Leroy, to step up $$ fight against sea lice:

40. Labour Abuse - Thailand:

39. "Extinction Vortex" - fish farm lice, Ireland, study, killing 50% of salmon and sea trout:

38. In-ocean Fish Farms Dinosaurs - Huffington Post article by Dan Lewis. They went to Norway where everyone told them to take fish farms out of the water:

37. Boom - India, shrimp production exceeds 500,000 mt two years in a row:

36.  Acquisitive Industry - High Liner, CDN, Rubicon deal, $104 million:

35.  Boom - Camanchaca, Chile, quadruples revenue:

34. Huge Conspiracy - Thai Union and 53 others - Walmart tuna suit: See item 31.

33. Boom - Record high revenues, Scottish Salmon Company: CEO, Craig Anderson: "We remain firmly focused on our long term growth strategy and new site development is an integral part of this strategy. The development of the site at Portree demonstrates this and complements our existing Hebridean operations." Does this sound familiar? When fish farms aren't in a catastrophe, they grow at huge rates.

32. Huge Vaccine Numbers - 338 million, Norway:

31. Thai Union the Best??? - You will recall that Thai Union has had problems with slavery, and other big issues. If it is up for awards, the rest of the Asian companies must be really bad: "In a poll of 180 portfolio managers and buy-side analysts around the world, Thai Union was ranked first in: best managed companies in Thailand; best CEO in Thailand; best CFO in Thailand; most committed to corporate governance in Thailand; best at corporate social responsibility in Thailand; best at investor relations in Thailand."

30. New Regs Cost Fish Farms - Chile, so says Marine Harvest, ignoring that new regs are needed in Chile because of the vast destruction of their ocean waters by fish farms:

29.  Boom from Bust - Pescanova inks deal with Walmart after years of financial turmoil:

28. Patagonia Destroyed - Austral Nova crows about antibiotics free salmon, while destroying one of the most pristine areas in the world, and south of there:

27. Lice Kill Wild Salmon - a definitive review of 300 articles on fish farm lice killing wild salmon, 2014: "The Chairman and Board of Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) have today (18.09.14) welcomed a definitive review of over 300 scientific publications, which has just been published, on the effects sea lice can have on sea trout stocks. A team of top international scientists from Norway, Scotland and Ireland reviewed all available published studies on the effects of sea lice and have now concluded that sea lice have negatively impacted wild sea trout stocks in salmon farming areas in Ireland, Scotland and Norway."

26. Killing Wild Salmon - Fish Farm Lice - Ireland, 26 year study, 50% down: "26 years of data from factory farms in Killary Harbour on the Galway/Mayo border." This is the same as has been shown in Scotland over more than two decades. And in BC/Norway wild salmon have declined 50% in the presence of fish farms. And read this from Fisheries Ireland:
And read this abstract:
This is the abstract of the scientific article from Ireland: And this article:

25. Disease - Fish Farm Video - BC, Alex Morton: Problem with herring, salmon fry, from fish farms. Salmon look like they have PRV, as in HSMI.

24. Boom  - Australis sales triple on last year's salmon dearth (lice in Scotland and Norway, plus algal bloom in Chile reducing world supply by 8.7%):

23. Bandits Steal Salmon - yes, for real, Chile to Miami:

22. Boom - Ecuador shrimp firm, Songa to increase production 100%:

21. Manipulating Salmon Output - Chile, Marine Harvest:

20. Fraud, Jail Sentence - Terry Cosgrove:

19. Massive Disease Outbreak - shrimp, Bangladesh:

18. Tax on Lice and Escapes - Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise:

17. Boom - Australis Group, earnings leap:

16. Boom - Calvo Group, Spain, aims for 40% growth in tuna:

15. On-Land GMO Salmon - Aquabounty, PEI, CDN, also looking to build US on land facility, bad news for in-ocean fish farms:

14. More Price Fixing - Bumble Bee et al:

13. Boom - Vietnam aims for $13b seafood exports by 2020, may reach $35 billion:

12. Whale Kill - tangled in pot lines:

11. Guilty - $25 Million Fine - Bumble Bee and co-conspirators, cartel price fixing:

10. Acquisitive Industry - Chinese mega company:

9. Corruption - Namibia, fisheries minister, fraudulent quota allocation, horse mackerel:

8. Boom - salmon processor, smoker, new plant, Rode Vis, Netherlands:

7. Illegal Fishing - West Africa loses $2billion in fish each year:

6. On-Land Fish Farm Seminar - bad for in-ocean fish farms, good for the world, Intrafish:

5. Global Fishing Killing Fish Stocks - Canada, Daniel Pauly, data 50% low: "The world’s oceans are rapidly warming and acidifying due to climate change. Global overfishing and massive under reporting of catches are putting world fish populations in peril. How close are the planet’s fisheries to collapse?"

4. Over Fishing Killing Fish Stocks - Canada, one third of global catch is unreported, The Sea Around Us project, new document:

3. By-Catch 50% - Canada, discards can lead to extinctions:

2. Using Oceans as a Free, Open Sewer - USA, offshore aquaculture plans:

1.  Humans Go Hungry - China scooping world fish stocks, threatening Africa and third world humans needing food:

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