Thursday, 6 October 2011

Purpose of Fish Farm News and Science

The purpose of this blog is to identify key fish farm science documents for those looking to address concerns about open-containment, in-ocean farms, and to address specific issues from time to time.

Following posts will include, for instance, the David Miller, article on how the fish farms 'managed' a January, 2004 Science article in Scotland.

Then there is the manual fish farms put out on the strategies they employ to defuse complaints about fish farms.

Then there is the excellent 2010 study that details several complete designs of closed-containment, on-land systems that make more money than in-ocean, open-containment systems that are now technologically out of date.

Another is the list of 32 on-land, closed-containment, RAS systems that have come my way.

This blog will be document and weblink heavy.

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