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KEY LINKS to Fish Farm News and Science - Updated Nov 26, 2011

This post will grow longer. It will list world wide press and scientific papers on fish farm issues.

A Current Review Article on ISA in Salmonids - Nov 26

Read this:

A Good Example of Fish Farm Industry Spin - Nov 23

Read this:

Marine Harvest says it will not expand in Chile for the next two years. But it is not saying that its financial problems are the cause. You can go look for yourself on share and financial report post on this site. See KEY LINKS in October 2011.

With shares at about 48 cents, investors don't think much of MH. There are links to brokers for up to date comment. Form your own opinion.

Good Review Article on the Phase after Fish Farms - Ocean Farming of Seaweed, Other Plants and Oysters - Nov 24

Read this: This article acknowledges that fish harvesting and fish farming are sunset industries, but spends most of its length on developing where we will go for our food needs, fuel needs, take CO2 and nitrogen out of the sea, and produce oxygen at the same time.

Good Historical Article on Fish Farming in Scotland - Nov 23

This is a fair comment article on the history of fish farming in Scotland and how it has changed over the years. You should read it.

Fish Farms in Chile Facing Legal Case for Bringing and Spreading ISA, Nov 5

These two links outline the situation and cases launched in 2009: Link1.:
Link 2.: Link 2 is in Spanish, so run it through Google's translator program.

Cermaq and Marine Harvest research showed that the ISA was brought over by Aquagen, a company they own shares in. This links to an industry Powerpoint presentation:

Cooke Aquaculture Charged for Using Illegal Chemicals, Nov 3, 2011

Environment Canada has charged Cooke Aquaculture of New Brunswick/Nova Scotia with use of illegal chemicals. The outcome could be as large as $33 million in fines and up to 99 years in jail for company executives for using cypermethrin to kill fish farm sea lice. It resulted in massive kills of lobsters as well. Read this article:

Fish farms are also facing law suits in Chile for the disease disaster from 2008 to 2010: link to come.

Bruce Sandison - Cull of the Wild, The Daily Mail, Scotland, Oct 22, 2011

Scroll down this link about half way and then read the Bruce Sandison article on fish farms in Scotland. This is a restrained article that lists some of the problems in fish farms in Scotland. You will find these problems pretty much the same as in BC:

Fish Farm Salmon Make Fat Diabetic Mice

This article says that mice fed with farmed Atlantic salmon high in fats (omega 3s, for instance) and persistent organic pollutants grew obese and developed diabetes:

Fish Farm Marketing Report - Vancouver 2006: The Canadian Farmed Salmon
Industry -Benchmark Analysis for the US Market - Updated Nov 8, 2011.

This PDF study identifies how to best 'sell' in-ocean fish farms in Canada by identifying the advantages and disadvantages. Apparently, aboriginals need to be streamlined by the feds, and anyone who disagrees with fish farms is spreading 'falsehoods' among other things. And our ocean is pristine versus Norway's which is not, and NW's ocean is too cold. See the table on page four. The link is: The new link is:

Summary Stats: This is a good report to get to know fish farm financial and other statistical dimensions; however, it needs to be updated.

Cost per kg salmon: Exhibit 6, P 27. A well done table comparing CDN, NW and CHL.
Sites: Norway: 2400; BC: 130.
Concession Fee: Norway $800K; Canada: $0. An environmental assessment can be $75K - $150K in Canada
Annual Rent: NW: $0; BC: $3700 - 8900.
Canadian Mortality to Harvest: 5 - 15%. In comparison, in 2011, BC fish farms say: 1%.
Wage Rates: P 28.
Interview Comments: P 32, Exhibit 8.
Key Advantages and Disadvantages of Canadian industry in BC, P 34: No rules for aboriginals. ENGO falsehoods. If you disagree with fish farms you are making falsehoods. On the plus side BC has better access to USA market for whole gutted Atlantic Salmon.


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