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KEY LINKS - Fish Farm Share Prices and Financial Information, Updated May 31, 2012

Share price gives you an indication of what investors think about a company. The company's financial records give you an indication of the best picture the company can present of the company's health. (See bottom for Mar 2012 analysis)

Norwegian fish farm companies' share prices have been in freefall for some time: Marine Harvest is at: 44.2 cents; Cermaq is at $10.20; Grieg Seafood is at: 66.1 cents. All USA dollars.

Find Marine Harvest share prices:
Find Grieg Seafood share prices:

A quick analysis of the industry in October, 2011: The selling price of 24 Kroner is $4.32 or negative income for Marine Harvest and Grieg Seafood.

This link says that the Norwegian derivative fish farms are all losing money:

This link shows the bad financial position that Marine Harvest is in, 3rd Q income down 97%:

This is a currency converter: Nov 27, 1 NOK = .1773 CDN Dollar. In other words: $1 CDN = 5.64 NOK.Link
See end of post for March 2012.


The financial reports make the companies sound in fine health. Investor's don't agree - shares are way down. Then go and follow brokers to the Oslo Stock Exchange. Their comments are frank and present a much more negative picture.

Marine Harvest 2010 Financial Report, delivered in 2011:

Cermaq 2010 Financial Report, delivered in 2011: Do note that CEO Geir Isaksen has been moved from the government's Cermaq to the government's train transportation ministry.

Grieg Seafood 2010 Financial Report, delivered in 2011: Click on the report image.

Bloomberg financial has frank comment on fish farms: This is the most cheery note in a couple of months. Look around for other aLinkrticles.

All Oslo Fish Farm stock market prices can be found at: Look in the right column.

2012 Financial News

Reuters analysis indicates that 2012 should be good. However, I think that Chile's production is so high and that the removal of the 26% tariff in the USA from Norwegian imports, and that Norwegian firms are after Scottish markets will produce a fish glut that will make prices fall, and be hard on Canadian production in BC, which has already laid off 60 people out of a maximum employment of 820 jobs: BC sells 85% of its fish to the USA, hence problems with its own parent companies. Pretty ruthless. sees it much the same way as Reuters, noting Marine Harvest shares have climbed 34.7% since the beginning of the year. Go take a look and see that MH's share price almost disappeared in December 2011, at 37.4 cents/share. It's not hard to climb 34 percent from nothing and reach the gargantuan 56.1 cents/share on March 15, 2012

Cermaq/Mainstream's 2011 Financial Report may be found here:

Marine Harvest's 2011 Financial Report

Here are stock price drops in Chile, Q1 2012:  So far this year, several companies listed on the Santiago Stock Exchange have seen the price of their shares go down: 17.96 per cent overall. See:

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