Thursday, 6 December 2018

Ministers Against Environment - Popham, Wilkinson, Horgan, Trudeau

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Melanie Mark:
Jonathan Wilkinson: Jonathan Wilkinson <>
Justin Trudeau:  Justin Trudeau <>

Now the Note:


I want you to know that you have completely alienated the public on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of Canada by expressing support for a new Aquaculture Act, that leaves the environmentally-damaging fish farm industry in the ocean. We have been telling you for years we want fish farms on land. You are out of date by a decade.

In-ocean is an old tech dinosaur, being rapidly put out of business by the move to land around the world. In the USA, Atlantic Sapphire, Whole Oceans, Nordic Aquafarms and Aquabanc are aiming for 218,000MT of salmon on land, almost 250% the size of BC’s old tech sector. Around the world the PE Fund is aiming at even more: 260,000mt of on-land salmon. Globally the push is even larger: there are 255 on-land RAS systems, comprising some 20,000 actual farms. Ask CEO Andreasson from Atlantic Sapphire, and the Marine Harvest execs who have jumped to on land, to update you.

Atlantic Canada And Pacific Canada will not forget this egregious stand by your parties in the next elections.

You need to wake up.

DC Reid

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  1. Please pay attention to the fisherman, they have the experience and see what is really going on out there unlike the DFO who have rarely spent the time out on the water!