Thursday, 20 December 2018

4,000 Problems in 3 Years - No Problems in BC Fish Farms???

I don't think so. 

Here is the note I sent to government and press today. It is tiring, less than a week after Marine Harvest and Cermaq said they would go along with closing Broughton Archipelago farms, for their Atlantic trade association to be saying there are no problems. No problems? Well, there are those 4,000 I have found in the past three years in the global fish farm/seafood industry press.  See below.

Dear All:

As much as I wanted to believe that the fish farms were willing to close farms in BC last Friday, Dec 14, 2018 in the Global News video of the announcement of closures in the Broughton, less than a week later their Atlantic fish farm association is spouting the same tired spin they invented almost 50 years ago, and disagreeing there is any problem with fish farms in BC, and elsewhere in Canada.

Leopards don’t change their spots. As I have mentioned before, the strategy for saving wild BC salmon is to use the precautionary principle for putting fish farms on land (because asking for science is a never ending circle) and Indigenous rights along with their court wins such as the Tsilhqut’n Decision. And pump money into freshwater habitat restoration.

Also today, Cooke, just south of BC, has to kill 800,000 smolts infected with 'exotic' PRV, the same virus that affects more than 80% of BC fish farm smolt stocks and been shown by Dr. Kristi Miller to cause HSMI, and jaundice/anemia in wild chinook. The WA government ordered the cull. You might do the same.


494. Communications Spin - Atlantic Canada salmon ass still spouting the false 1970s spin about feeding a hungry world, being sustainable, and so on, while disagreeing that fish farms are a problem in BC:

These two items come from my most recent post on the problems in the global fish farm/seafood industry. I have found 4,000 problems in the last three years. Cruise the boldfacing for a quick look:

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