Thursday, 9 August 2018

BAD NEWS BITES - Updated Dec 20, 2018

I receive 30 global press fish farm/seafood industry newsletters every week. In these, I have found a startling amount of bad news, and decided to do a post on it. I had no idea there was as much bad news as there is.

I am at my tenth post. In little more than two years, I have found 3,500 BAD NEWS BITES. Some days I am stunned by the amount of bad news in the fish farm/seafood industry.  Find the fifth BAD NEWS BITES post here: And that reaches 2,000.

This is the link to the fourth post, Jan 14, 2017, it has 500 BAD NEWS BITES in it: it has links to the previous three posts since July 2015. You can find earlier ones at these links.

This is the link to the ninth post, March 29, 2018:

Here is a summary of the bad news stories:

"In one mouthful, here are the kind of stories I am finding: boom bust industry, billions made and lost, crisis in lice and disease, bankruptcy, workers fired, executives jumping company to company, dividing big bonuses, fraud, corruption, litigation, conflict of interest with government and scientists, using the ocean as a free open sewer – $10.4 Billion in BC alone, killing of whales, seals and sea lions – more than 12,000 in BC so far, slavery, unpaid labour, taxpayers paying millions for diseased, dead fish – $177 Million in Canada, dueling scientists, weakening of laws, unsustainable feed, illegal fishing, jail sentences, disasters in Norway, Scotland, Chile, Canada, bullying of scientists, governments and anyone critical of their business, cartels, collusion, price fixing, fishing down the food chain to Antarctic krill, carcinogens and persistent organic pollutants, fluoroquinolones, chicken feathers in feed, animal feces in feed, eutrophication in a time of global warming, Malachite Green fungFicide in USA seafood, fake industry awards, all the wild salmon in the Pacific ocean, more than a billion, put in peril... it goes on."

Update, Dec 11, 2017: I have found 500 BAD NEWS BITES in less than 3.5 months. That means well over 1000 in a year. That is how much bad news there is in fish farms/seafood industry. This post, the sixth, may be found here:

Update, Mar 29, 2018: You will find the previous posts on these dates: 23/1/2018, 11/12/17, 29/8/17. 5/5/17, 14/1/17, 1/7/16, 6/5/16,  1/7/15, and a total of nearly 3,500 BAD NEWS BITES.  

Update Aug 9, 2018: I have found 500 BAD NEWS BITES since Mar 29, 2018. The total now stands at 3,500 in three years.

And now, the BAD NEWS BITES leading from this most recent post:

500. Trade War Hits Seafood Trade - USA:

499. Fish Farms To Close - BC, Vancouver Sun:

498. Fish Farms to Close - BC, Tyee:

497. Boom - Vietnam pangasius to hit $2.2B in 2018:

496. Fish Farms Don't Harm Wild Salmon (?) - Atlantic fish farm group says about BC wild salmon:

495. Use Profits to Protect Environment - Chile government wants 3% of fish farm profits into environmental protection:

494. Communications Spin - Atlantic Canada salmon ass still spouting the false 1970s spin about feeding a hungry world, being sustainable, and so on, while disagreeing that fish farms are a problem in BC:

493. Disease - Cooke kills 800,000 fish infected with an exotic strain of PRV, WA:

492. Smuggling - shark fins, Hawaii:

491. Fraud and Mislabeling - NY supermarkets:

490. New Laws, New Problems - Canada:

489. Fish Farms to be Closed - BC, Cermaq, Marine Harvest:

488. Bankruptcy? - Maltese, Mare Blu, tuna:

487. Disease - ISA, Cermaq, Chile:

486. 75- to 95-% Mislabeling - Spain:

485. Highest Mortalities in 40 Years - Wester Ross, Scotland:

484. Criminal Charges for Grieg - 2014, lies: 'Grieg has faced legal hot waters in Norway as well. A former manager has faced criminal charges for admittedly lying about sea lice counts, and Grieg was expelled from the Scottish Salmon Producers Organization in 2014 for bringing in smolts from Norway without quarantining them, which put wild salmon at risk of infectious diseases. Other Grieg projects have lost taxpayer dollars after governments welcomed them into their waters." And about escapes: "In late September, DFO confirmed that escapees from fish farms are positively harming wild populations of salmon. Take the great farmed fish escape of 20,000 fish in Hermitage Bay in 2013. We know that a good chunk of them got lucky with the locals. DFO has proven that in 18 of the 19 rivers they sampled, wild fish had farmed salmon DNA in them. “We weren’t surprised to find hybrids,” said biologist Brendan Wringe, “we were surprised to find as many hybrids as we did, and to find them as widely spread as we did.”"

483. More Emphasis on Aquaculture Rather than Wild Salmon - Canada, Wikinson:

482. Escaped Salmon In River - Iceland:

481. Dyes and Fake Colour in Food - fish farm astaxanthins:

480. Industrial Fisheries Kill Seabirds - all around the world, UBC:

479. Escaped Farmed Fish - study, NL:

479. Humpback Trapped in Fish Farm - Clayoquot Sound, fish farms should be on land:

478. Grieg Seafood Placentia Bay Plan a Bad Deal - NL:

477. DFO Acts Against Citizens - instead of getting fish farms out of the water, DFO wants to leave them in and do science:

476. Non-sustainability in Most Shrimp Farms -

475. Growing Sea Lice Problem - needs multiple solutions:

474. Mass Tilapia Deaths - Africa:

473. Smoked Salmon Recall - Marine Harvest, France:

472. Boom - more salmon for Scottish Salmon Company:

471. Offshore Pollution - Gael Force, Scotland, expanded, offshore farms:

470. Brexit Damage to Farmed Fish Trade - Scotland:

469. Fish Farm Sewage Removal - Chile, Scotland, at least the portion that collects on the bottom;

468. Cleaner Fish Killed - document:

467. Cleaner Fish Killed by Lice - wrasse, lumpfish, Scotland: This is a report of 22 pages, so a good source.

466. Rules Tightening - Scotland:

465. Boom - Chile, Agrosuper $229M acquisition of Salmones Friosur:

464. Make Industry Pay for Lice Reporting - and enforce punishments, Scotland:

463. Big Offshore Pollution - China, salmon farms:

462. Offshore Pollution - Scotland, salmon farm:

461. Ministers Against Environment - Canada, agriculture ministers, Aquaculture Act:

460. Largest Salmon Escapes in History - :

459. Mowi Name Change Angers Family - Norway, Mowinckel says Marine Harvest farms are environmnentally damaging, and don't want family name used by them:

458. Disease Cuts Profits - Chile, Nissui:

457. Illegal Tuna Trade - Mediterranean:

456. Protest - Cooke, NS, Liverpool Bay site for new fish farm:

455. Boom - BioMar, 40,000t extra processing capacity, Ecuador:

454. Sea Lice Reporting Should Be Mandatory - Scotland:

453. Acquisitive industry - Fosun International, China:

452. Litigious Industry - Defamation Suit - Aqalande sues conservation group over anti-aquaculture video:

451. Fish Farms KILL Dolphins - NZ, in nets:

450. 66 Arrested - smuggling crackdown, China:

449. Biological Meltdown - Chile, over new regulations on density:

448. Fake News - Marine Harvest, Biomar tell govt that on-land can't be done, the same old spin:

447. Lice Report - Norway, effects on wild fish, to affect industry:

446. Climate Change Killed Chilean Salmon - $800M, 2016:

445. Disease - India, shrimp:

444. No New Fish Farms! - Scotland, not near rivers with migrating fish:

443. Tons of Rotting Fish - Scotland:

442. Boom - Oligopoly, Legend, China, Australis, Australia :

441. ASF to Challenge Rejection - NL, govt, Placentia Bay, Grieg Seafood, eis:

440. Record Salmon Deaths - Loch Duart, Scotland:

439. Antibiotics Threatens Exports - Vietnam:

438. Biological Meltdown? - Chile, new regulations:

437. Aquaculture Ailing - Taiwan;

436. Antibiotic Use Up, Survival Down, 7000 Fish Escape - Canada;

435. Fish Farms Must Raise Standards - Scotland;

434. Tariffs for Scotland Farmed Salmon? - Brexit may result in this:

433. Urgent Measures Required - to fix fish farm industry, Scotland:

432. On-land Fish Farm Sewage Water - Whole Oceans, Maine, will produce 50,000 tons:

431. Govt Refuses Fish Farm Moratorium - Scotland, inquiry:

430. EIS Appeal Rejected - NL govt rejects ASF's appeal on Grieg Placentia Bay development:

429. Dead Salmon Video - Scotland, Don Staniford:

428. Jellyfish Kill Farmed Salmon Bigtime - Scotland, one third killed, Loch Duart:

427. Norway Fish Farms too Optimistic? - harvest volumes:

426. On-Land Farm to Take 10% of US Market - Whole Oceans, 20,000mt;

425. Brexit Problems for Fish Farms - UK:

424. Another On-land Fish Farm - Gigante Salmon, Norway:

423. Ban on Groundwater Use Demonstrates Need for RAS - China:

422. Disease - smoked salmon, listeria, Marine Harvest:

421. Research/Development Licences Refused - Norway, good article with a range of fish farm companies and reasons for saying no:

420. Dioxin Limit Drastically Lowered - EU, one seventh of previous limit for dioxins and dioxin-like chemicals, two trillionths of a gram per kilogram of body weight: Reuters on the same subject:

419. Mass Mortality - Chile, Australis:

418. Boom - Acquisitive Industry - Chile, China, Joyvio buys Australis Seafood, $880M:

417. 'Collapse' of Shrimp Fishery - China, Yellow Sea, huge die-off at farmed sites:

416. Experts Quit Panel - Tasmania, fish farm licence expansion in Storm Bay:

415. Acquisitive Industry - China, Legend Holdings to buy Australis, Chile;

414. Workers Automated - post Brexit, Marine Harvest:

413. Boom - Cooke edges toward buying Honduras shrimp farmer, Seajoy:

412. Sea Lice the Big Problem - conference, Chile:

411. Bankruptcy - Vero Blue on land farm:

410. Lobster Catch Plummets - near fish farms, Atlantic Canada:

409. Plant to be Demolished - Marine Harvest, France, Kritsen plant:

408. We Nearly Quit - salmon business, Agrosuper, due to industry 'sickness':

407. Lice Problems - Marine Harvest, Scotland;

406. Health Scare - bacteria, Russia puts hold on Bakkafrost offcut imports:

405. Reduced Resiliency with Fish Farms -

404. Climate Change - hits salmon, etc., NZ, Sanford:

403. Boom - acquisitive firm, Premium, $193M for three firms, including Ready Seafood, Maine:

402. Worker killed - San Granit boat, NZ:

401. Boom - PRFoods to quadruple salmon supply in 209, Estonia:

400. Boom - Peru exports of anchovetta worht $800M:

399. Boom - Peru, anchovetta north-central harvest up to 2.1Million mt:

398. Boom - Marine Harvest targets 1Billion Euros with Mowi salmon by 2025:

397. Certification Industry Not Worth Much - MSC, ASC and so on:

396. Scotland Environmental Damage from Fish Farms - chemicals, feces, feed releases:

395. Fish Farms to Close - Scotland, stricter rules will force some closures, lice chemicals ruin environment:

394. Sea Lice - The Big Problem -

393. 15 Sea Lions Killed - captain gets $20,000 fine, probation:

392. Worker Layoffs to Come - HIgh Liner:

391. Disease - Grieg, gill disease, Shetlands:

390. Chemicals Damage Environment - Scotland, this is just like the Norway case. Both are in this post on this site:

389. 20 Arrested - China, Vietnam shrimp:

388. Lice and Modelling Move Fish Farms - Scotland:

387. Coho Resistant to Lice - Atlantic Salmon are not, Laura Braden:

386. Ka-ching - Grieg net profit up NOK225M, volume to 20K mt in BC, 2018:

385. Cop Smuggles Cash - Rafael, USA;

384. Layoffs Coming - Skretting, UK:

383. Disease - ISA, NRS:

382. Boom - Russian pollock fillet, mince, block to triple by 2025:

381. Boom - M&A, Conagra buys Pinnacle Foods, and subsidiaries, $10.9B:

380. Worker Layoffs - High Liner:

379. More Protest - Marine Harvest, smolt hatchery, new farms, NL, Ecojustice:

378. Grimsby Plant Closed - Five Star, 390 staff laid off, but some to Young's etc:

377. Disease - Huon to lift nets early: Protests on ABC.

376. Global On-land Farm System - Singapore, PE fund:

375. Protests - Huon, Tasmania moves pens early, diseased fish:

374. Fines - up to $3.3M, Taiwan, tainted crab, with dioxins, PCPs:

373. Lice Need Hydrolicer: Campbell River, BC:

372. Coastline Devastated - Senegal, by foreign trawlers and fishmeal enterprises:

371. Boom - Northcoast Seafoods, after acquiring Ambassador Seafoods, to build big plant in Grimsby, UK, eight figure financing:

370. Boom - China firms high on top 100 list:

369. Boom - Guolian, crawfish, net profit hits 42.87%, China, hits 1M tonnes:

368. $3.4M Cost for Escapes - Marine Harvest, Chile:

367. On-Land Fish Farms - Norway could reach 10% of its production:

366. New Land-Based Farms - PE Fund, Singapore:

365. Charges for Fish Escape - Marine Harvest, Chile, up to $427,000:

364. Fish Farm Lice Out of Control - Clayoquot Sound, BC, to levels that kill wild fry:

363. Fish Farms Attack on Rural Residents - Iceland:

362. High Lice Closes Fish Farms - Clayoquot Sound:

361. Illegal Tuna Racket - Malta:

360. High Lice Closes Fish Farm - Clayoquot Sound, Fortune Channel: Some useful stats in this one.

359. World Bench Marking 30 Biggest Firms - UN Sustainable Development Goals:

358. Fake Krill Oil - investigation called for:

357. Cargill Threatens Swift Action - Brazil report, on big problems:

356. Bio Mar Will Take Action - Brazil report, on big problems:

355. Protest - Scotland, farmed salmon:

354. 'Unacceptable' - Skretting on soy from Brazil, with big problems:

353. Another Area to Pollute - very sad, Chile, fish farms moving into pristine Magallanes area:

352. Fake News - fish farmers still claim the Hites report on chemicals in farmed fish is false. YOu will recall that David Miller exposed the collusion in that case and its falseness. See:  They still claim that any science on chemicals is false, Norway, for instance. Here is a link to the David Miller article on this site:

351. Boom - record Q3 for Marine Harvest:

350. Boom - shrimp output from 100,000mt in 2010 to 800,000mt in 2018, India, and push for more:

349. Algal Bloom Kills Fish - Cermaq, BC, Clayoquot Sound:

348. Lice Levels Close Fish Farms - this article lists a number of Cermaq sites that have had problems in 2018:

347. Disease - Polish listeria reaches Denmark, Germany, France:

346. Litigious Industry - Russia, UK:

345. Problems Called Misinformation - Chile, salmon producers, with the usual claim:

344. Boom - Cristalina, Brazil, up 25%, tilapia:

343. Slave-like Employment - Brazil, soy producers for Norwegian feed, also violence, deforestation:

342. Lice Explosion Closes Farm - Cermaq, BC, Clayoquot Sound, near Brent Island:

341. Escape - Cooke, Atlantic Canada, up to 3,000:

340. On-Land Has Risks - insurance agents, but this ignores that in-ocean has big risks:

339. On-Land Attracting Big Crowd - Miami conference:

338. RAS Turbo Charges Aquaculture - supplying these on-land systems is the hottest part of the industry right now:

337. Oligopoly - Marine Harvest worth $12.2B, sixth largest firm on Norway stock market:

336. Deadly Disease - listeria, several European countries:

335. Captain Pleads Guilty - USA, false fishing logs:

334. Bust - $4.5M lawsuit settlement, USA, hepatitis:

333. Disease - algal bloom, Grieg, BC:

332. Boom  - $719M fund for aquaulture in India:

331. Oligopoly - Chile, AgroSuper, $229M deal for Salmones Friosur: Also has text on AgroSuper purchase of AquaChile for $850M, as in ka-ching.

330. On Land in Japan - FRD:

329. Major Report on On-Land -

328. 500,000 Dead Smolts - Scotland, Marine Harvest, oxygen pump turned off, Ian Roberts spouts the usual communications spin, just as he did in BC, Canada:

327. Antibiotic Use Too High - Chile:

326. Boom - salmon sales to China to hit 170,000t by 2020:

325. Disease - ISA, Northern Harvest, Canada;

324. 'Insane' Profits for Lumpfish - that eat salmon lice for awhile as they grow: Look at the profit margins:

323. Shark Finning in MSC Fishery -

322. Price Fixing - Starkist pleads guilty, could be $100M in fines, tuna:

321. ASC Certifications Bad - NGO has found 257 operations with non-compliance allowed:

320. Discharge Plan - Maine, Nordic Aquafarms, not so hot on nitrogen, and on-land treatment would eliminate any discharge back into the ocean;

319. Boom - NOAA, grants to aquaculture industry, public doesn't want more fish farms:

318. Boom - Marine Harvest in new deals with China, Alibaba, Shanghai plant:

317. Boom - NZ industry to hit $1.3B by 2020:

316. Fishing Piracy - Trimarine subsidiary, Solomon Islands:

315. Lice Are Biggest Problem - fish farms, global worst problem:

314. Fisk Shrimp Plant Crashing - Iceland:

313. Krill Feed Fishing Down Antarctica:

312. Arrests - 79, Spain, illegal tuna fishing:

311. Wild Salmon Need Help - BC:

310. Boom - Peru, anchovy harvest to reach 5M mt, fish feed. This one has a very long list of articles on the fish feed industry and its problems:

309. Tasmania Farmed Salmon Red Rated - 'avoid' buying:

308. Workers Need Not Apply - Marine Harvest, largest fish processor in world, has far fewer jobs;

307. Boom - Scotland salmon up 37%:

306. Illegal Wrasse Fishing - Scotland,  contractor to supply Loch Duart fish farm, fishing in a no-take zone:

305. On-land A Go - Whole Oceans, marine, also Nordic Aquafarms:

304. DFO Can't Track Salmon - letter to Carmel Lowe, not enough $$:

303. Bust - rain in Honduras hits shrimp, $100M losses:

302. Bust - Scotland salmon down 20.5%:

301. Omega 3s Going Low - not important to consumers, apparently, after extolling its benefits for decades, then wiping out ocean fish, and then having to use plants for feed, sounds like another communications spin, to match the fact that they can't find enough O3s anymore:

300. Blue Farm Rejected - Norway, Grieg:

299. Cost of Diseases -

298. Refinancing Good For Atlantic Sapphire - $21.6 M, USA:

297. Waste Water Discharge Plan - sets a bar for on land, Maine, USA:

296. PRV in WA Farmed Fish -

295. Price-fixing Case - USA, Bumble Bee, FBI now has 2.2 million documents, interviews 39 witnesses:

294. Disease Costs - shrimp, $45Billion:

293. Boom - pangasius to spike 20%, Vietnam, Indonesia:

292. Antibiotics Need to be Eliminated - used as growth promoters, to make more money:

291. Harassing Seals - Tasmania fish farms criticized, 8,700 bean bags, since 2013, shot at seals, more than 39,000 underwater explosives (2016):

290. Boom - Australia will be world aquaculture capital:

289. Oligopoly - China takes over Ghana fish fleet, despite the latter's laws against foreign ownership:

288. Bribery Scandal - Chile:

287. Acquisitive Industry - CapVest that sold Youngs, UK, is looking at buying it back again:

286. Huge Cost - Disease - $45N alone for shrimp:

285. Fish Feed is Biggest Problem - after trashing world fish stocks, fish farms look to other feed: Accounts for 70% of expenditures.

284. Rolls Royce Fish Farm Rejected - Norway, not inventive enough:

283. Acquisitive Industry - Blumar, Chile, to acquire feed firm:

282. Worker Jobs Lost? - Thai Union, to sell or close UK smoker, Edinburgh Salmon Company:

281. Lice - Close Fish Farm - BC, Cermaq, Clayoquot Sound, Fortune Channel:

280. Offshore Aquaculture in US? -

279. Red Tide - Florida:

278. 'Poor, Very Poor, at Risk' - Scotland, fish farms, 1 in 5:

277. Dead Fish, Feces, Etc. - NZ:

276. Feed 'Sustainable'? -

275. Boom - Iberconsa to 700M Euros in five years with new plant:

274. Interbreeding - Canada, 25% of wild salmon are hybrids with farmed:

273. Boom - Russia, e-commerce site to bring in $250M extra to $600M:

272. Bust - Lock Duart profits dive 62%:

271. Government Against Citizens - Canada, aquaculture committee at federal level, citizens against fish farms:

270. Fish Farms Fail Standards - 20%, Scotland:

269. Boom, Boom - fish farming is 20% of Norway's GDP:

268. Licences Revoked - Iceland, Arnarlax, Arctic Fish, 17,500mt: And:

267. Bluefin 'Laundering' - Spain/Malta:

266. Price Fixing Lawsuits - tuna, Thai Union, Bumble Bee et al argue suing companies can't be made into a class action suit:

265. Record Exports - Norway, to hit NOK 100B:

264. Deformed Salmon and Double Deaths - Scotland, from 2013 to 2016, salmon deaths doubled to 22,470mt, that's a lot of dead fish:

263. Regulatory Overhaul, Fish Farms - Scotland:

262. New Tougher Laws Recommended - Scotland, fish farm problems:

261. Shark Fining Vessel Stopped - from Spain, off Gabon:

260. Norebo Offices Raided - gang element:

259. Offshore Farms - China, pollution on a grand scale:

258. Indoor Farms - shrimp, Thailand:

257. Disease - Scotland, Loch Duart, gill disease, profits plunge:

256. Brexit Risk - Grimsby processor, Atlantic Fresh:

255. No Offshore Farms - USA, Gulf of Mexico:

254. No to Offshore Farms? - USA, Gulf of Mexico:

253. Escapers Breed with Wild Salmon - NL, DFO:

252. Escape, Escape - Chile, Marine Harvest fails to catch enough of its +700,000 escaped salmon:

251. Huge Offshore Fish Farm - San Diego:

251. Poaching - USA, $1.5M, sea cucumbers:

250. False Labeling - USA, Long Island, squid as octopus:

249. Fines for Excessive Discharges - Oregon, $48,800:

248. False Labeling - crab meat, USA:

247. On-Land Fish Farming - Salmon Business:

246. In Door Farming is the Future - Scientific American:

245. Murder - USA, fishing vessel:

244. Record High Wild Catch - Russia, pinks lead the way:

243. Lice Explosion - Scotland, Vacasay farm, 1300% higher than the limit:

242. Disease Transfer - CDN to assess transfer of PRV to wild fish: And:

241. Disease - new shrimp killer, SHIV, Vietnam China:

240. Tariffs Result in 1M Jobs No Longer Pledged - Alibaba, jobs in USA:

239. Expansion Plan Criticized - Scotland govt, protest group:

238. Boom - Russian Fish, up to $250M in new platform sales:

237. Escapees Breed with Wild Stocks - DFO, CDN:

236. On-Land Harvest - Atlantic Sapphire, Denmark:

235. Massive Dieoff - 750,000 salmon, Faroes, Bakkfrost, suspects algal bloom:

234. NOAA Seeks $3M in Fines - Rafael partners, etc.:

233. Mediterranean Over-fishing Crisis - 150 scientists warn EU:

232. Boom - Norway Royal Salmon, massive increase:

231. Seal Shooting Okay - RSPCA Conflict of Interest - Scotland:

230. Grieg EIS Incomplete - NTV, NL:

229. NL Govt Loses Four Times Over Grieg Project - NL, Telegram:

228. Judges Uphold Decision Against Mega-fish Farm Project - NL, Grieg: And this is their decision:

227. Investigate Forced Labour - govt, USA, seafood chain:

226. Fish Farm Problems - Norway, investment report, Barents  Fish Health Report: Here is another:

225. Land Based 'New Reality' - webinar:

224.  Boom - Norway Royal Salmon:

223.  Boom - Bakkafrost grows six fold:

222. Open Ocean Farms, Sewage - Trump okays open ocean:

221. Secret Lifting of Rotting Salmon Boat - 100mt, Chile, in the middle of the night:
220.  Sea Lice Closes Farm - Cermaq, BC, Clayoquot Sound, Fortune farm:

219.  PRV Likely - WA, Cooke, Rich Passage farm:

218. Litigious Industry - Chile, fish farm industry to challenge government in court on reducing densities:

217. Raids, Illegal Sales - CDN, NS, caught under aboriginal purpose, but sold:

216. Escapes Cause Genetic Pollution - CDN, DFO, Cooke 2013 escape of 20,000, in 18 rivers:

215. Fraud, Jail Sentence, $1M Fine - USA, National Fish, James Faro:

214. Boom - Atunlo to boost tuna output 100% in four years:

213. Disease - Salmonella, oysters, CDN:

212. Smuggling Drug Lord Captured - USA:

211. Killer Shrimp Disease, MSC Problems, Tariffs -

210. Another Conflicted Government - NL pumps $30M CDN into Grieg's Placentia Bay 11 farms:

209. Move Fish Farms to Land - UBCM, BC, CDN:

208. Boom - Russian king crab imports to China surge 464%:

207. Violation of Ethics Rules - DFO Minister Dominic LeBlanc, surf clam :

206. Disease - new 'killer' virus, shrimp, China:

205. Infected Cleaner Fish - Lumpfish with dozens of lice rather than getting hundreds off the salmon, Scotland:

204. Fish Deaths - 1.35 Million, Tasmania, ABC: "After it is revealed more than a million farmed fish died within six months in Macquarie Harbour, one salmon company effectively says "we told you so", another says the dead fish were "replaced quickly" and the third says it has no obligation to detail its losses to the public."

203. ASF Appeals Greenlight for Massive Project - Placentia Bay, Grieg Seafood:

202. Farmed Genes in Wild Salmon - NB:

201. Put Fish Farms On Land - municipalities, BC:

200. Sea Lice Number One Issue - EU fish farm aqua summit:

199. 'Gross Human Rights Violations' - Taiwanese fishing vessel:

198. Dilbit Kills Salmon Fry - study, University of Guelph:

197. Fish Dumping - Russian fish farms dump rotting, rancid salmon on land, Moscow Times:

196. DFO to Defend Diseased Fish - the Ecojustice, Morton, PRV issue that DFO has already lost once, and is appealing:

195. On-Land the New Reality? - report, Intrafish: "Proximity to market, lower carbon footprint and reduced environmental impact make land-based salmon production an increasingly appealing model for future growth." "But what of costs and investment? Is farming salmon on land an affordable business? And what drove the industry to this point?" Here is the summary report:

194. Huge Indoor Shrimp - Lim Shrimp, China, triple stacked building:

193. Boom - India plans to overtake China shrimp output:

192. Rejected - 11 fish farm projects, Chile:

191. Fines - illegal catches, 7500mt,  Peru, 2,357 fines:

190. Typhoon Wipes out Tuna - blue fin tuna, raised by university, Japan:

189. Scam, Fraud - Florida, USA, Stone crab, $800,000 bilked:

188. Escape - 120,000 salmon, Huon, Tasmania, lack of transparency, as it didn't release the figure, the press dug it up:

187. Boom - Norebo, $1.5B firm grown by three execs:

186. Price Fixing Case - DOJ has more than 2 million documents, USA:

185. Big Fight - Tampa Bay swings back against National Fish:

184. Tilapia On-Land in Kentucky - Thomas, USA:

183. ENGOs Unhappy with Fish Farm - Argentina:

182. Thai Fish Boat Slavery Movie - TIFF, 'Ghost Fleet':

181. Illegally Imported European Salmon - ASF, CDN:

180. Stricter Stocking Densities - Chile:

179. Top Chef's Resign - Iceland, because National Chef's Club signed sponsorship with fish farmer Arnarlax:

178. Glaring Gaps in Grieg Environmental Assessment: NL, govt gives go ahead:

177. European Farmed Salmon Spawning in Bay of Fundy since 1997:

176. European Farmed Salmon in Bay of Fundy - ASF, list of papers, including DFO:

175. Sea Bream, Sea Bass Financial Woes - Turkey:

174. Shark Fin Crime - Malaysia, 4 tonnes:

173. Embezzlement - US, lobster:

172. Russia Record Wild Salmon Catch - prices dropping:

171. Workers Fired due to Trump Tariffs - lobster processing jobs, US, China sales:

170. Fish Farms Blamed for Wild Salmon Deaths - Scotland:

169. Alaskan's Worried About Deep Sea Fish Farms -

168. Feed Boat Burns - employees escape, Cooke, Passamaquoddy Bay:

167. 20,000MT Plant Clears Hurdle - Akvafuture, Iceland, salmon, this is a different one from the 6,000mt plant:

166. Protestors Against Marine Harvest - BC, on ship in dry dock:

165. Bitter Shareholder Battle - Norebo $350M freezing order:

164. Escaped Salmon in Rivers - Iceland:

163. Animal Cruelty Investigation - Scotland, fish covered with lice and open wounds, video:

162. Marine Ranch Disaster - scallops

161. Gene Pool Problem - Atlantic salmon, NS, interbreeding with escapes:

160. Boom - Vietnam, pangasius exports to top $2B:

159. Bullying Governments - Marine Harvest, Ireland, income loss, for government slowness, 3.1B Euros by 2020, or so it says: And:

158. Boom - Chile, harvest up 19%:

157. Protest - Alaskans against Trump off-shore fish farms in the state: And:

156. Protest - against Aquabounty presence at fish health symposium, it is a GMO producer:

155. Escape - SalMar, Ocean Farm 1, Norway, offshore farm that shouldn't have problems, human error:

154. BOOM - huge licence prices, Norway: "The auction was held in Bergen over three days last week and interest was intense. Licences capable of producing 15,000 tonnes were up for auction and two thirds of that allocation was snapped up in under two days. As expected, it was the larger farming companies which made most of the running. For example, Marine Harvest shelled out well over NOK 247 million to buy licences capable of producing 2,960 tonnes. Norway Royal Salmon and Cermaq spent at least NOK 115 million and NOK 200 million respectively. SalMar, which has been growing at a remarkable pace, put up NOK 214 million for 1,315 new production licences." And Lovundlaks: "But one of the biggest spenders was the relatively small family firm of Lovundlak, which paid NOK 466 million to buy 1,850 tonnes of potential production in the Helgeland and Bodø area."

153. Boom - Chinese salmon processor aims at $14M in first year:

152. Acquisitive Industry - Blumar, Chile takes 100% of feed company Pescara Bahia Caldera:

151. More Pac Andes Trainwreck - National Fish parent corp losses narrow:

150. Boom - Tassal intends to grow shrimp by six-fold 400mt to 3000mt in next 3 to 5 years:

149. Acquisitive Industry - Fisher King execs buy shares back from Japan's Nichirei to give flexibility in acquisitions:

148. Acquisitive Industry - CDN, Premium Brand acquires Ready Seafood bringing worth to $400M CDN: Looking to be a $1B corp:

147. 'Diabolical' Trump Tariffs - USA, feared, Crocker Winsor:

146. Boom - "Our Company Always Thinking About Expansion", CEO Marucha Nichiro, biggest seafood company in world:

145. Hatchery Expansion Under Fire - NL, Northern Harvest, $39.5M:

144. CEO Doesn't Know Much about Escape - Chile, Alf-Helgi Aarskogg:

143. 50 On-land Sites Coming - aquaponics, Saumon de France:

142. On-Land Site - USA, Kingfish Zeeland:

141. More Pollution - Norway auctions off 414 t of salmon licences:

140. Litigious Industry - Ecuador takes Brazil to WTO court over shrimp imports:

139. Boom - marine Harvest chairman makes $34M buying/selling shares, 1.6M, Ole-Eirik Leroy:

138. 2 Employees on Burning Boat - Cooke, Maine. Carrying feed:

137. Illegal Fishing Charges - CDN, Ocean Choice will fight:

136. More Pac Andes Debacle - Chinese trustee wants to sell head quarters in Peru:

135. Farm Hatchery Expansion Protested - Stephenville, NL, Atlantic Salmon Federation:

134. Escaped Salmon Carry PRV to Wild Salmon - WA:

133. Paddle Against Fish Farms - Fraser River:

132. Acquisitive Industry - AKVA buys Egersund Net:

131. Worker Killed - woman in processor, Chile:

130. Offshore Fish Farm - China, pollution on a grand scale in the open ocean:

129. Boom - Chilean salmon exports climb 153% to China:

128. Mislabeling Rampant - CDN, 44%, CFIA 2019 standards not good enough, Oceana Canada says:

127. West Bengal Fish Jump - 1.85 million mt:

126. 800,000 New Salmon - WA, Cooke, from a phasing out industry, no less:

125. Picking up the Pieces - 2 Sisters picks up where Pinney's was dropped by Youngs, plans 40 new products:

124. Fish Farms Threaten Scotland Government - over release of diseased fish: This is good on the issue of the industry being litigious, and the arguments they use.

123. Heat-Related Fish Deaths - NZ, King Salmon, but profits still good:

122. US Open Continues to be Gullible - will sell Skuna Bay farmed salmon:

121. President Conspired to Steal Trade Secrets - USA, National Fish:

120. Young's Closure of Pinney's - was on the cards a year ago, as in before the current sales period:

119. Disease - ISA, Norway, Norway Royal Salmon:

118. Tuna Ranchers Under Pressure to Protect Sea - Malta:

117. MSCs Looking to New Assessment Unit - certification system:

116. Boom - Vietnam wants 1.2M mt of shrimp by 2015, but should it?

115. Hatchery Expansion Under Fire in NL - Northern Harvest:

114.  Litigious Industry - owner orders sinking of rival's boat, USA:

113.  Danish RAS Tech to Vietnam Shrimp Farms -
112.  Man Arrested in Seafood Theft - Alaska:

111. Bank Accounts Frozen by Labor Department - Gloucester,  auction house, $400,000 owed in back wages and damages, Cape Ann Seafood Exchange:

110. Boom - Blumar takes control of feed industry, Chile, buys final 40% of Pesquara Baia Cardera:

109. Record Breaking Wild Salmon Season - Russia, 467,000 tons:

108. Land-Based Facility Nabs BAP - Superior Fresh, 160,000 pounds of product, USA:

107. Rocketing Sea Lice - Cermaq, Canada, Q2:

106. Bust - torrential rains ruin aquaculture/fish farms in Taiwan:

105. Escaped Cooke Salmon Carried Disease - WA:

104. Boom - Arnalax Raises $24 M for Growth - Iceland:

103. Sea Lice Other Challenges Faces GSI -

102. 700,000 Tons of Farmed Fish by 2030 - Russia:

101. Trout Relabeled as Salmon - China:

100. Tariff Hits Alaska Fish Meal - 25%, China:

99. Seafood Exchange Shut Down - over failure to pay $250K settlement to Labor dept:

98. Over Fshing? - Mexico, sardines, 403K mt harvest, 26% over last year:

97. Bust - Total Collapse? - tuna fishing in Philippines:

96. Bust - yet more fallout for Pacific Andes, in Peru:

95. Boom - Tassal to increase shrimp output six-fold:

94. On-Land Fish Farm Nabs Award - BAP, for Superior Fresh, in USA:

93. Disease - ISA Problem for Northern Seafood causes a problem for Marine Harvest purchase:

92. Vaccine Causing Major Damage to Salmon, Yes or No - MSD denies claims made by Grieg over its PD vaccine:

91. Target Announcement Bad for Consumers - will start selling farmed salmon again:

90.  Recapture of Escaped Fish 'Pretty Good'? - Cooke, Atlantic Canada, 400 of 2,000 to 3,000 is only 14- to 20%. That's good?

89. Industry Divided Over Density Control - Chile:

88. $43,200 Fine - Trident Seafoods, wastewater:

87. Boom - Young's earnings up 29% as sale 'lumbers' on:

86. US Firms Need to be More Aggressive Overseas - M&A advisor:

85. Shrimp Farmers Decline as Consolidation Climbs - Thailand:

84. Wild Harvest Hits 100 Million - Alaska:

83. More Consolidaton - Chile, see the list of CEOs that will speak in London:

82. Disease - vannamei shrimp drops, India, after meteoric 2017:

81. Consolidation Supports Long-term Salmon Prices - Chile, Agrosuper: Nordea Bank: ""But, more consolidated industry means fewer players and fewer options for the buyers and might support the trend of higher salmon prices in the long-run," Giskeodegard said, pointing out that this trend is already ongoing."

80. Binge Acquisitions - Insula, turnover of $533M:

79. Vertical Integration - purchase of Multi-Fish:

78.Vertical Integration - en route to a cartel, Holyoake, Iceland Seafood :

77. Sea Cucumber Poaching - Japan has a plan to stop these egregious thefts:

76. Boom - Bakkafrost to invest  400M Euros in 55% growth:

75.  Fish Farms Don't Benefit Workers - NL union claims as fish to be processed in NB:

74. Acquisitive Industry - Tyson buys McDonald's Filet-o-Fish processor, Keystone, $2.16B:

73. Seafood Processors on the Skids - Dalian hub, China:

72. Cargill an Oversized Player "The bullishness on seafood from Cargill, which has operations spanning the entire value chain in other proteins, and reported sales of $114.7 billion and operating income of $3.2bn in its latest financial year, comes from the very top."

71. Young's Sale Process - summary story:

70. Frozen Salmon Sold as Fresh - Ireland, worker fired:

69. Escaped Salmon Changed to Mortalities - Scotland, environmental org claims foul play:

68. Acquisitive Industry - Tassal, eyeing Fortune, shrimp producer:

67. GSI Driver of Sustainability?

66. Young's Seafood for Sale - UK, $254.8M:

65. Tilapia Producers Want Imports Banned - Nigeria, Africa:

64. US Agencies Try to Avoid Fish Farm Consultations - Judge says NO, Wild Fish Conservancy, her decision is here:

63. Possible Jail Sentences - Spain, four people, tuna for canning diverted to fresh:

62. Disease - New Pangasius Vaccine Holds Hope:

61. Scotland Publishes Mortalities for First Time - Scotland:

60.  Ongoing Lawsuit - Bumble Bee, Lischewsky used firm as private bank:

59. New Rule to Prevent Fish Farm Output Growth - Chile:

58. Fish Meal Exports Hit 25% Tariff - USA feed, China tariff:

57. Fish Farmers Against Stiffer Regulations - Chile, to tougher stocking rules:,

56.  Hot Summer Leads to Poor Growth - Huon, Tasmania:

55. On-land Demand is Strong - Whole Oceans, about the three new USA north east farms being built, and there is demand for 'ten more':

54. Offshore Fish Farms? No One is Biting - USA, Guardian, 2016:

53. Fleets Travel Further to Catch Fewer Fish - Daniel Pauly

52. Ocean Acidity Affects Fish Sense of Smell - AL:

51. More on Hermitage Bay Escape - CDN:

50. 50 Leaps to Dislodge One Louse - salmon smolts, BC:

49. Thai Union Receives FTSE4Good Award - for sustainability no less:

48. Protected Seal Deaths - Tasmania:

47. Nets to Recapture Escaped Salmon Snare Humpback - Cooke, Hermitage Bay:

46. 45 Tons of Illegally Treated Tuna Nabbed in Spain - likely carbon monoxide :

45. Tax Havens Bolster Unsustainable Businesses - Pac Andes bankruptcy:

44. AquaChile Workers Fear Layoffs after Consolidation - Chile:

43. Global Salmon Initiative Communication's Spin - members:

42. More Consolidation in Chilean Industry - GSI, Global Salmon Initiative:

41. Fish Farms Sustainability Improvement? - GSI report: For example, they say they use less fish now. Little wonder because they trashed ocean stocks for decades, they now need other food sources.

40. Retail Giants Push for Email Release - Bumble Bee price fixing case:

39. Ripe for Industry Consolidation - Chile:

38. Fish Farms May Challenge Stocking Rules - Chile:

37. On-Line Shrimp Management - India, to revamp industry:

36. On Land Shrimp Farm Milestone - Spain, Gamba Natural:

35. Deadline to Recapture Escaped Salmon  - Chile, Marine Harvest 10% of 690,000 escapees:

34. On-Land Shrimp - USA, Texas, RAS, Guolian:

33. Open Ocean Fish Farms - vastly increases number of fish, sewage, and so on, Norway: July 30, 2018. "The $300 Million Plan to Farm Salmon in the Middle of the Ocean. The semi-submersible Ocean Farm 1 off the coast of Norway can hold 1.5 million fish."

32. Workers Fear Job Losses - AgrpSuper takeover, Chile:

31. Unlawful Pesticide Use - NB, suspected:

30. Neither DFO Nor NL Govt Taking Responsibility for Escapes - NL?: And:

29.  Fish Welfare Greatly Negative - Scotland, Marine Harvest, etc, OneKind report: "Firms criticized for their alleged poor standards in the report include Loch Duart, Marine Harvest, the Scottish Salmon Company and Grieg Seafood's operation in Shetland. The farm labeled as having the worst record for fish welfare was Poll na Gille on Loch Shuna in Argyll, run by Marine Harvest.
Other caged salmon farms ranked highly for “negative welfare” included MacLean’s Nose at Kilchoan in Highland, Bagh dail nan Cean in Argyll, Vuiabeag off the Isle of Lewis, Badcall Bay in Sutherland, Loch Carnan off South Uist and Inch Kenneth in Argyll."
28. Boom - $850M Agrosuper takeover of Empresas AquaChile creates second largest fish farmer in world, after Marine Harvest:

27. High Seas Fisheries Play Little Role in Food for World - Dalhousie U, NYU, National Geographic:

26. Diseases - Canada, CFIA, ISA, IPN, IHN, VHS:

25. Mapuche People Against Fish Farms - Chile, aboriginal group

24. Government, Citizens Divided - NL, look at the complications that the Placentia Bay development by Grieg has been through because citizens don't want in-ocean, but government won't listen:

23. Worker Dies - Marine Harvest, Norway:

22. On-land, In-ocean Costs Converge - Grieg in NL edgy:

21. 'Big Money is in Land-Based' - AquaMoaf, Israel:

20. Price Fixing Litigation - Thai Union, wipes out profit, set aside $44M:

19. Boom - Vietnam pangasius production over 20 years:

18. Ocean Acidification to hit 14 Million Year High - Cardiff study:

17. Disease - India, EHP in shrimp, 21% of farms:

16. Acquisitive Industry - Sysco eyes picking up Italian MARR:

15. Fish Farms Use Oceans as Toilets - BC, Fin Donnelly, NDP:

14. Expired Leases Extensions Challenged - Kingcome INlet, BC, aboriginal court case challenges BC government plan to extend leases a month at a time:

13. Giant Land-Based Shrimp Farm - Australia, Seafarm:

12. Unsustainable Grouper,  Snapper - only 8% is sustainable:

11. Research to Combat Slavery in Supply Chain

10. Disease - Firda, Norway, pancreas and glandular diseases:

9. Aquaculture Great Threat to Workers - Stirling study:

8. Sanitary Crisis - Chile, after Marine Harvest escapes:

7. Pinney's Plant/Workers - still at risk, though Scotland govt helps out, after buyer backs out:

6. More Pac Andes Trainwreck - forensic audit:

5.  Boom - Russian billionaire also bids for Iberconsa, Portobello eyes $300M payday:

4. Explosion at Feed Plant - Cargill, Norway:

3. Boom - China shrimp imports drives Vietnam past $3B:

2. Boom, Acquisition - Tyson, for McDonalds products, $3B deal for Keystone Foods:

1. Monopoly Defended - shrimp, Brazil:

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