Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Most Popular Posts - October, 2017

This post lists the Most Popular Posts of October, 2017.

This link takes you to the Most Popular Posts of September 2017: Typically, I post the MPP on the first day of the following month, and so you can find the MPP for previous months on that day, or so I say.

Here is the first MPP I did in Aug 2016:

There were some runaway most-followed posts in October, 2017.

1. Greens/NDP - On Land Fish Farms: This was the far and away most read post, perhaps thousands of views.

2. Fish Farms Make Taxpayer Money from Diseased Fish This is the second most popular post, with hundreds upon hundreds of page views from around the world. We pay fish farms for their diseased, dead fish, up to $30 for each one, if you can believe it. I did several posts on this issue before receiving reliable figures, my own first estimate, being incorrect. The following post put the period under question in this issue, at $93 Million taxpayer dollars given to multi-national multi-billion dollar companies. Furthermore, since 1996, Atlantic Canada fish farms have been paid $135 million for ISAV diseased farmed fish alone, not counting other diseases. So for those of you who read the number two post for October, go and read this follow up 2014 post:

3. DFO/BCNDP/GREENS subsidize Fish Farms $9- to $12-Million each - For Licences: 
Because our licences are a paltry $5000 each, we are effectively subsidizing fish farms to use our ocean as a free, open sewer at the Norway auction price from 2014, when they stopped auctioning off in-ocean licences.

4. Phony Fish Farm Stats  CHEK TV Duped by Fish Farms:

5. Ian Roberts Won't Buy Kuterra while Executives Jump to On-land Fish Farm:
While the MH communications person says he wouldn't buy the BC on-land farm, Kuterra, his own executives, above him, are leaving MH and moving to Atlantic Sapphire, on land in Florida.

6. BCMAL - Vaughn Palmer, Van Sun: I sent a note saying that the Gary Marty story is not the same as the seven Health researchers who were fired without cause.

7. Fish Farms Trash, er Damage, BC Ocean:

8. Fish Farm Licences Use Ocean as Free, Open Sewer - BC:

9. DFO White Knights or KKK?:

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