Wednesday, 25 October 2017

BCMAL - Vaughn Palmer, Van Sun

Go read Vaughn Palmer's article on the fish farm industry, then this post on the issue.

Marty's office is, as I have put it, compliant with industry. It should not be and that is easily changed by government. Nor should that office be allowed to join fish farms and DFO that were taking Alex Morton to court to allow the industry to put sick/virus carrying fish in BC water, specifically PRV, though she has a paper showing European strain ISA is now in BC - a very serious finding. The CFIA did a study and found no ISA, but, if you can believe it, used the Atlantic Canadian strain, rather than the European that Morton et al found - because the eggs/embryos were from Europe, for example, Norway and Iceland.

Kristi Miller, DFO scientist, has confirmed PRV and the disease HSMI at one farm, and DFO backed off taking Morton to court over putting disease bearing fish in BC waters. The Sea Shepherd goPro video shows a dozen farms with deformed fish, exhibiting PRV behaviour and releasing lots of sewage - a $10.4 Billion problem that we taxpayers absorb. We don't want to pay.

You can read an account of the pressure she has been under here: In other words, she has been under pressure by DFO itself. Another conflict of interest.

Both my site, and Morton's has a post on DFO/CFIA using the Marty lab because they thought it would produce a negative response. This should be seen as fraud by government employees. See:

Other good labs are Are Nylund's in Norway and F. Kibenge in PEI. The latter was stripped of his accreditation as the OIE lab for the western hemisphere, (Nylund being the other one), because the CFIA didn't like his Cohen testimony and lobbied the OIE.

I should add that Marty, if let go, and I am not advocating this, would find quick work with the fish farms, as Saksida did. On the Cohen stand, DFO scientist, Michael Kent, recanted his work on disease in chinook farms. I'd say that his salary and benefits for these years should be forfeited.

The conflict of interest view of DFO on Marty is humourous, as Cohen pointed out that DFO itself has a major conflict with fish farms and should stick to the Wild Salmon Policy, and habitat restoration, the most important item in saving Pacific salmon.

Vaughn, do a little Google searching and you will find out the rest of the story on the NDP's lab over the years. See also the other post on this site on Oct 25, 2017.

And just so you know, years ago I worked with two of the health workers who were unjustly fired among the 7 that Health let go. This is not a similar situation. There has been just criticism of BCMAL.

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