Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Wild Salmon Supporter - Please Sign Petition Against Fish Farms - Updated Dec 27, 2016

Watershed Watch has started a petition to get fish farms out of the water. Ottawa, Justin Trudeau, Dominic LeBlanc, DFO and the CFIA are against wild Pacific salmon. They don't realize that the fight to save one of the greatest food and societally important animals will continue until fish farms are out of the water.

We now know that the Liberals are against wild Pacific salmon because they voted against Bill C-228 Fin Donnelly's bill to get fish farms out of the water. Salmon are to BC as important as French is to Quebec. See: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/bc-residents-consider-salmon-a-cultural-touchstone-survey-finds/article1998476. 

Please sign the petition below, share it on Facebook and ask friends to do the same: https://www.safepassage4salmon.ca/.

Justin Trudeau has unleashed anger in BC unlike any that has been unleashed before. Kinder Morgan and salmon? BC will fight.

Just Watch Us.

Here is the note:

Dear DC,

Thanks for taking action for wild salmon!

The salmon feedlot industry has many lobbyists working hard to maintain a foothold in the pristine waters of our beloved province. We need to reach more people who care about our wild salmon like you do! If there’s one thing that can change politicians’ minds and spur them to take action, it’s people power!

Can you help us amplify our call for action and get more people on board? Here are two easy ways you can do more to help.

1. Chip in $5 to help us reach more people in this campaign. The money will support producing hard-hitting videos, printing important leaflets and attending festivals and events so we can reach more people who care.

2. Forward the short message below to 5 friends, neighbours and co-workers and ask them to sign the call to action, or write your own message.

Dear friend,
We’re lucky to live in a beautiful place like BC, that still has healthy wild salmon runs left.

But we need to ensure their protection, because foreign-owned industrial fish feedlots are spewing clouds of disease particles and parasites right in the path of our wild salmon migration routes.

We need more people to take action so  our government will remove the worst of these farms. Can you take a stand at www.safepassage.ca ? It only takes a few seconds. Thanks!

Thanks so much for standing up for our wild salmon. We can do this!


P.S. Keep sharing the petition on Facebook and Twitter. We can win this campaign together!

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