Thursday, 1 December 2016

November 2016, The Most Popular Posts on Fish Farm News, Updated Dec 2, 2016

The most popular posts on Fish Farm News in November 2016 - thousands of views - were:

1. Trudeau Government in Court Over Fish Farm Diseases:

2. Hasta La Vista Liberals - Salmon as Important to BC as French to Quebec. This major post answers, with a lot of references for you to follow up on what I say, a whole slew of question. It is succinct and sharp, and has been viewed hundreds of times:

3. PRV Present in 80% of Farmed Salon - GD Marty: Yes, 80% of farmed salmon in BC have PRV virus, the cause of HSMI. This is not good.

4. August, 2016 - Most Popular Posts on Fish Farm News:

5. Global Reduction to Fishmeal and Fish Oil - Daniel Pauly, Tim Cashion: Nineteen of 20 global forage fish stocks are mismanaged or fished ruinously for fish feed. The only one left is krill and those are not even a fish, but an 'insect' (arthropod).

6. Salmon Farm Diseases - Norway:

7. Fish Farms Kill Billions of Fish: You heard it here first: fish farms kill 5.76 Billion forage fish to bring an industry the size of BC's to harvest once. It really is that bad.

8. On-Land Fish Farms Shoving In Ocean Farms Aside:  The days of in-ocean fish farms are coming to a close. The rest of the industry - on land, are pushing them aside.

9. Salmon/Fishing Revenue Towers Over Fish Farms:

10. Viral Signature - Fraser Sockeye - Dr. Kristi Miller: This is the classic 'viral signature' research.

11. Wild Salmon Fishing Revenue is 630% HIgher than Fish Farm Revenue - BC Salmon Farmers Try a Different Claim: BC Stats are the only good stats, and that is why I use them.

12. Everyone Against In-Ocean Fish Farms - Except DFO, the CFIA and Fish Farms:

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