Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Liberals Deal Body Blows to BC - Will We Fight? Just Watch Us - Updated May 19, 2017

This is what British Columbians say to the coming war on Kinder Morgan: Will we fight?
"Just watch us." (7)

Here is some of what Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, has to say about the body blows dealt to BC by the Trudeau Liberal government in 2016:

"I was certain the new government would be much better than the last, and it has been. Nevertheless, the decisions of the Trudeau administration—approving the Woodfibre LNG plant in Howe Sound, maintaining the anti-environmental laws of omnibus bill C38, selling military vehicles to Saudi Arabia, issuing permits for the destruction of the Peace River Valley in northern BC, approving the monstrous LNG plant on Lelu Island BC, deciding to keep Harper’s climate target, and most recently, approving the Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker expansion—are body blows.

We must continue to press the new government. They promised better and they must be held to that promise." (8)

Virtually all of these issues are environmental. BC is the environmental heart of Canada, and when it comes to issues of climate, land, water and air we are the first to push for reform. That is why more than 200,000 people have signed a petition against Kinder Morgan, and Leadnow is adding another 50,000. (6). And that is also why 113,000 BC residents signed a petition to get fish farms out of the ocean.(1).

That is because salmon are as important to BC as French is to Quebec. (2)

The Trudeau Liberals voted against Bill C-228 that would have taken fish farms out of our ocean they use simply as a free, open sewer. (4). But 70% of BC Liberals broke rank with Trudeau and voted for wild salmon and getting fish farms out of the water. They know they would never be re-elected if they didn't vote for wild salmon.

Even though fish farms say it can't be done, I have found more than 160 on land fish farm systems, comprising more than 20,000 actual on land fish farms around the world. (3)

And just so you know, jobs and revenue for fish farms are low. Just look at the figures of how small they are compared with the rest of the salmon sector - sport, commercial, processing. Of 13,900 multiplier jobs, only 1,700 are from all of aquaculture. The rest are from wild salmon. We don't need them in our ocean.(5)


When you consider that fish farms and Justin Trudeau Liberals and Dominic LeBlanc et al like to claim there are 6,000 multiplier jobs in fish farms, the number from the real stats for all of aquaculture is only 28.3% of what they claim.

When you consider that I went out and found the actual number of fish farm jobs is only 820 jobs, the difference between the Justin Trudeau Liberals and reality, shows only 13.7% of what Trudeau claims - in other words, it is the case that fish farm jobs are about 1 in 10 of what Trudeau claims.

Finally, I receive more than 20 global fish farm newsletters each week and the on-going news of problems with fish farms/seafood industry world wide is so bad, it is hard to believe. Go take a look at my most recent Bad News Bites post. You might just be shocked by how bad the news is: http://fishfarmnews.blogspot.ca/2016/07/news-bites-farmed-salmonseafood.html.  Almost 500 bad news stories in six months. The Newbie Liberals don't have enough experience with fish farms to know what they are dealing with.


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9. Now, an update on the legal challenges to Kinder Morgan's pipeline, from West Coast Environmental Law, Mar 16, 2017: http://wcel.org/resources/environmental-law-alert/kinder-morgan-snapshot?utm_source=LEB.


  1. Thanks for spelling it out, Elizabeth! Trudeau is doing his best to strengthen corporate power in Canada! Our country, our beautiful BC, will not survive Trudeau's cowardly acts! We don't want/need a traitor as Prime Minister!

  2. See Rafe Mair in the current Common Sense Canadian ( www.commonsensecanadian.org)