Thursday, 3 September 2015

Skuna Bay Sells Farmed Salmon to Gullible US Open Tennis Tournament, And Again, Updated Aug 30, 2016

When I found out that Grieg Seafood's Skuna Bay operation was selling its farmed fish to the US Open Tennis tournament, I almost fell off my chair. It is hard indeed to believe that an in-ocean, sewage and lice releasing, disease leaching fish farm could convince anyone that they were sustainable.

But fish farms do make such claims from time to time. In Scotland, for instance, they have said so often that they are sustainable, and special, it has stuck even though there is no material difference from any fish farm in the ocean anywhere in the world. The sewage released in Scotland, Norway, and BC in each case is higher than the entire human populations of the nation/province where they are situated.

Shame on the US Open Tennis for not doing its homework. One thing that it would have found is that Skuna Bay (not really in Skuna Bay, but in Nootka Sound) killed 65 sea lions two years ago and was convicted last year and had to pay a fine of $100,000.

And here is a well-researched letter that goes down the list pointing out that Grieg Seafood's claims are untrue: The letter has a long list of sound critics of in-ocean fish farms.

Fish farms need to be on land. You will find an index on this site in October 2014, and I will be doing another one in December 2015. You can cruise the blog posts by month to access subjects of interest to you. The index is here:

And in 2016, the US Open has fallen for the Skuna Bay spin, again this year, having furunculosis in their pens and losing many fish to tumours and disease:

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