Thursday, 17 September 2015

Russia: Fish Farm Pollution in Russia, Kills Wild Salmon, Pollutes Ocean, Company Denies Everything

A news update on the dumping of rotten salmon in Murmansk, Russia. This includes infected wild salmon in local rivers. Russian Aquaculture denies this. See: .

The disease is: lethal fungal infection Saprolegnia.  “The proportions of this outbreak can only be called an ecological catastophe”, a news report from the Murmansk-based Arctic TV says. And: "The company, which over the last years has massively developed fish farming in regional fjords, among them the Pechenga Bay near the border to Norway, has far too much fish in their cages, the website reports."

"In early summer, a major number of fish escaped from a facility operated by the company. The infection could now pose a serious threat also to salmon in neighboring Norway."

And what does the company say?  “With full certainty, I can say that we have never registered a single case of this kind of infection in our facilities”, spokesperson Ilya Bereznyuk underlines to newspaper"

Fish farm companies always deny a problem, but disease, for instance, is reported everywhere fish farms set up shop, for example, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Atlantic Canada, BC Canada, Chile and others. Chile is widely seen as the most polluted fish farm country in the world, but my estimate is that in BC the sewage cost is $10.4 Billion, just like in other countries where fish farm sewage exceeds the sewage load of all the humans in the country, for example, Scotland and Norway, itself.

The index to this site in October 2014 gives you the references to check for yourself:: And I will post an updated index for this site in December for 2015.

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