Friday, 18 September 2015

Cermaq Site in Clayoquot Sound Closed by Ahousaht Protest

Fantastic news. The Yaakswiis fish farm slated for Clayoquot Sound has to be removed because of the Ahousaht First Nation protest at the site. (See Lennie John video below).

This is a first in Canada: a site closed. It is hard not to say WOW when you have been following global news on fish farms daily for many years. I also read four newsletters daily and thousands of pages of science every year on fish farm environmental damage.

This is the fist time I have ever heard of a site being closed! Fish farms would eat their arms off before giving up a site. And several weeks ago in Chile, the Tortel region, also had a fish farm turned down. Perhaps, finally, the people have done what politicians can’t bring themselves to do: side with the people, who, where they have to live with fish farms, overwhelmingly reject them.

And to the 110,000 British Columbians who signed a petition to get fish farms out of the water (and that Christy Clark originally ignored), thank you. See:

Now the Green Party will get fish farms out of the water. The Conservatives won’t and they are losing votes over this, along with the Liberals and NDP who have refused to answer the call. You are losing votes.

This is a big victory, and it’s now time to get the other 21 fish farms out of the non-flushing Clayoquot Sound, and put them on land. The Sound is a UN Biosphere no less.

Here is the video of Lennie John describing the end of Yaakswiis fish farm site:

Here is the link to a letter to the Norwegian people asking them to divest of fish farms:

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