Sunday, 1 March 2015

Norwegians, Canadians, Europeans, Americans, First Nations Tell Norway to get Fish Farms Out of the Ocean

Please go and sign the petition that people from around the world are adding their name to. 3600 have signed so far to tell Norway to get its fish farms out of the water. Do read the comments as they truly come from consumers and citizens from around the world who are tired of the old-tech dinosaurs in-ocean fish farms. They need to be on land and closed to the environmen.


Read this note from Alexandra Morton: When 63,000 diseased North American trout escaped into Norway's fjords in January, Norwegians made it clear salmon farming is threatening the last wild Atlantic salmon.  I realized both Canada and Norway are suffering bad government decisions that allow salmon farming to expand at the expense of local people and economies.  I believe we need to reach out across borders, across the world and make this industry grow up and clean up.  No more DIRTY SALMON.  

BC First Nations are against fish farms in Canada. BC has 200 First Nations, one third of all in Canada: Read their opposition to in-ocean fish farms.

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