Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Norway – Lice Out of Control

Sea lice are out of control in Norway because they are resistant to all the chemicals – and Norway uses many more chemicals than here in Canada – a pattern that repeats itself around the world. Recently the CEO of Marine Harvest said that they are so out of control that fish farms have 90 scientific projects around the world to find a solution. (This also compromises the scientists as they are then in a conflict of interest for their income from fish farms, an occurrence seen in Norway itself, as well as Canada. The Cohen Commission noted conflicts with governments and scientists in its 1200 page report).

Now they are flushing fish with so much pressure that it strips the skin right off the fish. And in one image the treatment ripped an eyeball out:…/kampen-mot-lakselus-gir-faele-vi…
“The new technique can provide grisly wounds on the fish." Thomas Vermes / ABC News
Wednesday, 03.18.2015, at. 12:00.

“The picture shows a salmon with lacerated and falling off skin in an attempt to flush the sea lice at Salmo's site in Geitryggen, Rørvik. But the sea lice sits hard. The result can be very, very painful for farmed salmon.
Both the article and veterinarians are questioning why fish farms have not being prosecuted for brutality to animals, under Norwegians law. They also say that fish farms should be in closed containment so they are not in contact with the ocean, and thus, lice.

“I see this technique as aquaculture industry's last, desperate attempt to get rid of lice. They have poured in with all the drugs so that lice have become resistant,” says Roald Dahl jr. ABC News.

“It is rare to hear that poor fish welfare is a challenge for the aquaculture industry,” writes one of the senior figures among Norwegian veterinarians, Trygve T. Poppe, together with veterinarians Martin Binde, Aud Skrudland and Steinar Johnsen FSA in Norwegian Veterinary Journal.

“How mortality may represent the loss of several million fish during a single debugging. Poor animal welfare is not evident from the contract notes, continues veterinarians.

The veterinarians went on to say, “If we shut up, it is simply because this concerns our workplace and because we are in various ways dependent on a good relationship with major players in the industry? ask veterinarians Poppe.

Note that in BC, the same companies, Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg Seafood would have Canadians believe that lice cause no problem, something that is contrary to fish farms all around the world, and these are the same companies operating in Norway, their head offices. Hmm. Isn't this saying the opposite of what they know is the truth?

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