Wednesday, 25 February 2015

USDA to Certify Feedlot Fish Farms as Organic

Astonishing everyone who has looked into the environmental damage of in-ocean, open-net fish farms and found them wanting, the USDA is set to certify that they are organic. It is hard to believe, particularly as there are more than 75 on-land fish farms systems on my list that totals some 10,000 on-land actual farms around the world:

The Centre for Food Safety is so alarmed it has written a report on the issue: Water and Oil: Ocean-Based Fish Farming and Organic Don’t Mix

In short, the report notes five key areas that in-ocean open-net fish farms not organic:

* Fish farms at sea pollute the marine environment. 
* Fish farms at sea pose risks to wild species and aquatic ecosystems. 
* Fish farms at sea cannot prevent escapes. 
* Fish farms at sea cannot contain or control inputs and outputs. 
* Farming migratory fish can never be organic. 

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