Friday, 1 February 2019


These are the most popular posts on Fish Farm News and Science for January 2019.

You will find other posts on popular posts, posted on the first of the month, following the month they were most popular (or close to the first).

The posts are:

1. Science for Fish Farms? - Why Not ON LAND? DFO Doesn't get BC or Atlantic Canada: While citizens have been complaining for years, DFO just doesn't get it, in its little fiefdom in Ottawa thousands of miles from where citizens have to put up with fish farms. I say: put a fish farm in the Rideau Canal in the centre of town, Ottawa, and DFO will hate fish farms inside of 6 months.

2. 266 On Land Fish Farms and more than 20,000 on land farms around the world: This is the all time most viewed post on this site. The first half is studies and analysis of on-land. The list of on-land farms starts about half way down.

3. Atlantic Salmon in BC Rivers - The Bad News, Volpe Papers: These are the papers that prove it without a shadow of a doubt that Atlantic salmon are in 97% of Van Isle rivers that have multiple species of salmon. This is shocking, but what is worse is that DFO can't find them.

4. Fish Farm Feed Spin - Maggot Fish: The industry tries to make maggot farmed fish sound good - and this is a government body, no less, creating spin for multinational, multibillion dollar companies, as if they couldn't do it themselves.

5. Commercial Fishers R Against Fish Farms

6. Maggot Fish - Yum!. Yes, maggots are about to come to farmed fish:

7. BAD NEWS BITES: My new list, now the tenth, is about 150. Add in the 4000 I have already found in the past three years and it's hard to believe how many problems there are in the global fish farm/seafood industry.

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