Monday, 4 February 2019

Evidence and Science Based Decisions? At DFO? Well, NO

Hi Jonathan Wilkinson

Here is a post I did on how Atlantic Canada governments deliberately refused to answer the important parts of a freedom of information request on ISA, the worst fish farm disease:

Your DFO people are fond of saying that you make all your decisions on ‘evidence and science.’ The problem is that you don’t do this. I list several cases at the bottom of the post where DFO deliberately evaded science to come up with the conclusion that it wanted.

There are many more examples. Right now, you and DFO are appealing the court ruling that PRV farmed fish should not be put in the BC ocean. This is against the science. Your own Dr. Kristi Miller showed that PRV causes HSMI in Canada and also jaundice/anemia in wild chinook salmon.

DFO is not using this evidence and science to make the decision to put fish farms on land.

The case I mention in the above post of DFO/CFIA finding a lab that would give a negative response to disease in BC, is not scientific, in fact, it is best described as fraud.

Citizens will not stop complaining about your ruining our oceans with fish farms, until those farms are on land. Why don’t you just give this up now, and move them to land? You will recall that Marine Harvest and Cermaq are moving 10 farms out of the Broughton Archipelago in the next two years.

The problem in this one is: DFO refuses to let the Indigenous peoples - Musgamagw Dzawada'enuxw - use its lab to process samples of farmed fish. That isn’t science either, and there won’t be any evidence unless you allow the science.

Let me repeat the other argument: asking for science is: naive, hubris or a manipulation.  You are the naive. DFO has the hubris. Fish farms manipulate the situation with science, er, fake science.

DC Reid

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And, updating to Feb 5, 2019, DFO loses case on PRV: PRV - DFO Minister loses case, must test farmed fish for PRV. Thank you Alex Morton and Ecojustice:

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