Thursday, 5 July 2018

Fish Farms - Freshwater Habitat Restoration

Hi John Horgan et al [Adam Olsen, Andrew Weaver, Lana Popham, Sonia Furstenau]

Your fish farm plan has gone over like a lead balloon. Even I have criticized you, and I would like to be on your side:

What you can do that would turn things around is to put $25 million into freshwater habitat restoration right now – the only real solution for bringing back wild salmon – giving the money to the Pacific Salmon Foundation that leverages money 4 to 7 times for habitat projects (in other words, the effect of $100- to $175-million). Then, every year for the following 10 years, add $10 Million each year. Announce it as $125 Million for wild salmon, making it the biggest plan ever devised.

Point out that the leveraging figures, are: year one: $100- $175-million; plus an additional for ten years of $400- to $700-million.

The bad press you have been getting on your fish farm non-plan would be undercut as you would have tied the two issues together with a bold positive plan for wild salmon – fish farms/habitat - all on a very reasonable amount of money.

Please put the money into wild salmon and get the good press. Even from me.

DC Reid

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