Sunday, 6 May 2018

Most Popular Posts - April 2018

These are the most popular posts of April 2018, as in those that got the most pageviews.

1. DFO Fibs on Farmed Salmon Escapes, BC: Literally thousands of page views on information catching DFO 'fibbing' for a couple of decades that farmed salmon don't escape in BC. The most conservative estimate, I derived from the literature's rate of escapes, is that 153,000 farmed salmon in BC leak/escape per crop. Thousands of page views.

2. Auditor General: DFO You Don't Cut It - Wake Up: The AG listed the faults with DFO in BC.

3. The BC Government Wants Fish Farms in the Water - Against Citizen Wishes: And this one has aboriginals hopping mad against fish farms. Thank goodness for Chief Ernest Alfred et al.

4. Fish Farm Spin - DC Reid, READ THIS DOCUMENT: If you only have time to read one document this year on fish farms read this one, as it covers all the bases and also gives you extensive links to go read up on information you want to understand better. Huge page views for this one.

5. A Stinging Indictment of Farmed Fish as Food - Dr. Mercola: Thousands of people went away vowing not to buy farmed BC salmon.

6. New Science Committee? - Don't Bother Dominic: BC residents overwhelmingly, 75%, want fish farms out of our water and set up on land. Give us what we want.

7. 232 On-Land Fish Farm Systems - comprising 20,000 actual on-land farms: One of the all time greats on this site. The question needs to be asked: When is enough enough to put fish farms on land? The tipping point came four years ago, and in-ocean are dinosaurs, needing to be on land.

8. Otto Langer On Farmed Fish - Escapes/Leakage:

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