Thursday, 10 May 2018

John Horgan - Remember to Cancel Those Fish Farm Tenures

British Columbians are counting on John Horgan doing the right thing. That means getting fish farms out of the water.

You will note the recent post that the new report - started under the Liberals - asks for science and thus fish farms will never be out of the water, unless a different tack is taken:

Well, John Horgan an overwhelming majority of British Columbians want fish farms out of the water. 75% of us said no to in-water: from my BAD NEWS BITES post: 152. 75% of British Columbians Want Fish Farms On Land

  And there is the Pacific Salmon Foundation deciding its policy on farmed salmon, and wants immediate closed containment, with long term on land: 170. Fish Farms in Closed Containment - PSF, BC:

And the new science on PRV and disease in wild chinook by Miller: 164. Farmed PRV Infecting Wild Salmon - BC, Miller:

And a new lice outbreak in Clayoquot Sound:  169. Fish Farm Lice Kill Salmon Fry - Clayoquot Sound, BC:

And the Council of Canadians has just come out against BC fish farms: 168.  Council of Canadians Against Fish Farms - BC:

And some deeper comments on the PRV/Chinook story:
162. Disease - PRV Causes Disease in Wild Chinook - Non HSMI - BC, Riddell/Miller "
“Our study used novel molecular tools to show that PRV-1 was intimately involved in the development of jaundice/anemia in Chinook salmon,” said Dr. Kristi Miller-Saunders, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and lead scientist in the SSHI. “The study also reveals a difference in PRV-1 sensitivity between species that could easily explain why the virus causes inflammation in Atlantic salmon and cell death in Chinook salmon. Based on the results, we concluded that Chinook salmon may be at more than a minimal risk of disease from exposure to PRV occurring on salmon farms.” This is the link to the paper:

“The findings in the most recent study add to the concerns of scientists, environmental groups and the BC salmon community that PRV is having negative effects on wild Pacific salmon in our coastal waters,” concluded Riddell. “I certainly hope that industry and regulators consider these findings seriously as they look at the future of the aquaculture industry in BC.”"

And, John, those classic videos of sick, deformed, clouded in fecal matter farmed fish: 159. Emaciated, Sick Behaviour, Malignant, Deformed, Clouds of Fecal Matter - BC, Morton, 2017 fish farm video. This is the classic list of about a dozen fish farms with sick, malignant fish, sick behaviour and clouds of fecal matter: Jeremy Dunn in La La Land. This post has the poll results saying 75% of BC citizens want fish farms banned.

And, the federal auditing commissioner who gave DFO a failing grade: 153. DFO Not Protecting Wild Salmon - Commissioner, CDN:

And,  the BC Wildlife Federation has this to say about the big need to protect wild fish: 146. 'DFO Has No Timelines or Plans' - to protect wild salmon and trout, BCWF, see report:
 "Dear Commissioner Gelfand and Auditor General Ferguson:

RE: Request for an Examination of Canada’s Failure to Protect Endangered Pacific Salmon and Anadromous Trout Species under the Species at Risk Act.

On behalf of the B.C. Wildlife Federation, we request that you undertake an examination of the systematic refusal of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) to protect endangered Pacific salmon and anadromous trout species under the Species at Risk Act (SARA). 1. We make this request pursuant to s. 7(2), s. 21.1 and s. 23(1) of theAuditor General Act."

And DFO attention to science has just been indicted: 141. DFO Science Woes - Stop Pretending There is a Scientific Debate on Fish Farms - BC: Stan P, good article:

And rare glass sponge reef killed by fish farm sewage: 140. Reef Smothered by Fish Farm Sewage - BC, glass sponge, ancient:

And the Broughton Archipelago 'Namgis opposition to fish farms: 137. Aboriginals Against Fish Farms - Ernest Alfred:

And the chefs of BC are against in-ocean fish farms: 135. Chefs Call for On-land - BC:

And Alex Morton has just done a brilliant job of showing that DFO and the CFIA have been fraudulently handling the issue of diseases in BC fish farms. This is one that should result in both agencies taken to court: Part 2 Briefing to Chief Scientist Of Canada, ISA Virus. Post dated April 23, 2018.

And a major new study on on-land fish farms as the way of the future:  130. On-land Aqua Way of Future - major study

John, Lana, Andrew et al, I think you get the point: BC wants fish farms taken out of the ocean. Give us what we want. 

Hi everyone, how about sending this link to our BC politicians:  John Horgan:; Lana Popham:; Andrew Weaver:; Adam Olsen:; and, Sonia Furstenau:

You can find your MLA's email address here:

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  1. These fish farms were a HUGE Mistake!Close them down.