Thursday, 1 February 2018

Most Popular Posts - Jan 2018

1. Fish Farm Spin - DC Reid, READ THIS SUMMARY DOCUMENT: Far and away the most popular post on this site in January, with 2,000 page views.

2. Cooke Aquaculture a Litany of Complaint: The second most popular post in January, particularly as Cooke is in court over having its Ediz Hook licence pulled in WA.

3. 212 On-Land Fish Farm Systems Far and away the most popular post of all time on this blog, and a biggie in January, 2018.

4. Most Popular Posts - December, 2017:

5. Fish Farms and Neoliberalism - John Volpe: Looking at fish farms from a theoretical perspective.

6. Low Fish Farm Job Numbers in BC and NL - In-ocean Makes No Sense:

7. PRV - Fish Farms Can't Survive Without It - BC:

8. Times Colonist Op Ed - John Volpe, putting fish farms on land:

9. Sockeye Can't Catch Fish Farm Viruses? Well, NO:

10. The Future - On-land Fish Farms, NL:

11. DFO Asleep at the Switches - there are two posts in January on this subject:

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