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BAD NEWS BITES - Salmon/Seafood Industry - Updated Jan18, 2018

I receive almost 30 global press fish farm/seafood industry newsletters every week. In these, I have found a startling amount of bad news, and decided to do a post on it. I had no idea there was as much bad news as there is.

I am at my seventh post. In little more than two years, I have found 2500 BAD NEWS BITES. Some days I am stunned by the amount of bad news in the fish farm/seafood industry.  Find the fifth BAD NEWS BITES post here: And that reaches 2,000.

This is the link to the fourth post, Jan 14, 2017, it has 500 BAD NEWS BITES in it: it has links to the previous three posts since July 2015. You can find earlier ones at these links.

Here is a summary of the bad news stories:

"In one mouthful, here are the kind of stories I am finding: boom bust industry, billions made and lost, crisis in lice and disease, bankruptcy, workers fired, executives jumping company to company, dividing big bonuses, fraud, corruption, litigation, conflict of interest with government and scientists, using the ocean as a free open sewer – $10.4 Billion in BC alone, killing of whales, seals and sea lions – more than 12,000 in BC so far, slavery, unpaid labour, taxpayers paying millions for diseased, dead fish – $177 Million in Canada, dueling scientists, weakening of laws, unsustainable feed, illegal fishing, jail sentences, disasters in Norway, Scotland, Chile, Canada, bullying of scientists, governments and anyone critical of their business, cartels, collusion, price fixing, fishing down the food chain to Antarctic krill, carcinogens and persistent organic pollutants, fluoroquinolones, chicken feathers in feed, animal feces in feed, eutrophication in a time of global warming, Malachite Green fungicide in USA seafood, fake industry awards, all the wild salmon in the Pacific ocean, more than a billion, put in peril... it goes on."

Update, Dec 11, 2017: I have found 500 BAD NEWS BITES in less than 3.5 months. That means well over 1000 in a year. That is how much bad news there is in fish farms/seafood industry. This post, the sixth, may be found here:

Now, the new BAD NEWS BITES: 


164. On-land Benefits - Ireland, two year study:

163. Fish Farm Lice Kill Salmon - Norwegian review article of 100 papers, lice kill 50,000 wild salmon every year:

162. Bust - less than 1% of global squid catch is sustainable:

161. Boom - record high margin in 2017, Norway:

160. Land Based - Denmark, Sunshine Bass Biofarm ApS,

159. Incorrect Labelled Salmon Pulled - Tassal, Tasmania, use before date:

158. Condoms - China aquaculture firm buys $161M condom firm and looking to get laid:

157. Moving On-Land - year's biggest stories:

156. On-Land Moves Forward - Atlantic Sapphire, news in progress:

155. On-Land Research - EU:

154. Big Money in Land-Based - in ocean toast, Israel giant:

153. Lice Kill Wild Salmon - farm lice kill, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, review article of 100 papers:

152. Mislabeling Charges - crab, USA:

151. Untransparent Government - Ireland, govt refuses to release 200 disease documents, call for investigation:

150. Report on Lice Damage - yet another report in EU:

149. More On Litigious Industry - Cooke, WA, says it would hurt 'rural' area employment, showing how little Cooke knows about WA and the Puget Sound urban areas:

148. Fish Farm Breaks Up - Cooke, NS, Jordan Bay:

147. Litigious Industry - Cooke, WA, fights lease termination:

146. Aboriginals Against Fish Farms - BC, APTN, video:

145. Huge Layoffs - USA, Walmart, shutters 63 Sam's Clubs, lays off thousands:

144. Seafood Consumption Down 15%! - Norway, Seafood Council intends to twist arms of citizens who don't want to eat their food. I guess all those cancer-causing chemicals, lice chemicals, killing of wild salmon, etc. has turned some people off their own food:

143. Litigious Industry - Neptune Pharma wins three year case on exploiting trade secrets in lice treatments:

142. Boom - China will drive 50% of world's salmon/seafood trade in next decade:

141. Inter-Company Jousting - Young's, Mitsubishi, Young's trying to force Mits hand to buy or not buy:

140. Land-Based Fish Farming - most read Dec news:

139. Refusal to Release Salmon Death Docs - government to be investigated, Ireland:

138. Farmed Salmon Lice Affecting Wild Fish - study, Norway/Scotland:

137. Closed Water Containment - Ireland, study:

136. On-Land Farm - shrimp, $44M, Vietnam, Viet Uc:

135. Disaster - fish farm break up, Cooke, Jordan Bay, NS:

134. Disease - ISA, Canada, note the infectious strains among the 16 cases in 2017:

133. Lice Kill/Damage Wild Salmonids - Scotland, study:

132. More on Cook Employees Complain - WA:

131. Disease - listeria sushi pulled from grocery chains:

130. Cooke Employees Complain - just like their fish farm company, employees complain in Olympia about WA deciding fish farms need to close:

129. Litigious Industry - Cooke sues WA over lease termination:

128. Disease - ISA, Norway Royal Salmon:

127. Massive Fish Death - Tasmania, Tassal confirms the bad news:

126.  Boom - Brazil targets huge pangasius increase in production:

125. Offshore Megafarm - China, whitefish, salmon, mega sewage:

124. Salmon Imports Dig Into Canada Market Share:

123. Banned Trawlers Allowed to Land - Canada, NL:

122. Shrimp Import 'Disaster': US:

121. Boom - Vietnam, shrimp exports, China increase, $3.8B, 18% jump:

120. Anti-competitive Purchase - Marine Harvest, purchase of Northern Harvest:

119. Boom - record high seafood exports, Norway, $11.7B:

118. Boom - US to import $2B, 200,000t India shrimp:

117. Boom - mass production in works, tilapia, Panama:

116. Fish Farm Break Up - NS, Kelly Cove, Cooke, farm broke up in a storm:

115. Big Salmon Die Off - Tasmania, Tassal, 30,000 salmon, Okehampton fish farm, one that residents didn't and don't want:

114. Cooke Lawsuit - WA, Ediz Hook shut down:

113. Smuggling Crackdown - China, more news, 11 cities, mostly Vietnam product:

112. Sea Lice Cover Up - NL, from Bill Bryden access to information request: "I just found out from my NL government ATTIPA request that the NL government does not keep ANY records of lice monitoring checks. They are handed to DFO and erased from all provincial records and not kept (on purpose for sure!). This changed in 2017 as prior to that they did not give all the records to DFO (- now why did this change....after my repeated annual attempts to get the records? lol). This is despite that it is NL government staff doing the checks!" Jan 8, 2018

111. Market Share Plummets - Norway, salmon,
"In 2010, Norway produced 65.4% of all global salmon.  In 2017, that share is estimated at 52.7%, or a decline of nearly 13%. Most of the slack has been taken up by other producers, including Chile, the UK, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Canada.  Output from these countries have all be growing faster than Norway."

110. Litigious Industry - Cooke takes WA state to court over Ediz Hook lease termination:

109. Guidelines for Massive Grieg Project - Placentia Bay, call for public comments on enviro plan the ASF forced the NL government into making:

108. Boom - Marine Harvest buys Northern Harvest for $315M in Atlantic Canada:  Several stories in this one, including closed containment and on-land sales, Jurassic Park, Poland. And this: "Barely 40-years since the first aquaculture salmon were raised in Atlantic Canada, there are just two companies remaining from dozens of initial entrants." Evidence that fish farming is a boom/bust industry.

107. Human Trafficking, Illegal Labour - Thailand preparing report:

106. Human Slavery Lawsuit Settlement - fishery, CA:

105. Boom - UK processor Falfish has 290% growth:

104. New Laws Prevent Roller Coaster Growth - Chile, fish farm laws, limit growth:

103. ISAV Infected Eggs in Norway: hatchery, "location 10183 Barstadvik in Ørsta municipality. The site is run by Profunda." You will have to Google Translate the article: "This is the third stockfish facility that has been suspected of ILA infection during the autumn of 2017. Previously, AquaGen plant on Kyrksæterøra and Rauma stemfish has reported reports of contagion."

102. Big Money in Shunning Fish Farms - Norway stock company gets 25% return, Nordea Norge Pluss, by shunning fish farm stocks:

101. Fraudulent Mislabeling - China, 60% of stock, cod like fillets:

100. Fish Farm Closed! - WA, Cooke, Ediz Hooke, 700,000 salmon, Jan, 2018:

99. Seals Killed - Scotland: "The number of seals killed rose from 41 in the first six months of 2016 to 61 for the first half of this year. Most were shot by fish farms."

98. Salmon Escape, Cleaner Fish Escape - 20,000 salmon, 1,300 cleaner fish, Scotland,
Leroy Seafood Group and SalMar -- at Bloody Bay on the Isla of Mull, 2017:

97. Lice 11 Times Higher than "Best Practices" - Scotland, Loch Duart, this mean that 'best practices' means nothing:

96. RSPCA Sanctions Killing Seals - after all other methods, except the obvious one of setting up on land, have been tried:

95. Peru Anchovy 'Tight' Supply of Developed Fish - fish feed prices up, only 700,000 to 900,000mt, well below the 1.49 million mt announced last year: And: "The recovery from El Nino and improving wild biomass, have halted the long-term decline in anchovy supply, Rabobank..." In other words, after raping the stocks off Chile, the companies are raping the stocks off Peru. And this: "Chinese fishmeal consumption increased to about 1.8 million metric tons in 2017, up from 1.4m metric tons in 2016, according to Mittaine." And southern region quota is 535,000mt, but in 2017, only 170,000mt were harvested in early season fishing. And fishermen are looking for financial 'relief' for lack of fishing.

94. Blood Water Processors - poor inspection record in BC, ""...In the course of the investigation, we realized that inspections have been few and far between for the (past) 16 years under the BC Liberals," he said in an interview. "One of the plants, they were last inspected four years ago and they were out of compliance then. Orders were written, but no one followed up. We’re short of staff on the ground, and we also became aware that the permits themselves in some cases were 30 years old."" See: And: "The 2012 Cohen Commission made eight recommendations directly to the B.C. government, which has jurisdiction over the farms and their permits, but not the oceans, which are managed federally. The BC Liberals, in power at the time, “accepted the intent” of most of those measures, but did not commit to implementing them."

93. Acidification of Oceans Harms Salmon - Alaska:

92. Bust - Princes, UK, 92% down because of raw material price increases, meaning salmon:

91. Leonardo DiCaprio Fooled by Fish Farms - this enviro guy thinks in-ocean fish farms are a good thing. Take a look at this article, and its naive industry view:

90.  Bust - Sino Agro Foods, shrimp mega-farm, China, has lost 95% of its share value in three years:

89. Newish Plant - processor, skin-pack salmon, even though Marine Harvest may be out of the water soon, BC, CDN:

88. Fire - Marine Harvest smoker facility has fire:

87. Disease - listeria, smoked fish, USA:

86. New Wellboat, Environmental Dumping - Canada, Marine Harvest, for lice, and dumping the water:

85. Cleaner Fish Bring Disease - Scotland, wrasse/lumpfish in salmon farms:

84. Firm Pleads Guilty to 355 Charges - NZ:

83. Blue Tuna Over Fishing - Japan to start charging fishermen:

82. Cleaner Fish Controversy - diseases, lice, etc., Scotland, see if you don't think it is the fish farms that are not being truthful:

81. Fish Farm Cleaner Fish - as usual, fish farms, in Scotland, claim the negative science, the diseases, lice are speculation by environmentalists. I read their stuff. It seemed pretty convincing to me:

80. Lots of Fish Farm Issues - circa Dec 6, 2016, video on a wide range of issues, including corruption, Kristi Miller: This is a longer talk by her.  Here is the direct link to a much shorter video to the committee on changing legislation: She starts talking about the aquaculture industry at 7:15 and goes to the end. She mentions her viral signature work that shows salmon can die at some distance from the point of infection. Stresses that maintaining genetic diversity is more important than enhancement of only commercially viable stocks. She says coho have been in collapse for a long time, and an example of what she is saying (she says this before talking about fish farms). She had a DFO manager tell her it is irresponsible to do work that undermines the fish farms industry. And also says the industry has a right of refusal for their fish to be tested.

79. Fraud - Loch Duart salmon, Scotland, hires DNA testing, to protect its reputation:

78.  Guilty as Charged - 355 charges, under reporting catches, NZ:

77. Major Smuggling Ring Smashed - China, pangasius, 41,000 mt, from Vietnam, $106M:

76. Citizens Against Fish Farm - Tasmania, King Island, Tassal, area has full employment and tourism, doesn't want that destroyed. Has warned Tassal not to come there:

75. Marine Harvest Beats First Nations Down - judge rules aboriginals can't stay on fish farm while protesting:

74. Regs on Farming Processing Tightened - BC:

73.  Bitumin Harms Salmon - BC:

72. Acquisitive Industry - Marine Harvest to acquire Northern Harvest salmon farmer, $315Million:

71. Environmental Violation Fines - Starkist, $6.5M:

70. Price Fixing - tuna, Bumble Bee execs exchange incriminating emails:

69. Fish Farms Banned - Sweden wants them out of the water, three with possibly a fourth to come out: "This judgement will probably bring all fish farming in open cages to an end, affecting waters not having reached Good Ecological Status."

68. Aggressive Acquisition - Cooke, Texas, Omega Protein, 1000 employees:

67. Wild Salmon Infected by Fish Farms - PRV, BC: Morton said she found that “95 per cent of farmed Atlantic salmon in the supermarkets are infected by this blood virus, the piscine reovirus.” And: “The fish in lower Fraser [River] are so much more infected than the ones in the upper Fraser, which suggests that infected fish are having tremendous difficulty getting up the river,” Morton said. “That means they’re not spawning.” “With all these upper Fraser sockeye populations now declared at risk of extinction we just have to take this problem seriously,” Routledge said.

66.  Disease - Cooke, ISAV disease, NL:

65.  Escapes in WA, NL - ASF, farmed fish in rivers as high as 35%:

64. Environmental Appeal Update - Placentia Bay, Grieg, NL, Dec 22, 2017:

63. Litigious Industry - now, Cermaq will join Marine Harvest seeking injunction against aboriginal occupation of farms:

62. Litigious Industry, Fish Farm Spin - WA, closure of Cooke farm, Cooke will fight in court, to protect jobs. Sure:

61. Global Competition - Chile finds sales to China difficult because of better pricing from Norway and Australia:

60. Boom - Australia, Tassal, salmon sales to China rocket:

59. Cooke Bullies Government - WA, Cooke 'will fight' closure of Port Angeles fish farm:

58.  Protest - Peru, fishermen protest the anchovy fishery, too many juveniles, harvest is wrong:

57.  Canada Against Wild Salmon - LeBlanc, DFO, puts $20M into aquaculture instead of wild salmon in BC, and not taking fish farms out of the ocean:

56. Tax Evasion - defendant pleads guilty to not reporting $3.2M income USA:

55.  Aggressive Acquisition - Cooke, Omega Protein:

54. Disease - listeria, US processor suspends operations:

53. Disease - Petuna, Tasmania, MacQuarie Harbour has culled 100,000 salmon due to disease, pilchard orthomyxovirus:

52. Weasel Words - Cooke, WA, read this one for the fish farm spin in it. WA has closed the site, and Cooke is trying to weasel it's way back in:

51. Salmon Escapes Cannot Be Prevented - study, 2014:

50. Salmon Escape - Marine harvest, Norway, fine $57,600, 2016: Read the BS: "It is unclear how many salmon that actually escaped from the farm at Alteidet in Kvænangen. Marine Harvest has estimated that there may have been between 1,300 and 3,000 fish that escaped, but according to the newspaper the actual figures show that 10,000 fish could not be accounted for. In their first message to the The Directorate of Fisheries,  the company wrote that they  suspected that eight salmon had escaped."

49. 40,000 Salmon Escaped - 2009, Marine Harvest, Port Elizabeth, BC:

48. Exec Jumps to On-land - for China, Marine Harvest, Ragnar Joensen:

47. More Pac-Andes Bankruptcy Debacle - Ng family loan questioned:

46. Disease - listeria, from Poland processor:

45. Fish Farm Spin - USA, Michigan:

44. DFO Against Wild Salmon - has $20 million fund for aquaculture, not freshwater habitat restoration:

43. Boom - Price Waterhouse Report, Norway wants to grow from 1 million mt to 5 million mt by 2050, :

42. Disease - ISA, Norway, Rogaland, Marine Harvest:

41. Too Many Fish - China, tilapia farmers switch to pangasuis, can't sell fish:

40. Cooke Farm Fined"The lease termination [39] came in the same week that the Washington Department of Ecology fined Cooke $8,000 for repeated violations of its permits for polluting the water at another one of its farms, in Rich Passage at the south end of Bainbridge Island. See:

39. Cermaq Aboriginal Injunction Case - BC, occupiers, wants injunction:

38. Government Shuts Down Fish Farm - WA, Cooke, Port Angeles, 700,000 salmon:

37. MH Exec Jumps to Onland - China, aims to produce 20,000mt in five years, Ningbo, east China:

36. Fish Farm Ban Continues - Sweden is among the jursidictions that ban in-ocean fish farms:

35. Disease, Lice, Lice Treatment, Bad - Kill Salmon - Norway of 300 million salmon put out, 20% die, or 60 Million. Read the fish scientist's thoughts:

34. Plastic Microbeads - Norway releases 325mt of plastic microbeads from feeding tubing each year. Friends of rthe Earth:

33. Bust - Chile, 2016, algal bloom killed 23 million fish, and cost $800 million:

32. Disease - PRV Affects Wild Salmon - BC, Morton/Routledge paper:

31. Bust - Thailand, shrimp down 50,000mt after too much rain:

30. Boom - Seafood Technology Group sees 'fantastic upside' in two Irish salmon farms:

29. Protest - surfers against Tassal fish farm, Tasmania:

28. Litigation - Grieg goes to court over project shut down:

27. Disease - ISA, Marine Harvest, Norway, Rogaland:

26. Officials Indicted - Philipines, Alliance Select:

25. Aggressive Acquisition - Marine Harvest in Atlantic Canada, make or break for them:

24. Disease - PRV in BC wild salmon, from fish farms:

23.  Disease - smoked fish recalled over listeria, USA:

22.  Boom - Petuna, $54M expansion into Storm Bay, Tasmania:

21. Massive Catch Underreporting - Thailand, fishing in other nation's waters:

20. Boom - India, shrimp output to double by 2022, to almost $7Billion:

19. Cooke, Water Violations, Fined - WA:

18. Disease - hepatitis A, Vietnam tuna:

17. Slavery Victims in UK - trawlers:

16.  Fish Farms Infect PRV onto Wild Salmon - BC:

15. Litigation - conflict government in court, appealing decision requiring environmental assessment, Placentia Bay, NL:

14. 'Catastrophic Failure' - demand to close fish farms, Scotland, River Awe, lowest number since 1964, 480:

13. Litigious Industry - China, huge fish farms, building company, $1.5B case:

12. Cooke Atlantics 40 Miles up Skagit River:

11.  DNA Used to Assess Sewage Under Fish Farms - Germany:

10. Fraser Sockeye Terribly Low - could lose MSC certification:

9. Burning Dead Fish Farm Fish - for electricity, vegans in uproar:

8. Close Fish Farms - Scotland, due to wild salmon collapse:

7. Legislation to Ban Fish Farms - WA: Here is the usual communications spin that fish farms use all over the world: "Nell Halse, spokeswoman for Cooke Aquaculture, said in an email to The Seattle Times that the company is “committed to operating our facilities in a safe and responsible manner to help supply global demand for healthy protein and bring jobs, tax revenue and other economic benefits to the Pacific Northwest.” “We welcome the opportunity to meet with the Representatives to address their concerns and hope that any proposed legislation will be based on sound science.” Note the jobs and revenue claim, and sound science. What they mean is offering politicians what they salivate over, jobs/money, and the manipulation of science. Any jurisdiction that goes the science route is in for a several decade ride while wild stocks disappear, and the people become overwhelmingly angry with in ocean fish farms. One more thing, there have been four large escapes in WA: "There have been four major Atlantic salmon escapes from net pen farms since 1996."

6. Marine Harvest Bullies Govt - Norway, didn't get as many tech licences as it wanted for 'donut':

5. Low Employment in Feed Company in Tasmania - Biomar, 55 jobs:

4. Land Based Investors Looking for Investments - Devonian Capital, formed by investors and former Anglesey Aquaculture MD

3. Boom - Massive Potential in US - Cermaq:

2. Krill Mass Death - Cermaq Unreported Lice Treatment, Norway:

1. Crisis in Wild Salmon - Scotland, from fish farm lice, etc:

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