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Global Citizens Call for On-land Fish Farms - In-ocean Rejected, Updated Dec 16, 2017

Everywhere in the world that citizens have to live with in-ocean fish farms they come to overwhelmingly reject them, and call for them to be put on land. On-land is the way of the future, happening right now, but governments are behind the times, and fish farms want to continue using the ocean as a free, open  sewer. We don't want that anymore. See my post on 181 on-land fish farm systems that I have found: These comprise 20,000 actual on-land farms around the world. So why are fish farms still in our oceans?

This post will be used to list the individuals and groups around the world that want fish farms put on land and to stop destroying the world's forage fish for feed that should be used to feed third world humans. Please get in touch with one another, making this a global movement to put fish farms on land. And send other organization contact/website info to me. Thanks. And tell everyone you know not to buy in-ocean farmed salmon.

This list is just going to get longer and longer because citizens are so fed up with in-ocean fish farms, they want them out of the water.

Norway is so fed up with in-ocean fish farms that it is giving out free licenses to set up on land. The auction price of an in-ocean license is $9- to $12-million, most recently $10.56 million for Blumar.  Multiply this figure by the number of licenses in your jurisdiction to see the subsidy that your government gives, of your money, to fish farms so they can use your ocean as a free, open sewer. In BC, that subsidy calculation is 130 licenses X $10.56M = $1.373 billion. We don't want to pay.

In-ocean fish farms are old tech, and are dying, as on-land fish farms come on stream around the world, because consumers don't want to buy in-ocean raised fish. Google: Atlantic Sapphire for a 90,000 metric tonne on-land farm coming to Florida: This project is larger than BC's entire industry - of Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg Seafood - and in the States their own Norwegian parent companies have already taken 30% of BC's salmon sales to the USA for whole fish, beggaring their own offspring, in BC.

The only people who like fish farms are fish farms and conflicted governments. We want our governments to do what we, the citizens, want, with our pristine oceans. That means putting foreign multinational/home grown corporations on land. You can tell Justin Trudeau and Dominic LeBlanc to put a fish farm in the Rideau Canal and Ottawa River below the Canadian Parliament Buildings and see how long they like them - before putting a fish farm anywhere else in Canada.

What follows is a short list of environmental orgs against fish farms. Each site has some good information that you will want to access in your protest:

BC, Canada - yes all these organizations, and more, are against in-ocean fish farms. Other than fish farms employees, all 820 of them, no one else in BC - 4.6 million in population - wants in-ocean fish farms. They need to be on land.

Alexandra Morton
DC Reid: For a list of the bad news bites for the last year and a half, now 1,500 global press articles, see: See the list of 180 On-Land Fish Farm Systems around the world:
Watershed Watch Salmon Society, puts out a weekly newsletter on salmon issues/articles:
David Suzuki Foundation:
Living Oceans:
Georgia Strait Alliance:
Dogwood Initiative:
Coast Protectors:
Westcoast Environmental Law:
Ecojustice: currently the legal team for suing DFO over putting diseased fish in BC water
Farmed and Dangerous:

NL, Canada

Newfoundland and Labrador Coalition for Aquaculture Reform:
Aquaculture - the inside stories:

NS, Canada

Atlantic Salmon Federation. See how poorly salmon farms do on environmental grounds, NB at 45%, for example:
The Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore: Contact:


Fishers Against Fish Farms: Some very good posts on this well-subscribed site. Members from around the world.
Our Salmon, Our Sound, Washington State:
Wild Fish Conservancy:


North Atlantic Salmon Fund: Many angling associations are against fish farms in Iceland.
Icelandic Wildlife Fund Here is a story on the fund:


Don Staniford, 'global alliance against industrial aquaculture':
Salmon & Trout Conservation UK (also in England):


Salmon & Trout Conservation UK (also in Scotland):
Fish & Fly:
Atlantic Salmon Trust (England, Scotland): See:


Save Bantry Bay:
Galway Bay Against Salmon Cages
Ireland Against Salmon Farms:
No Salmon Farms At Sea:


Green Warriors:


Tasmanians against fish farms: Their Facebook page:
Environment Tasmania: Laura Kelly
Go sign ET's petition to keep Tassal from going into schools and selling their environmental degradation as sustainable food production:
Huon making a semi-move to land:
Large Protest Amalgamation, Shooters and Fishers Party, Environment Tasmania, a former Liberal candidate:

New Zealand

Guardians of the Sounds:
Citizens against fish farms, Okiwi Bay 'research' facility:
Marlborough Sound residents against fish farms:


Chilean divers against fish farms: Chile does not yet have a well-developed citizen protest. A second diver protest: Artisan fishermen also complained, and went on strike, closing a port in 2016. (B.N.B) And the red tide killed 38.2 million farmed salmon.


Finland does not have a protest group because it is against fish farms in its waters. It's approach is to let Norway ruin its ocean and buy Norwegian farmed salmon.


Denmark has 50% of its industry on land. 80,000 3kg rainbow trout escape damaged net:

Russia - to come.

China -


Updated Dec 16, 2017: This post will update the many places that are moving away from in-ocean fish farms, with their environmental degradation:

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