Monday, 7 November 2016

Fish Farms Kill Wild Salmn - The Science

I am bringing together a number of posts on the issue of fish farms killing wild salmon. If anyone tries to tell you different, just refer them to this post.

1. Fish Farms Kill More than 50% of Wild Salmon. In the presence of fish farms, 50% of wild salmon die: meta-data analysis examined Scotland, Ireland, Atlantic Canada and BC.

2. Fish Farm Lice Kills 34% of Wild Salmon: The experts from Norway, Canada and Scotlandm reviewed more than 300 studies.

3. Fish Farms Lice Kill Wild Salmonids, 2015 literature review:

4. The Atlantic Salmon Federation, 2016, highlights science that fish farms kill wild salmon:  They point out that DFO itself has noted genetic problems with escaped farmed fish and wild Atlantics: "Last month, DFO scientists revealed the results of a new study that confirmed widespread mating between wild salmon and aquaculture escapees in 17 south coast rivers, which they believe has led to reduced productivity and abundance in those populations."

And also that the greater amount of science on the subject is conclusive: "After many years and hundreds of studies, we are past debate over whether or not aquaculture has negative impacts on wild salmon stocks"


Do look in the two indexes to this site for other articles on this subject, and other topics you may be interested in: The index cited here has the link to the earlier index to this site.

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