Friday, 8 July 2016

Petition e-463 - Take Fish Farms out of the Ocean, and Put them on Land

Fin Donnelly, federal BC, NDP MP, has started a petition - Petition e-463 - to get fish farms out of the BC ocean where the federal DFO, CFIA and now, sadly, the Liberals, Justin Trudeau and Dominic Leblanc are now trying to put more farms in the ocean, and trying to change the results of science finding PRV in farmed salmon in BC.

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DFO and CFIA trying to change the science is truly something that should lose many people their jobs. It is Ottawa  not understanding BC, and BC has to stand up.

I will have more to say on the issue. See:

Now, back to the topic: We had hoped that Justin Trudeau, Dominic Leblanc and the Liberals would be a welcome change from the Harper era and the environmental damage they caused. I guess we were wrong. Enbridge is down, and BC residents are not keen on Kinder Morgan.

If you look at Petition e-270, started by a NS, LIBERAL, Bernadette Jordon of South Shores you will find that BC resident signees tower over all other provinces in overwhelmingly rejecting in-ocean fish farms. We are 1300% higher than the next province, that's how much BC wants fish farms out of the ocean.

The Liberals are not listening, and they are losing support in BC, the most environmentally conscious province in Canada. When I was in Ottawa receiving the national, Roderick Haig-Brown Award for my environmental writing, largely on the damage caused by fish farms in the ocean, I was told that 80% of Canadians are in support of taking fish farms out of the ocean.

In my acceptance speech, I told them that jobs and revenue were low and environment, jobs and revenue from the fishing sector are far too great to allow Norwegian fish farms to stay in the ocean, particularly when their own government, in Norway, are so fed up with their damage, they are granting free, on-land licences, a $9- to $12-million subsidy compared with the in-ocean auction price. See:

We subsidize fish farms to the tune of $1.17- to $1.56-billion to use our ocean as a free, open sewer. The sewage damage is worth $10.4 Billion and we taxpayers absorb the cost. This makes no sense, and we don't want to pay.

The Index to this site gives access to all the research I have done to come up with figures:

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