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BAD NEWS BITES - Farmed Salmon/Seafood Industry - Updated Jan 18, 2017

In the July 1, 2015 to July 1 2016 year, I posted more than 600 Bad News Bites for the farmed salmon/seafood industry on a global level. I process more than 20 global fish farm newsletters each week, and give you links to follow up on them. I think you will be shocked by the things that happen in fish farms on a global level.

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In one mouthful, here are the kind of stories I am finding: boom bust industry, billions made and lost, crisis in lice and disease, workers fired, executives jumping company to company, dividing big bonuses, fraud, corruption, litigation, conflict of interest with government and scientists, using the ocean as a free open sewer – $10.4 Billion in BC alone, killing of whales, seals and sea lions – more than 12,000 in BC so far, slavery, unpaid labour, taxpayers paying millions for diseased, dead fish – $177 Million in Canada, dueling scientists, weakening of laws, unsustainable feed, illegal fishing, jail sentences, disasters in Norway, Scotland, Chile, Canada, bullying of scientists, governments and anyone critical of their business, cartels, collusion, price fixing, fishing down the food chain to Antarctic krill, carcinogens and persistent organic pollutants, fluoroquinolones, chicken feathers in feed, animal feces in feed, eutrophication in a time of global warming, Malachite Green fungicide in USA seafood, fake industry awards, all the wild salmon in the Pacific ocean, more than a billion, put in peril... it goes on.

An example, John Fredriksen, owner of the company that owns Marine Harvest, sold off more than $548 million in Marine Harvest shares earlier this year, to speculate that Marine Harvest is going to have a crash this year, and then he will buy them back later when they have busted. Fredriksen is a speculator in boom bust industries (aka 'cyclical') and has oil/shipping interests that also may need propping up in 2016.


From that post: "Because the oil sector Fredriksen owns has been in dire straits, that is why, in my News Bites post, you find he has sold out huge amounts of shares in his own Marine Harvest, from 26.07% to 17.67%, a third of his holdings. He sold at a high, 37.8 Million shares at 117 NOK or $548.1 Million USD.

News Bites post:

In other words Fredriksen believes his own company is over priced and cashed out half a billion dollars of roughly 1.5B USD of his Marine Harvest holdings.

And others at Marine Harvest did the same (also in my News Bites post): "MHG chairman Ole-Eirik Lerøy cut his holdings by 1.1 million shares, or more than a third, to 2.1 million shares and MHG CEO Alf-Helge Aarskog sold off 100,000 shares, corresponding to most of his shareholdings. Aarskog now holds 38,570 shares and close to 1.7 million options in MHG."

And in Chile MH lost 2.5 million salmon, and laid off 500 workers. Hasta la Vista babies. I should add that the multiplier number of jobs lost by the bloom is 12,000 workers, as in workers get laid off first.

Here are the Bad News Bites:

Since July 1, 2016, (to Nov 11) I have found more than 350 BAD NEWS ARTICLES on the global seafood/fish farm industry. It is early November. That is more than 300 bad news articles around the world in just four months. That means the annual list will be almost 1,000 BAD News Articles per year. The industry news is hard to believe/shocking.

Scan the boldfacing for a quick look at the industry problems.

500. Five Workers Dead - Vietnam processor company, gas leak:

499. Buying Social Licence - Marine Harvest baits Port Hardy with $250,000 for aquatic centre:

498. Bust - Lice losses in Norway, Scotland, algae losses in Chile reduce global salmon supply:

497. Fraud - Los Angeles, mislabelling:

496. Boom - Fish feed company, Pesquera Dimante hopes to increase sales by 50%:

495. Boom - Peru to increase tuna 80%:

494. Boom - Vietnam, shrimp to treble to $10B exports:

493. Boom/Mistake - US to allow offshore aquaculture:

492. Boom - Tanzania to double fish production by 2025:

491. Conflict of Interest, Canada - CFIA pushed lab tests to AquaBounty GMO product for export:

490. Filth - FDA Mahi rejections, highest since 2012, 65% to filth:

489. Lice Kill Wild Sea Trout - Ireland, 25 year study:

488. Bust - Russian import ban results in huge losses for processor, Shetland Catch:

487. Disease - Australia, shrimp farmers demand full inquiry into white spot disease arrival:

486. Disease - Australia, white spot disease, shrimp, all imports banned:

485. Disease, Canada, NS, NB:

484. Disease, Canada, NS, IPN, trout:

483. Disease - Canada, BC, IHN, chinook:

482. Disease - multiple diseases in Indian shrimp, AHDD and EHP   :

481. Bust - Chile, artisan fishermen in trouble over depleted jack mackeral, quota almost reached:

480. Bust - farmed salmon over-priced, cod to take grocer cold shelves:

479. Boom - Korea welcomes big conglomerate fish farms:

478. Bust - Oil spill kills fish farm fish, Singapore:

477. Huge Sea Lice Cost - Scotland 300 million pounds ($483 million CDN):

476. Drugs - $260 Million Cocaine Smuggling - Seafish Tasmania boss, Joseph Pirello:

475. Bust - Puerto Rico aquaculture down 31% in 4 years:

474. Mass Firings? - AquaChile claims rumour:

473. Bust - Slumping tilapia sales to US, poor quality product:

472. Common Lice Chemicals Kill More Species in Combination: For example: azametifos, deltamethrin, and hydrogen peroxide.

471. Boom - GMO salmon Aquabounty completes 30-to-1 reverse stock split to prepre for Nasdaq listing:

470. Boom - Norway, salmon, trout exports treble in three years:

469. Deadly Algal Bloom - Chile, role of fish farmers:

468. Ethoxyquin - to prevent fish feed from exploding, could be dangerous to eat:

467. Bust - Chile, 2016 salmon/trout production 21% down:

466. Boom from Bust - Chile salmon prices to be high from supply lost during algal bloom in 2016:

465. Disaster - NB lobsters wash ashore in 'millions', after storm. No explanation of cause:

464.Boom - Norway, exports hit $10.9 billion for first time, 23% increase: On reduced salmon supply, increased demand, weakened currency. In other words, the Chilean red tide disaster, killing 23 million salmon, along with institutional policy holding currency down, was the reason.

463. Millionaire Attacks Tassal Expansion - Australia, Graem Wood, Wotif founder:

462. Execs Jump Ships to Make More $$, from Marine Harvest, Ysco:

461. Smuggling - Billion Dollars of Shrimp, Vietnam/China Border, 270,000 mt:

460. Disease - ISA, Grieg Seafood, Norway, 3000 mt Lost, worth NOK 25 million (

459. More On-going Train Wreck, Pac Andes Bankruptcy - See:

458. Fish Farm Lice Kill Sea Trout - Ireland: Scientific study.

457. Lice Battle Being Lost - Scotland, lice chemical use up 932% in a decade:

456. Peroxide Resistant Lice - scientific study:

455. Dead Herring, Dead Lobsters - NS Fish Farms? Here is an ongoing discussion on animals dying in NS, and the use of peroxide for killing lice in Norway, and the killing of wild shrimp: Note to DCR: many useful links in this one on Norwegian problems.

454. Sea Lice - Norway, weakening salmon, killing EWOS feed sales:

453. Disaster in Chile - dumping algal bloom killed salmon causes widespread deaths of sea lions, fish, sea birds, washing up on shore:

452. Boom - Investor buys ProFish to finance aggressive expansion:

451. Court Case - Arnarlax, Iceland, procedures unlawful:

450. Anchovy Stock Way Down - Peru, ending season early would cost industry $900 million:

449. Dumping Dead Fish  in Sea - Chile, 4,500 mt, from algal bloom:

448. Boom - Dalian builds new seafood/salmon processing plant, $41 million: Dalian Global Food is a joint venture of Zoneco and Sojitz Corporation.

447. Disease - ISA, Grieg Seafood, Norway:

446. Bust - El Nino, over fishing, serious anchovy decline in Peru:

445. Bust - Chile/Perus anchovetta catches are juveniles and off 94% in Q!:

444. Bust - Chilean loss was 38.2 million dead salmonids to algal bloom: In figure terms, this meant a total of 38.2 million dead fish (31 million Atlantic salmon, 4.2 coho salmon and 2.9 million rainbow trout).

443. Boom - Norway Royal Salmon, Iceland, huge potential: 160 employees, in Norway, 35 licences. In Iceland, 80,000 mt potential

442. Algae Writedown - BC, Grieg Seafood:

441. Disease, lice, algae - Q3, 2016, Grieg Seafood:

440. Workers Fired - Shetlands, Grieg Seafood, sea lice, algal blooms the problems 25 of 168 workers fired:,

439. Boom from Bust - Marine Harvest buys bankrupt Gray Aqua, NL, applies for additional 17 licences:

438. Disease - ISA, Chile, Cermaq:

437. Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria - China, tilapia and shrimp eat hog sewage piped directly into ponds:

436. Boom - Oman, sees $1.2 Billion industry:

435. Trade Battle - Norway, against Chile, Faroes, Scotland for China market:

434. Pre-Bankruptcy - Fishgate, Iceland:

433. Big Debt Refinanced - AquaChile, Rabobank et al. $251 million:

432. Bust - Revenue Down 70%, Tesco:

431. Price Fixing, VP Pleads Guilty, Bumble Bee:

430. Disease - India, shrimp, exports of $4.4 Billion, 70% down:

429. Fraud - Aldi mislabels farmed Scottish salmon as wild:

428. Bust to Boom - Marine Harvest snaps up bankrupt, homegrown Grey Aqua, NL:

427. Boom - Russia doubles mussels, oysters:

426. Bust - Chile, salmon down 16%, due to algal bloom:

425. Massive Salmon Mortalities - Big Sanctions - Chile, Australis, AquaChile:

424. Criminals Steal $1 Million Salmon - Chile:

423. Criminal Charges, Guilty Plea - illegal wastewater discharge results in $1.2 million Omega Protein fines:

422. Consequence of Bust - algal bloom killed 23 million salmon, thus reducing Chilean salmon output, Norwegian prices thus higher, resulting in lower sales in Asia:

421. Boom - Marine Harvest buys in receivership Aqua Grey, NL:

420. Disease - ISA, Cermaq, Chile:

419. Protect the Ocean? No, get out of it: eight of the worst fish farm/seafood companies say they will protect the ocean. I don't think so:

418. Boom - Thailand shrimp to 350,000 mt:

417. Oligopolies - Competition Suffers - Industry Consolidation in Chile:

416. Bad Management Issue - Peru, second anchovetta season worth $900 million: This just weeks after Peru closed 19 of 20 areas to fishing anchovy.

415.Scam, Fraud - China sends antibiotic-tainted shrimp into USA:

414. Fish Processor Fined $200,000 for environmental transgressions - NL:

413. Fish Farm Diseases Kill Herring? - NS, DFO doesn't know. But samples sent by locals to Kibenge for analysis:

412. Citizens Against Fish Farm - Scotland:

411. Indoor Aquaculture Better than Outdoor - Malaysia:

410. Supermarkets Slammed for High Lice Salmon Sales - Scotland:

409. Omega-3s Down 50% - farmed fish not as healthy:

408. Fish Farms Killing Wild Salmon - BC, Canada:

407. Fish Feed, Made from Insects? Yum. See:

406. Open Ocean Fish Farms - same problems, pristine waters fouled:

405. Fake Awards - BAPs, Industry Funded, given to themselves, 1500 times:

404. Disease, ISA - Chile, Cermaq:

403. Citizens Overwhelmingly Reject Fish Farms - Canada, Atlantic: Follow the still photos.

402. Boom - China, $200 million investment in Russia aquaculture, in Primorsky Krai:

401. Too Big To Fail? Pescanova - banks agree to 345 million Euros ($366 M USA) to prop the ailing company up:

400. Trudeau Government Votes Down Bill C-228 to take Fish Farms out of the Water:

399. Huge Disease Deaths - whitespot, Australia, shrimp:

398. Disease Deaths - billions in Vietnam fish and shrimp, pollution:,

397. Disease - HSMI, farmed salmon - BC. See:  Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation (HSMI) disease was identified on a salmon farm in BC by the PSF's Strategic Salmon Health Initiative.

396. Disease - IHN, BC, Canada, chinook salmon:

395. Diseases - ISA in NB, NL, Canada, 12 cases of virus in 2016, also IPN, IHN:

394. Lice 'Misreporting' - Norway, NOK 6 million fine for Norway Royal Salmon subsidiary Nord Senja Laks:

393. Disease - white spot, Australia, shrimp:

392. Emergency Plans - Chile, algal bloom salmon losses, 2017:

390. Fraud, Illegal Catch Laws - Obama, USA:

389. Certification Schemes at War - WWF (the ASCs) and MSCs in public dispute:

388. Diseases - China, shrimp:

387. Bust - Ecuador, Disease, Vibrio, Shrimp:

386. Price Fixing, Antitrust Case - US, Bumble Bee, Walter Scott Cameron to plead guilty:

385. Fish Farm Kills 7 Sealions - BC, Canada, uses ASC certificate that should have been lifted. Living Oceans. Marine Harvest, Marsh Bay:

384. Conflict of Interest - MSC makes money from its eco labels and the WWF says that's wrong:

383. Boom - Chile, Cooke Aquaculture company Salmones Cupquelan, buys Marine Harvest processing plant:

382. Bust - Peru, anchovetta, 20 areas closed to fishing for 2M metric tonnes, because stocks are down. This is the last major forage fish stock:

381.Bust? - Chile, salmon producers worried about repeat algal bloom in 2017, that killed 23 million salmon in 2016:

380. Fish Farms Entangle Whales - BC:

379. Boom - India shrimp exports to USA at record high:

378. Fish Farms Kill Whales - BC: 
"in 2016, we are up to 22 already," he said referring to figure for West Coast. Six whales were saved, he added. An average year would see 10- 15 whale entanglements according to DFO.
Here is another link to 21st entanglement: Here is another link to fish farms kill whales: Three of the 21 entanglements.

377. Top 150 Companies $107 Billion Revenue:

376. Oligopoly Industry - Mitsubishi Merges Cermaq, Salmonelle Humboldt:

375. Salmon Smokers in Crisis - record high cost of salmon:

374. 9 Seafood Smugglers Arrested - China, $36M:

373. NL - $45 million to Grieg Seafood? Aqua Gray bankruptcy took NL money:

372. Aggressive Industry - Huon Acquaculture, Tasmania, condemns government plan to decrease salmon numbers in Macquarie Harbour:

371. Bust - China Fishery bankruptcy update, chapter 11, NY:

370. Boom - Chile, Agrosuper salmon expansion into China:

369. Boom - Norway sees huge potential for salmon in India:

368. Boom - Vietnam Pangasuis sales to China up 76%:

367. Boom - Land-based salmon farm, Jurassic Salmon, Poland:

366. Boom - Vietnam sales to China rocket:

365. Litigious Industry - Benihana sues Bama Sea-products

364. Takeover Business - Chile, Agrosuper, algal losses pushed up salmon prices, allowing extra profits:

363. Disease Deaths now Top 360,000 Dead Fish - Scotland, Marine Harvest: "Sea lice infestations and infectious diseases such as Amoebic Gill Disease are quite literally choking the Scottish salmon farming industry to death." Thermolicer killing fish.

Sea lice treatment costs in Scotland: "The strategy states that almost £30m has recently been spent in each of the past five years on tackling sea lice," reported BBC Scotland Business/Economy Editor Douglas Fraser (29 October) .  "Think about that for a moment - £150 million".

362. Technology Replaces Fish Farm Workers - Nissui:

361. Bust - Salmon Deaths - 175,000 and 60,000 to thermolicer that poached them, to AGD, Scotland:

360. Boom - Primstar, Nigeria to open largest Sub-Sahara shrimp farm in Africa:

359. Boom - Egypt, tiliapia, soy imports to grow 181%, highest production after China:

358. Boom - China, tilapia, firm to double production with recirculating system:

357. Boom - Chile, Salmones Magallanes to double salmon production in five years:

356. Bust - Scottish Seafood Company, exceptional mortalities:

355. No to Expansion - Scotland, MP condemns expansion:

354. Bust - Hofseth Biocare, Norway, heavy loss, fish oil producer:

353. Flesh Eating Disease - Washnigton, USA, tilapia:

352. Bust - Peru closes 8 anchovy fishing regions:

351. Humpback Whale Kill - Marine Harvest, BC, CDN:

350. Bust - Moody's downgrades Peru's feed maker Exalmar, over low catches, etc:

349. Bust - PacAndes bankruptcy goes on and on:

348. DFO Sued for failing to protect wild BC salmon:

347. Litigation Against Industry, BC: no legal authority to be in aboriginal territory:

346. Litigious Industry,  SLAPP Suit - BC, trespassing, Morton, aboriginals: See the four cases:

345. Bust - Japan chum harvest down 30%, worst in 24 years:

344. Bust - Chile salmon down 13%:

343. Boom - New lice chemical in feed, Norway:

342. Boom - Cooke acquires Fripur, Uruguay:

341. Disease - China, shrimp, EMS, vibrios, big problems:

340. Boom - Maltese aquaculture up 30%:

339. Boom - Russia, pollock, 48% rise, Nakhodka Active Marine Fishery Base:

338. Fish Farm Automation - Cooke Aquaculture, Scotland/Canada, lowers cost, automation replaces workers:

337. Boom - Export Sales top $8 billion, Vietnam:

336. Dispute Over Norway Health Benefits Study - Norway:

335. Fish Processor Burns Down - NS, Capital Seafood, Zoneco-Owned:

334. Boom - Sanford, NZ, profits up 152%:

333. Workers Against Cooke Take Over - Uruguay, bankruptcy, Fripur:

332. Political Science - fish farms want science on wild salmon, BC:

331. Public Overwhelmingly Rejects Fish Farms - Tasmania, See the Movie/News: 85,000 salmon die in one day from low oxygen in a closed harbour. Huon expects catastrophe, and is moving offshore. Has told govt since 2013. See the letter. 2015 senate enquiry. Dover Bay Mussel Co collapsed due to Tassal fish sewage. Tassal pays about $500,000 yearly to WWF for use of logo and ASC. WWF gets criticized, and taking money from Huon but not giving anything to partnership, so Huon walked. Skretting says that its feed contains chicken feather, cow offal, dyes. Okehampton Bay, Spring Bay Seafood demise. Leaks of Tassal meeting with 4 Corners 'control' document. Taping of meetings without telling anyone. This is like the Hites et al situation in Scotland when the industry neutralized a Science article on the cancer causing chemicals in farmed salmon. Tassal had a 'Four Corners Strattegy Document'.

330. Marine Harvest fined 5000 pounds - Scotland:

329. Cut Salmon Farm Quotas - Green Party, Tasmania, Macquarie Harbour:

328. Squid Collapse - Peru:

327. Boom - Highest profits ever, Norway Royal Salmon: "The company, listed on the Oslo stock exchange, reported operational ebit of NOK 218.11 million ($26.49m), up 863% year-on-year and ebit per kilogram of NOK 30.35/kg, up 228% y-o-y."

326. Fish Farm Debt - Ventisqueros, Chile, $80 Million, Rabobank:

325. Destruction of Forage Fish - Peru, hikes anchovetta quota 81%:

324. Lice Kill Farmed Salmon - Norway, Leroy, 8000 metric tonnes:

323. Disease - Smoked Salmon Recalled over Listeria, USA:

322. Wild Salmon Infected with Fish Farm Lice - Norway:

321. Too High Risk For Bank Loans - banks won't lend to aquaculture in Indonesia:

320. Boom - world's largest seafood firm doubles profit, Japan, Japan’s Maruha Nichiro, reported operating profit of JPY 14.79bn for the first half of its latest financial year, up 114.9% year-on-year.

319. Marine Harvest Kills 175,000 Salmon - Lice, AGD in Scotland:  "Blunders by Norwegian multinational, Marine Harvest, have cost millions of pounds and led to over 600 tonnes of salmon having to be incinerated. Campaigners have accused Marine Harvest of treating salmon cruelly, and warn that lice and diseases are “choking the Scottish salmon farming industry to death”.
 The worst incident took place in July and August on a salmon farm in Loch Greshornish on the Isle of Skye. Some 95,400 fish were killed by a new device called a thermolicer, which is designed to rid salmon of the sea lice. Officials estimated that the losses cost Marine Harvest over £2.7 million.

Another 20,000 salmon were killed at Loch Greshornish fish farm by other attempts to rid them of sea lice using chemicals.

Earlier 60,000 salmon had been killed by hydrogen peroxide used to treat them for amoebic gill disease, this time at a Marine Harvest fish farm in Soay Sound off the Isle of Harris."

318. Chile says No to Fish Farm Applications - southern regions:

317.Algal Bloom Coming? Chile - fish farms prepare for algal blooms:

316. Fish Farms Kill Wild Salmon: 
"After many years and hundreds of studies, we are past debate over whether or not aquaculture has negative impacts on wild salmon stocks." Atlantic Salmon Federation.

***315. DFO Against Wild BC Salmon: "To understand just how important wild salmon are to the people of BC, consider this: a 2011 public opinion poll showed wild salmon are as culturally important to British Columbians as the French language is to Quebeckers"

314. People Against Fish Farms - Tasmania:

313. Americans Don't Want Fish Farms, Bureaucrats Do:

312. Bill Bans In-ocean Fish Farms, get second reading - Canada, Fin Donnelly:

311. Overstocking Salmon Leads to Disaster? - more on Tasmania where government disputes allegations:

310. Humpback Whale Trapped in Fish Farm net, rescued by DFO, Klemtu:

309. Bust - yet more PacAndes bankruptcy, new liquidator appointed:

308. Boom - Alibaba, China, up 300%:

307. Breach of Parliamentary Privilege - Tassal, Australia/Tasmania:

306. Boom - Marine Harvest third Q profits double:

305. Boom - Aggressive Expansion, Danish feed producer:

304. Boom - AquaGen to double egg production, Norway:

303. Industry Consolidation - Norwegian, Norway Royal Salmon buys 50% of Iceland's Arctic Fish:

302. Overstocked Salmon - Australia/Tasmania Industry claims government knew about it, next to a world heritage site:

301. Overstocked Salmon - Australia, Tassal disputes claim, but shares plummet on news:

300. Disease - Brazil 50% price hike, shrimp white spot disease, 30% die:

298. Bust to Boom - Zoneco, China, shrimp:

297. Bust, Litigious Nature of Industry - Germany, shrimp farmer bust:

296. Over fishing, Oligopolies (consolidating industry) in Processing - China:

295. Disaster? - Tasmania Government disputes over stocking salmon will lead to 'disaster', Huon:

294. Bust - Peru, Exalmar, fishmeal sales down due to falling catch:

293. Disease - AGD, Scotland:

292. Boom - Scotland, aquaculture to double by 2030, 3.6 billion pounds:

291. Disease - Scotland, AGD, Marine Harvest:

290.Sea Lice Fight - Scotland, 1.76 million pounds to fight them:

289. Boom - Cuba to double aquaculture products by 2030:

288. Disease - AGD, Hebrides:

287. Disease - threatens Kerala, India shrimp production:

286. New Quotas - Will bring bankruptcy, poaching, Russia:

285. 'Greed - Drove Asia's shrimp problems':

284. Boom - Camposel, 71.9% increase in profits:

283. Illegal Fishing - Chile, over exploiting mackerel, anchovetta, hake and sardine:

282. Get Fish Farms Out of the Water, NS, Telegram letter: Quote: "Closed containment on-land technology capability exists today to keep farm-raised salmon and trout in fine comfort and security. Their water temperature can easily be monitored so they grow even more quickly. The ammonia can be removed, the oxygen can be secured, the power to run such a facility can be backed up by generators, and the fecal and food waste can be separated. On-land closed containment platforms are better for the fish, better for the environment and better for the final customer. Given this potential and the gruesome conditions in an open net pen for so many difficult days on an annual basis, why would the feedlot crowd and governments stick to an approach that should have been abandoned years ago?"

281. Bust - Atlantic Salmon Federation takes Grieg Seafood Placentia Bay development to court:

280. Bust - Cargill's omega oils from canola, could spell end of fish feed companies oil from fish reduction:

279. Bust - Grieg Seafood Sees Huge Losses in Shetlands:

278. Boom - Vietnam Shrimp sales to China up 35%:

277. Bust - Copeinca, China Fishery Feed Exports Plummet:

276. Too High Fish Feed Prices force fish farmers out of business - Namibia:

275. Collusion Investigation - Chile feed manufacturers:

274. Slavery Award - Thai Union nominated for 'Slavery Award', for labor abuses:

273.Fake Awards - Industry gives itself its own awards: PFG 92% certified by GAA:

272. Aggressive Expansion - Viciuinai:

271. Court Challenge GMO Salmon Ruling - Canada:

270. Anti Competition Probe - Chile, Cargill:

269. Bust - China Fishmeal Exports tumble 20%, Copeinca and China Fishery:

268. Fraud? - BC hake in BC fish feed:

268. Disease - ISAV, NB, Canada:

267. Boom - Morpol, Poland, biggest salmon processing plant, 90,000 square feet:

266. Boom - Hawaiian fishermen hope to triple tuna catch:

265. Litigious Industry - Pescanova sues itself, Neuva Pescanova:

264. Bust - Chile Salmon down 19% because of algal bloom, 100,000 tonnes:

263. Obfuscating Inter-business Ownership: Jack Mackerel, and other species. Just look at the inter-business ownership that clouds the best efforts to reach conclusions on who is doing the plundering of stocks - for fish feed: "Inside PacAndes:

PacAndes is the proverbial puzzle within an enigma. Its 50,000 gross ton flagship, the Lafayette, is registered to Investment Company Kredo in Moscow and flies a Russian flag. Kredo — via four other subsidiaries — belongs to China Fishery Group in Singapore, which, in turn, is registered in the Cayman Islands.

China Fishery and Pacific Andes Resources Development belong to Pacific Andes International Holdings, based in Hong Kong but under yet another holding company registered in Bermuda.
PacAndes, which is publicly traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange, reports more than 100 subsidiaries under its various branches, but a partly impenetrable global network includes many more affiliates.

One of its major investors is the U.S.-based Carlyle Group, which purchased $150 million in shares in 2010."

The article goes on with more for several more paragraphs. Do read this as it is hard to believe.

262. Fish Farm Regulations Not Strong Enough, Canada, Gardner, Pinfold study:

261. Fish Escape, 80,000 rainbows, Denmark:

260. Disease - ISA, Canada, NB:

259. Costs Double in Decade - Norway, salmon farming:

258. Disease - AGD Costs Scotland, $120 Million each Year - Cure? Hendrix Genetics:

257. Boom - India to double shrimp production by 2020:

256. Boom Boom - Cooke Aquaculture buys everyone, $1.8 Billion revenue on 270,000 tonnes of wild, farmed  salmon. Thomson Bros Salmon, UK, Balta Island Seafare, Marine Harvest assets it had to divest because of Morpol deal, Cooke Seafood, Icicle Seafood, US, Fripur Uruguay, Wanchese Fish Company, and others in Chile and Spain: These are the same guys who were done for illegal use of cypermethrin in Canada, and gladly took the $25 million from the government and didn't build the plants in Atlantic Canada, and so it goes.

255. Leblanc, DFO Taken To Court, Canada: Ecojustice:

254. Cartel Nature of Industry - follow Norway's Koppernaes ownership in interwoven companies:

253. William Shatner Against Fish Farms:

252. Takeover - Argentina's Shrimp - By Chinese, Dalian Huafeng Aquatic Products:

251. Boom/Aggressive Takeover - Thai Union Buys 49% of Red Lobster for $575 Million. Last week it bought Chicken of the Sea Frozen Seafood:

250. Bust - Omega 3s halved in farmed salmon in a decade, due to vegetables:

249. Boom - 41% Spike in India Shrimp to USA:

248. Workers Fired - Namibia, Etosha:

247. Boom - Grieg Seafood hatchery, $200M NL Project, Placentia Bay:

246. No Environmental Assessment, Placentia Bay - NL, Canada, Minister:

245. Boom - Norway, highest volumes ever:

244. Fake Awards - Cooke, long one of the most controversial companies, 'wins' industry own BAPS:

243. Boom - Pescanova to invest 12 5million Euros, looking for 1.5 billion Euro sales:

242. Fish Feed Speculation - Peru, indebted firms sell futures contracts sinking market values:

241. Boom - USA, Sandiego, offshore fish farm:

240. Boom - NZ, salmon, sleeping giant:

239. Boom - Blumar, Ventisqueros, $150Million salmon sale in USA:

238. Podcasts of Most Controversial Stories in Serafood:

237. Peroxide to Kill Lice, Klemtu, BC, Marine Harvest:

236. More Pacific Andes Debacle, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, asks court to liquidate two subsidiaries not part of US bankruptcy or Singapore insolvency:

235. Aggressive Takeover - USA, Ventisqueros, Chile, to Buy 50% of Blumar:

234. Corruption Injunction - Korea,  $21 million in loans to Hansun Enterprise, Bank Head:

233. Boom Vietnam - Biggest Fish Feed Plant - 30,000mt per day:

232. Boom - Canada, aquaculture to double in size:

231. Litigious Industry - Canada, Marine Harvest Sues Alexandra Morton and aboriginals:

230. Litigious Industry - Canada, Marine Harvest sues Aboriginals and Alexandra Morton for Trespassing on Aboriginal Territory:

229. Senators Want Aquaculture to Double, Canada. Sadly, and not well-informed, the Senate wants industry to expand:

228. Disease - Listeria - US smoked salmon, MT Kisco Smokehouse:

227. Cartel Nature of Industry - Marine Harvest Handbook 2016: See 5. Industry Structure.

226. Environmental Backlash, Chile - 11 farms for BioBio on hold:

225. First Nations Tired of DFO, Justin Trudeau, for not negotiating fishing rights:

224. Thousands of Workers Lose Jobs - Chile, because of industry consolidation (a cartel) and algal bloom:
"2,606 salmon processing workers in Chile were laid off by producers including AquaChile, Multiexport, Australis Seafoods and Camanchaca."Also see:

223. Bust - Malta 10 licences revoked:

222. Boom - India wants $20Billion in exports by 2020:

221. Fish Feed Unsustainable, fish oil, fish meal will be too expensive:

220. Bust for Open Systems - Closed Systems way of future for fish farming, Kick Myrseth backs closed systems as future of Norwegian salmon Aquaculture industry figure Bjorn Myrseth:

219. Bust - Cermaq, Loses $166million in Chile, wipes out profit for its global operations:

218. Boom - NZ King Salmon seeks $154Million:

217. Seal Kill Fish Farm Countries Banned from US exports, Canada et al:

216. Disease - Listeria - FDA shuts down SM Fish Corp

215. Fish Meal Blows Up - causes fire in Alaska:

214. Omega 3s - falling in farmed salmon:

213. Feed - Problems with Substitutes for Fishmeal and Fish Oil:

212. Boom - Turkey Primed for Aggressive Growth:

211. Execs Jump Company to Company:

210 Escaped Salmon Breeding with Wild Salmon, NL in 17 of 18 rivers studied:

209. Boom - NL now highest producer of salmon, blue mussels:

208. Boom - China Shrimp consumption doubles, 123% in ten years:

207. Push/Pull Industry on Government, new plan:

206. Boom - Global Shrimp, 2017, 2018:

205. Boom - Ecuador Shrimp:

204. Omega Protein Faces Lawsuit from Injured Workers:

203. Workers/Managers Lose Jobs - Aqua Chile, 40% workers, 24% managers:

202. After Killing all the forage fish, fish farms will move on to other protein:

201. Indonesia Blows Up Illegal Fishing Boats

200. Vietnam to Sue USA over shrimp, anti-dumping fees:

199. Boom - Calysta, Cargill, to open huge USA plant:

198, More Disease, ISA, Chile:

197. Disease, ISA, Chile:

196. Bad News, Chile, salmon, on multiple fronts in 2016:

195. Fish Farm Slime, Malta: See also, item 167.

194. Aggressive Expansion Industry - Cooke, Alaska's Icicle Foods, Asian office:

193. Shareholders Unhappy With Low Performance - Scotland, Scottish Salmon Company. See:

192. Aggressive Expansion Industry - Leroy, Havfish, Norway Seafood.

191. Push/Pull Industry - salmon farming, NS:

190. Disease, Indonesia, shrimp:

189. Even More Pacific Andes Problems:

188. Fish Farm/Wild Salmon Debate, BC:

187. Pacific Andes Debacle Goes on - debt problem, $200M:

186. Humback Whale Trapped in Marine Harvest Net, Sheep Passage farm, BC:

185. Boom, 'Massive boost in profits', John West, UK:

184. Boom - Invermar, tripled sales in salmon, Chile:

183. Bust - Chile, fisheries: “Among the main species of fish harvested in Chile, seven species are being fully exploited. Nine species are overfished. Nine species have been depleted." See:

182.Boom - Chile - see 178, because 25 million salmon were lost in algal bloom, supply is low and thus prices have gone up. Fish farms are an on-going boom/bust industry for many reasons. In the past, fish farms in BC crowed about increased sales, ignoring that the Chile ISA crisis in 2008 of $2B lost fish and 13- to 26-thousand workers jobs lost were the reason. Bust for one country, is a boom for other countries. For the 2016 boom:
Multiexport says higher prices cancel out algal bloom losses

181.  Disease/Bust - Chile -  a huge quantity of trout perished through the spread of Piscirickettsiosis, an aquatic disease that plagues the Chilean salmon farming industry:

180. Boom - Chile to open 100 more fish farms:

179. Bust - Young's, you will recall the on-going debacle for Young's in the UK, well, its parent company just lost 49 million euros, or $71.5 million Canadian dollars (exchange rate: 1.46)
Young’s parent reports £49m Q3 loss with debt pile rising

178. Boom/Bust Cycle - Norway salmon prices to tumble next week. One of the on-going cycles in fish farming (there are several cycles), is the salmon quotes on the markets, that go up and down based on global supply. With Chile tanking because of the 25 Million salmon lost to the algal bloom (which of course, is a bust), in the spring, it makes it sweet to be in Norway, and thus the market went up, as in boom. The point is that it is a Boom/Bust industry, for many reasons: Norwegian salmon prices to drop again on high supply

177. Overfished Fishmeal, Fish Oil Fisheries - only 3.8% sustainable stocks:

172. Fishmeal, Fish Oil fisheries need improvement: New report finds fishmeal, fish oil fisheries need improvement.

171. Companies Move, Workers Lose - China, Myanmar, tilapia broodstock sent to start farms in Myanmar because of high costs in China. Companies focused on profits:
170. Huge Cartel Fine:Heiploeg loses cartel fine appeal:Dutch shrimp processor lost appeal at EU General Court against a cartel fine of €27m ($39.4 Million Canadian).
169. Disease Loss $20Billion, Shrimp: In Thailand: Shrimp productivity in the Southeast Asian nation fell from a peak of 10.6t/ha in 2010 to 4.13t/ha in 2013 following an AHPND/EMS outbreak.

168. Executives Jump From Ship to Ship - EWOS to Nordlaks:

167. Fish Farm Slime - Malta, feed:

166. Boom/Bust - Grieg Seafood, Placentia Bay, NL, huge farms, opposition:

165. Problems in Seaweed Aquaculture, Boom/Bust Cycle, Diseases, and etc.:

164. Controversial Fish Farm Limit - Chile - Growth - Marine Harvest against plan:

163. Essentially Imprisoned, Undocumented Fisheries Workers - Hawaii: Do read the article as it has much detail:

162. Labour Rights Abuses - Hawaii. Editorial:

161. Fish Farm Communications Spin, BC: dwindling wild BC salmon, 'only points to a bigger need for salmon farms." Jeremy Dunn. Is that weird or what? Fish farms being one of the top four reasons for dwindling stocks: habitat restoration, DFO, fish farms and climate change:

160. Opposition to New Fish Farm - fish farm owner opposes Tassal plan for 28 pen farm in Tasmania:

159. Boom - Peru, wants greater aquaculture production:

158. Monopoly - Cooke Aquaculture buys all of north Scotland fish farms, Balta Island Seafare:

157. Labour Rights Abuses - Hawaii - 700 undocumented foreign workers from southeast Asia:

156. Fraud - Oceana, 1 in 5 seafood products mislabelled: An interactive map of the global seafood fraud review compiled by Oceana can be found here.

155. Disease - vibrio rises with climate change:

154. Get Fish Farms Out of BC  Waters, 400 protesters:

153. Boom - Peru Anchovy Catch up 103%:

152. Fish Farm Seal Deaths Result in USA Sanction of Scotland salmon, five year plan:

151. Boom - Cooke Buys North Scotland salmon farmer, Baltic Island Seafare, takes control of area:

150. Boom - Vietnam, tilapia sales rise 32% to $45M:

149. Boom - Norway Salmon Exports - weak world supply (read Chile) leads to record high price sales:

148. Tassal Salmon Plan Controversial, Tasmania, won't work, salmon farmer:

147. Chile, Rotting Salmon Worsened Algal Bloom - Greenpeace, ammonia:

146. Scotland Salmon could be Banned in USA, for harming mammals:

145.Bust - Dias being Liquidated, Greece, sea bass, bream:

144. Boom - Norway Exports up 37%, NOK 7.1 B for August: 

143. Pacific Andes Bankruptcy - Ngs surprised at $7Billion inter department money transfers:

142. Pacific Andes Bankruptcy- NGs Need $2.8 B to make money on Peru anchovy asset sale:

141. BC Against Fish Farms, want them out of the water:

140. Aboriginals and Citizens Against Fish Farms, BC:

139. Boom - Marine Harvest: earnings before interest and taxes of EUR 149 million (USD 168.5 million) in Q2, up 78% from EUR 84 million (USD 95 million) in 2015:

138. Bust - Peru Anchovy harvest down 2m tonnes, 20%, Excalmar:

137. Bust - Bankruptcy, Great Pacific Seafood, assets to be sold:

136. Aboriginals Against Fish Farms, BC:

135. Salmon Price Down - Norway:

134. Tasmania - No To Fish Farms:

133. Tasmanians Against Fish Farms - Study:

131. Fake Awards - ASCs for Cermaq, BC. The ASCs allow in-ocean fish farms, rather than only on land:

130. Farmers Break Rules/Dykes for Aquaculture - Vietnam:

129. Yellowtail King Fish Farm Fish Die - Australia:

128. First Nation Protest, BC - Remove Fish Farms from our territory:

127. Boom - NZ to Double Seafood growth by 2025:

126. Fish Farms Evicted, BC, First Nations want fish farms out of the ocean:

125. 'Organic' Norwegian Salmon Face Challenge in EU, After Norwegian Sheep:

124. Malta, Fish Farm Slime:

123. US Open Gullible, Again, for Skuna Bay Salmon:

122. Maltese Fish Farm 'Slime' Problem out of hand:

121. Aboriginals want Marine Harvest out of water, BC:

120. Bust - Huon, Australia - El Nino, poor feed performance, weak export market:

119. On-Going Pacific Andes Bankruptcy Debacle - Peru asset:

118. Boom - Marine Harvest cuts ribbon on 'massive' smolt factory:

117. Boom - NZ King Salmon to double production to 6000t:

116. Diseased, Dead Fish, HSMI, PRV, BC randomly picked one farm, one net:

115. BC First Nations Against Fish Farms:

114. Boom - Biomar, Sagan, 50,000t feed plant in Turkey:

113. Aggressive Growth - Leroy to buy Havfisk, and Norway Seafood, white fish:

112. Boom - Japan, Trident to double pollock sales to 200t in 2017, 5000t in 2018:

111. Disease, vibrio - Honduras, much more aggressive than in past, can be caught by humans:

110. Bust - Norway salmon harvest down 9%, 45,000mt:

109. Aboriginals Arrested by Cermaq - for protesting after eviction:

108. Boom - Hofseth, rocketing sales to US, but rest of business a drag:

107. Huge Antibiotic Use - Chile - Creating Superbugs? "In 2015, salmon farmers used 660 grams of antibiotics per metric ton of fish. Norway, in contrast, produces more salmon than Chile but uses far fewer drugs — around 0.17 grams per ton."

106. Disease, Listeria, Israel, Maadaney Miki, frozen fish:

105. Disease/Legal Battle - Listeria, Chile/USA, Agro Super and California’s Santa Barbara Smokehouse blame the other for a 2014 listeria outbreak that cost the smokehouse millions in losses:

104. Disease - ISA, Norway, Salmar:

103. High Lice, High Costs, Marine Harvest:

102. False Statement - Cermaq, BC: Cermaq claims that HSMI ' a disease that a) has never been shown to exist in BC, and b) requires the diagnosis of a histopathologist.' It knows this is false: The SSHI process that it is a part of has found HSMI in BC. See item 97 below.

101. Antibiotics Use Surges in Canada, Chile, Norway, Cermaq:

100. Trout Escape - Norway, Fjordlaks:

99. Bust - Cooke Aquaculture, NS, faces licence opposition:

98. Bust - Marine Harvest fish farms nosedive, Ireland:

97. Fish Farm Disease, HSMI Found in BC, Psf, Miller:

96. First Nation, Musgamagw, Evict Cermaq Fish Farm, BC:

95. Bust, Pacific Andes, Peru, Anchovy operations, $20M loss, big problems:

94. Bust for Bakkafrost because of high salmon prices, and processing sector:

93. The Bust Goes On - Pacific Andes Bankruptcy, arguments about Ng's continue or trustee:

92. Disease in BC Farmed/Wild Salmon, PRV,: “I have been studying viruses in farmed and wild salmon for the last five years and 95% of the salmon in supermarkets are infected with the piscine reovirus, which is a virus that is associated with a disease that damages the hearts of salmon." Alex Morton.

91. Boom? Merger. - Mitsubishi may merge Cermaq, Salmones Humboltd, Chile:

90. Boom - Cooke Aquaculture acquires Icicle Seafood, Port Angeles:

89. Boom - Scotland sales to Japan doubles:

88. Bust - Sudden Over-supply sends salmon price plummeting, Noway:

87. Boom? Bust? Wild salmon threatened - NL, Bill Taylor:

86. Conflict of Interest - DFO, LeBlanc in hot water:

85. Conflict of Interest - DFO, Canada, should not support fish farms, get on with wild salmon:

84. Bust - Marine Harvest, costs unacceptably high, volume down:

83. Boom - Leroy, Norway, rakes in highest profit ever:

82. Antibiotic Use Disturbingly High - Cermaq, Chile:

81. Disease Bust - Asian Shrimp, risky business plagued by disease, production down from 3.2 million tonnes to 2.2 - 32%:

80. Boom - Marine Harvest, profits in Q2 up 77%, on reduced supply, 149 M Euros:

79. 170 Get Hepatitis A from Filipino Bay Scallops, Hawaii:

78. Court Petitioned to Stop Grieg Seafood, Placentia Bay, NL - Owen Myers:

77. Disease - EMS Here to Stay, Shrimp, Thailand:

76. DISEASE COSTS FISH FARM INDUSTRY 9BILLION EUROS ($13Billin) - Vaccination in algae could eliminate 9billion euro loss: MicroSynbiotiX. Note also that viral diseases cannot be vaccinated for, and thus the disease cost to the fish farm industry is much higher than the 9B Euro figure.

75. Lawyer Sues Grieg Seafood, Canada, over triploidy - Steven Cooper, NL fish farms:

74. Escapes - 800,000 Atlantic Salmon have escaped in NL since 1970s:

73. Sea Lice Epidemic in BC, 2015: 'The sea lice spread to migrating juvenile wild salmon, resulting in the highest numbers of sea lice observed on wild salmon in a decade.' Note, same year Marine Harvest was trumpeting that they did not have lice in Quatsino Strait. Hmm.

72. Diseased Dead Fish at Okisello - BC:

71. DFO Won't Ban Fish Farms in BC:

70. ISA Disease in Canada:

69. Bust - Shrimp, White Spot Disease, Huge Losses, India:

68. Pre-Bust, Salmon Price to Drop below 2011, Nordea: Remember the story of Jon Fredriksen sell $548Million in Marine Harvest stocks, banking on share price drop, and then he'd buy back in.

67. Boom - Rabobank, Brazil, Regal Springs could do 500,000t tilapia:

66. Forget Environment, 'Jobs' sound good to government, Tasmania:

65. Boom? -  Tassal 28 fish farm pen expansion in controversy, Tasmania. While east coast salmon farms have suffered due to high temperatures:

64. Bust - Chile Algal Bloom causes Biomar feed operations return to tumble 17%:

63. Chile Algal Bloom - Will Bust Again, Working Group:

62. Lawsuit over Anticompetitive Practices, Seawater Seafoods Sues Rival, Larger Pacific Seafoods:

61. More Lice Chemicals in Chile - Imvixa:

60. Prosecutors want Omega Protein probation yanked, wastewater infractions:

59. Bust Coming - Spiraling costs in Norway dent profit margins:

58, Bust - Peru anchovy harvest so down it threatens wold wide fish feed:

57. Liberals Won't Ban In-ocean Fish Farms, Liberals against environment:

56. Cohen Commission progress slow:

55. Liberals, DFO against wild Pacific Salmon: in-ocean farms:

54. BUST - Pacific Andes Insolvency Debacle continues, NG family being ousted:

53. Bust - Workers Layed Off? - Nolan Seafood, processor, Aberdeen, UK, market volatility:

52. BUST before the BOOM? - NL, Grief Seafood, Placentia Bay, salmon hatchery questionable financial viability:

51. Boom - BC Salmon to double to Asia in 2016:

50. Boom - Arnarlax, Iceland, buys rival Fjardalax, Salmar backs the deal, with '100,000' mt potential:

49. BOOM - NL, Provincial Federation of Agriculture concerned with Grieg Seafood in Placentia Bay:

48. Marine Harvest Bullies Chilean Govt - Senator wades in:

47. Don't Buy High-Priced Salmon - UK Chefs:

46. Bust - 12,000 Fish Farm/Related Workers Lose Jobs - Chile: Total employment in the region has fallen to 409,752 from a previous total of 422,000 in the second quarter, compared with a year earlier.

45. Boom/Bust Salmon Prices soar 50% for third time since 2010:

44. Bust - Chile Algal Bloom Losses, layoffs in salmon and supply industry:

43. Boom - BC salmon to double to Asia in 2016:

42. Boom - Salmon prices soar 60% for third time since 2010:

41. Boom/Bust Cyclic Industry - Salmon price to nosedive in Norway:

40. Operation Virus Hunter, Disease, BC - Pamela Anderson, Alex Morton, Sea Shepherd to find BC fish farm disease:

39. Lawsuit - Collusion - Bumble Bee, Chicken of the Sea, Starkist, Cartel, FAD-free tuna:

38. Huge Size of Seafood/Fish Farm Companies - Pacific Andes bankruptcy, China based, 16 entities:

37. Farmed Salmon Prices to Plummet - Nordea, glut of extra 10,000t per week to global market, price drop to 50%:

36. ISA - BakkaFrost will kill 1.2 million farmed salmon:

35. Diseases - ISA, Faroe Islands, Bakkafrost:

34. Fake Awards - 74 BAPs handed out to, plants, salmon hatcheries, farms, feed mills:

33. Workers Strike - Multiplex Foods, Chile, salmon - Wages, Puerto Montt plant:

32. Boom - USA, JJ McDonnell to double output in three years:

31. Boom - India, Gadre Marine Export, to double revenue to $160 million:

30 Boom - Regal Way - tiliapia, to triple production:

29. Leroy Loses 150,000 Salmon - during lice treatment:

28. Huge Loss - $800 Million, Chile, due to algal bloom:

27. Highest Prices Ever - Scotland, salmon, over 8 Pounds/kg:

26. Boom - NZ King Salmon set to double production:

25. Jail Sentence for Embezzling, USA, $440,000, Spain's Seaport Fish, Jorge Manuel Silva:

24.Bust - Fraudulent Bankruptcy, Pacific Andes Bankruptcy, attempt to derail sale of Peruvian assets, say lenders:

23. Fraud? Corruption? - Pacific Andes Bankruptcy, Lenders find $1 Billion in 'questionable transactions" and 'fabricated revenues', call for Ng to go:

22. Bust - UK, heavy losses for Seamark on oversupply of shrimp:

21. Boom - Norway, H1 exports up 25%, to $42.6 B NOK:

20. Bust After Boom- World seafood exports dropped 10% due to lower prices of key species to $135 B. But growth from $8 B in 1976 is still impressive:

19. Boom - Marine Harvest to open Dallas, USA plant. You will recall this is the same company that caused so much trouble for Young's, UK in 2015, pulling out and starting a plant in Poland:

18. Boom - Cargill Invests NOK80M in fish plant, Norway:

17. 79 Workers to be Fired - Germany, Nomad/Igloo:

16. Feed Deficiency - $29M sought from Skretting by Clean Seas:

15. More, Not Fewer, Fish Farm Licences in BC - Canada:

14. Boom Expansion - Thai Union buys Canadain Chez Nous lobster:

13. Fake Award - BAP - Peruvian trout:

12. Boom - NZ King Salmon looking for $$:

11. Boom - China Company, Guolion goes from a buck to a billion in 15 years, just like fish farms in Norway:

10. Bust - Ecuador Shrimp Producers get Quake Funding. Yes, this contradicts item, number 9:

9. Boom - Ecuador Shrimp Highest Ever:

8. Justin Trudeau Against Environment - Issues more longterm leases, BC:

7. More Pacific Andes Bust:

6. Child Labour In Asia Supply Chain:

5. Boom - Shrimp Mega-Farm - Singapore, Sino Agro:

4. Mega Bust Keeps Getting Worse - Pacific Andes et al, PARD, around the world:

3. CFIA, DFO Conflict of Interest - Diseases, Canada, trying not to find ISA, etc:

2. Pollution Kills Fish, Makes People Sick - Vietnam,

 1. Bust - China Fishery, Pacific Andes file bankruptcy, US ( China Fishery, chapter 11 bankruptcy; parent Pacific Andes Resources Development, chapter 15.

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