Monday, 18 May 2015

Marine Harvest - Lice Are Our Worst Problem in Open-Net Fish Farms

Last year, I mentioned that the CEO of Marine Harvest said that they wouldn't put in 4 billion smolts in Norway because they thought they would all be killed by sea lice. Within 2 days this news was taken off the internet. I know because I went to look for it and it was gone, and I checked it with another environmentalist and it was confirmed that it was on and then off the internet.

Shortly thereafter, Marine Harvest CEO, Helge Aarskog, said that sea lice were their worst problem. In recent months MH has conceded on global news that it has some 90 scientific studies on the go because lice are resistant to all chemicals and are eating farmed salmon alive. Of course, citizens around the world have little sympathy for fish farms because their lice have been shown to infect and kill wild salmonids. Citiaens want fish farms out of the ocean and put on dry ground along with the 77 on-land systems I have found.

Just so that it is on this site's record, here is what Aarskog said, and the date:

image from

When a fish farm in BC says there is no lice problem, you refer it to its own CEO that says so. We don't need more sea lice science - nor those 90 studies - just fish farms out of water and on land where they belong.

I should also add that the Conservative government in Ottawa does not that British Columbians want fish farms out of the water. More than 100,000 British Columbians have signed a petition to eliminate fish farm expansion and to get fish farms out of our water

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