Friday, 22 May 2015

Global Aquaculture Loses One Third to One Half of all Production to Disease

I post once again the seminal work of Dr. Fred Kibenge on global losses for all of aquaculture: one third to one half, some $32 - $49 Billion.

The reason for giving you this link is that the OIE copy of it has been removed from the internet, presumably after the Canadian CFIA asked for his being de-accredited, and the OIE did so.

The link is:

Control over the narrative to do with fish farming rests in the hands of government departments that have high budgets. The CFIA has an annual budget of $740 Million. It simply ignores narratives that don't agree with it.

I repost this link because, like the Cohen Commission - his entire website - was deleted by DFO and it only resurrected it because journalists and environmentalists complained so much that it brought back an archival version.

I suggest you take this list and keep it aside for the time when you are needing to have a reference for the disease problems of aquaculture.

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