Sunday, 1 April 2018


I have listed the most popular posts on Fish Farm News and Science, as in, this blog, since August 2016. They are posted on the first day of the following month, or close to it.

This posts lists the most popular posts on this site during March 2018. There have been some big responses to a number of these posts.

1. DFO Fibs on Farmed Salmon Escapes - BC: 3,000 page views in four days, that's how many Canadians and other readers read this post that catches DFO with its pants down, fibbing about escapes in BC. You should read it.

2. Wild Salmon Plan: I have drawn up a plan for bringing back BC salmon. Many, many people read this post, making it the second most viewed post on this site for March.

3. Fish Farm Spin - READ THIS SUMMARY ARTICLE This one is intended to cover the whole subject at one time, and gives you 35 reference documents to go away and read them for yourself. A good source document on the subject for students. And, again, hundreds of views.

4. Big Tobacco, Big Fish Farms - Pretty Much the Same: Fish farms in BC use the same PR firm that taught big tobacco not to know its product caused cancer decades after the rest of us knew it. That is how bad the spin they create is, and it's coming at you.

5. Otto Langer On Farmed Fish - 500,000 Through Leakage:

6. On-Land Prospects - Have Never Looked Better, DNB:

7. Escaped Atlantic Salmon in BC - Volpe 2014: This is the one that shows why Atlantic plants did not take up to a century ago, but which are now able to do so, because there are far fewer steelhead to keep them in line.

8. BAD NEWS BITES in the fish farm/seafood industry, started May 2017, the fifth post:

9. 224. On-land Fish Farm Systems, comprising 20,000 actual farms around the world: This is the all time most viewed post. When is enough enough, to put fish farms on land for good?

10. DFO Asleep at the Switches - Take II: Among other things, this post had the Stan P committee to whom DFO would not give the research to conclude that sockeye did not catch IHN from vaccinated farmed fish.

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