Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Calculation for Sewage from Salmon Farms - $$$

If you want to calculate the sewage cost from fish farms in your jurisdiction, read this post. It takes you through the exceptionally high cost that we citizens pay for that fish farms simply release into our ocean, rather than being on land and using it as a revenue stream. The bottom line in BC is $10.4Billion worth of sewage.

Hi Bill,

Could you send me the references for calculating the raw sewage output from salmon farms.  I am using a factor of 10 salmon being equivalent to one person and would like to have some documentation for this.  Somehow I have lost the last info you sent.  I missed your interview and on VOCM.  Will check when it goes up on the CBC Broadcast website. Thanks


Hi Leo;

Dennis has done all this for us. D, can you help up here in NL?


Now, the answer:


Yes, here is the post where I show how to calculate the figure: My figure for BC is $10.4B and it is the most conservative estimate I could derive, for example, you will note that I used 80 fish farms, not the current 85.

The things you need to find are: a fair conversion rate. It is 10 fish per human; number of fish per farm (or a total for all farms); number of farms; cost of a representative sewage treatment facility, I used the Vic $783M, which will turn out low.

You can see that I followed up sewage treatment all across Canada to find what I thought was conservative. My estimate does not add in annual operating costs, for example.

The whole point was to find as conservative estimate as I could, that couldn’t be argued with. In my case, the other end of conservative is triple, or more than $30B sewage damage in BC.

Here is one that covers the sewage field generally:

If you need anything more, let me know.


Thanks for all you do D. The Army is growing...

Bill Bryden


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