Friday, 1 September 2017

Most Popular Posts - August 2017

The most popular posts of August are:

1. Roderick Haig Brown Award: This is the second award, in this case, a national award, that I have won for this blog.

2. Cooke Aquaculture - A Litany of Complaint: This is far and away the most popular post for August. About all the problems caused by this fish farm company, including using banned lice chemicals and not using $25 million of public cash for a processing plant, and not giving it back to the government.

3. Key Document - High Survival for Post-Smolt Atlantic Salmon in Closed Containment Facilities:

4. Worker Job Numbers Worldwide - Marine Harvest 2016 Handbook:
The handbook says that salary costs are low because most of the work is automated, and few employees.

5. 192 On-Land Fish Farm Systems and more than 20,000 actual on-land fish farms around the world: And also: 142 On-Land Fish Farm Systems and etc:

6. DFO Has To Be Sued to Prevent Diseased Atlantic Salmon Being Put in the Pacific Ocean: This sad case has the Canadian federal  government suing to be able to put diseased salmon in the BC ocean.

7. Taxpayers Pay for Diseased Dead Fish Farm Fish: The total was $177 million.

 8. Fish Farm Sewage, Huge Costs to BC Taxpayers, $10.4 Billion - Calculation: This shows how to calculate the $10.4 billion sewage cost that BC taxpayers absorb of fish farm sewage.

9. Strictest Laws in the World, Wrong: Nope, the laws are weak. Another litany of complaint.

10. In-Ocean Fish Farms are Toast: Everybody but DFO gets that in-ocean are old tech, and on-land is taking over.

11. Wild Salmon Policy in Tatters: Don't believe Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of DFO,

12. Closed Containment - Norway, Who'd A Thunk It?:

13. Aboriginals Against Fish Farms - Cooke Aquaculture, 300,000 fish escape, Aboriginals Want Fish Farms out of the Water in BC:

The link to the most popular posts of July, 2017 is:

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