Thursday, 3 August 2017

Most Popular Posts July, 2017

The most popular posts for July, 2017 on this site are listed below. Even one post from 2015 was popular for this month.

The post for most the popular posts for June, 2017 is this: You will find the link to the most popular posts for May in the June post, and so on.

Here is the list:

1. Most Popular Posts, June 2017:

2. 189 On-land Fish Farm Systems etc. This is the all time favourite on this site. If you can believe it, I have found 189 systems, comprising almost 20,000 on-land farms around the world. And fish farms say it can't be done. Oh, sure. See:

3. Bill C-228 - Trudeau Liberals Stand Against Wild Pacific Salmon BC Liberals voted for Bill C-228, to get fish farms out of the BC ocean at 70%, with only ministers against it. BC Liberals know that if they stand against BC salmon they are toast in the next election because wild salmon are as important to British Columbians as French is to Quebec.

4. Bad News Bites: I receive almost 30 fish farm newsletters every week, and have found almost 2,000 bad news stories in two years - yes, hard to believe.

5. DFO Has to be Sued to Prevent Diseased Atlantic Salmon Being Put in the Pacific Ocean: Yes, we are suing Dominic LeBlanc to prevent diseased farmed salmon being put in our ocean because he won't do the right thing. Shameful. This has been a well-viewed post this month.

6. Salmon/Fishing Revenue Towers Over Farmed Salmon: It makes no financial sense to leave the environmentally unsound in-ocean fish farms in the BC ocean.

7. Nylund, Vike - The Famous ISA, Chile Paper, Scientists Harassed in Norway, AquaGen: This was the most popular post in July, 2017.

8. Fish Farms Kill Billions of Fish - 113 fish killed to feed one farmed salmon to harvest: And, also: An industry the size of BC's kills 5.76 billion forage fish to bring one crop of farmed fish to harvest. Fish farms don't save fish they kill fish, actually trillions to bring the global farmed fish to harvest.

9. DFO Has To be Sued to Prevent Diseased Farmed Salmon Being Put in the Ocean: This is my rebuttal to my note to LeBlanc that was answered not by the minister in Ottawa, but by a DFO staff member in BC. Unfortunately for them, I have drafted more than 5,000 minister's letters in my time with the BC government, so I know how to rebut them. Also a popular post.

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