Saturday, 4 February 2017

Killing Our Oceans With Fish - Updated Mar 16, 2017

I am now working on a book about the global problems caused by fish farms.

This article, reaches the same conclusion that I have reached: global aquaculture is killing our oceans with fish/seafood:

"Several large rivers empty into the bay [of Bengal], carrying vast tides of untreated sewage, plastic, industrial waste and effluent from the agriculture and aquaculture industries14. The impact of this pollution could be catastrophic. The high load of organic pollutants, coupled with the diminution of the fish that keep them in control, could lead to massive plankton blooms, further reducing the water’s oxygen content."

The mega problem here are the blooms and reducing the world's oxygen. This is the result of a rampantly growing fish farm/seafood industry world wide. The only thing to be said for the Norwegian fish farms, for example, Marine Harvest, Cermaq and Grieg Seafood, is that they are the 'clean' part of an appalling industry that is killing the world we live in.


And their warning is the same as mine:

"What is unfolding in the bay is a catastrophic convergence of flawed policy, economic over-exploitation, unsustainable forms of waste management, and climate change impacts that are intensifying in unpredictable ways. The scientists who identified the bay’s dead zone warn that this stretch of ocean is approaching a tipping point that will have serious consequences for the planet’s oceans and the global nitrogen cycle."

The Guardian post has lots of information on the perils of fish farms/fisheries/seafood.  

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