Monday, 23 January 2017

Wild Fish Conservancy - Great Source of Information

The Wild Fish Conservancy, Duvall, WA that does work on behalf of wild fish in the Pacific North West, has an impressive list of fish farm articles on the problems.

Their list is worth a look by anyone interested in the perils associated with in-ocean fish farms.


There are almost 80 papers, science articles, reports and libraries of information on the down sides of in-ocean fish farms.

Go read up. Here is an article on the decline of wild salmon in Clayoquot Sound and the lice on wild smolts: There are 22 fish farms in Clayquot Sound.

The second largest sockeye run on the Island, the Kennedy, declined in the '90s and has never come back. There are only 501 chinook in a half dozen streams in the Sound - this is DFO's estimate. That is extinction levels.

Here is what the report says on chinook:

"Chinook salmon fry were scarce in Clayoquot Sound in 2009—a total of 550 fry were collected across sampling sites and seasons. While the data are sparse, what they suggest is compelling. Chinook fry, like chum, experienced higher infection rates (up to 60% infected) in inlets with many farms than those with fewer (up to 5% infected) though sample sizes were very small. In 2010, WFC plans to actively target chinook to develop a more robust data set on this important species."

Go look at the report's graph on falling chinook numbers.

Here is a library of reports:

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