Saturday, 1 October 2016

October 1, The Most Popular Posts on Fish Farm News in September 2016, Updated Oct 2016

Here are the most popular posts posts as viewed by the global audience to this blog in the month just past, September, 2016:

1. 158 Different On Land Fish Farm Systems around the world, comprising almost 20,000 on land fish farms:  This post is far and away the most popular on this site, meaning the world is moving to on-land systems, leaving in-ocean polluters behind.

2. On Land Fish Farms Shoving In-ocean fish farms Aside:

3. Post 3: Forage Fish - Fish Farm Feed Stats - 10.2 Billion Forage Fish Killed to feed BC Fish Farms, alone:

4. Norwegians/Canadians Reject Norwegians, Canadians Reject In-ocean Fish Farms - "An Ecological Train Wreck":

5. Fish Farms Kill Billions of Fish:

6. August, 2016 - Most Popular Posts on Fish Farm News - Sept 1, 201: 

7. Global Fish Reduction to Fishmeal and Fish Oli:

8.Petition e-463 - Take Fish Farms out of the Ocean, and Put them on Land: Please sign the petition..

9. Times Colonist - New research will help salmon - Updated Aug 23, 2016:

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