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Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Farmed Salmon - Ireland, Updated Mar 23, 2016

Inconsistencies in the presence of organic pollutants in Irish farmed 'organic' salmon and the negative health impacts in humans, including cancer and genetic mutation, are discussed in a recent article from Ireland. You will note that the government body that is responsible for the issue of chemicals in farmed fish, did no testing, and would not comment on testing done by the companies themselves, something that should not happen. You will also find that for each chemical there are contradictory indications.

There is a long history of academic articles on these chemicals; one of them lead me to start this blog:
fish farms discrediting the Hites et al article in the January 9, 2004 issue of Science. Go back to 2011 to find the David Miller article on the 'neutralizing'. (Or take this link:

"When asked about the results, The Department of Agriculture consulted the Marine Institute, its scientific advisor, which informed it that as the test results were undertaken for a private company, it would not be appropriate for it to comment – in spite of the fact that the record was created as part of the Marine Institute’s statutory regulatory role, by its own Inspector.

The Minister for Health, who controls the Food and Safety Authority, referred the matter back to the Minister for Agriculture." Hmm.

The ten chemicals used in 'organic' farmed salmon are: emamectic benzoate (SLICE), deltamethrin, tricaine mesilate (MS222), oxytetracycline, oxytetracycline ethoxyquin, ethoxyquin DMK, BHA, BHA butylated hydroxytoluene, malachite green, leuco malachite green dyes.

Doesn't this list just make you want to eat a farmed salmon. Mmm.

Of oxytetracycline, WHO is very concerned: "The World Health Organisation (WHO) classified Oxytetracycline in 2009 as “Critically Important Antimicrobials for Human Medicine”. These are defined as “used as sole therapy or one of few alternatives to treat serious human disease” including in this case Lyme disease, brucellosis, and pneumonia. WHO is seeking to restrict the use of this antibiotic on animals “in order to preserve their effectiveness in human medicine”."

 Read the article on cancer-causing and other chemicals in 'organic' farmed salmon in Ireland:

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