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Before the Index, see this table of the chemicals in farmed salmon:

Now, the index for fishfarmnews for 2015 and late 2014. The purpose of the site is to list references, along with text so that you can go to the source documents and form your own informed opinion. 2015 will be remembered as the year of the tipping point for getting fish farms out of the pristine oceans they use as free open sewers.

Environmental damage, sewage, diseases, seals killed with a bullet to the head and so on will be ended when fish farms set up on land. Citizens who have to live with fish farms overwhelmingly reject them. This is happening all around the world: BC, Nova Scotia, NB, NL, Ireland, Scotland, Norway itself, Chile, Tasmania and etc. European countries in the Baltic Sea area have strict laws preventing fish farm setting up in the ocean.

The only way forward for the Norwegian-style fish farms is to set up on land or go back to Norway and set up on land. Norway is so fed up with their environmental damage, fraud, pollution, sewage, jail sentences that it is giving out on-land licences to get fish farms out of its ocean. This is a $9- to $12-million subsidy for each on-land licence because that is the auction price for in-ocean licences.

Time for Justin Trudeau and Hunter Tootoo to get fish farms out of the BC ocean and save wild salmon as well.

Here is the index for 2014 and earlier posts:

Here is a very long litany of issues in the fish farm/seafood industry I have found in the last six months, including boom bust industry, the employees being the first to get fired, fraud, jail sentences, human slavery... it goes on and on:

Here is the index:



*Fish Farm Lice Kill 34% of Wild Salmonids:
*Lice Out of Control in Scotland:
****KEY Document: Tipping Point - Goodbye In-ocean Fish Farms, Hello On-Land Fish Farms:
*Marine Harvest - Fixes the Image, Not the Problem:
*Monsanto, Marine Harvest, Cermaq, Grieg Seafood, Big Tobacco, is There any Difference?:
*Nordlaks - Fish Farm Ship Mega-Sewage Problem:


*Minister Tootoo - Bob Chamberlin - Get Fish Farms ouf of the Pristine BC Ocean:
*KEY Document - Fish Feed Sustainability - Check Back - Fish Gut Bacteria:
*Indigenous People Unite to get Fish Farms Out of Their and Our Oceans:
*Nova Scotia Public Rejects In-ocean Fish Farms:
*On Land Fish Farm Costs - a $1.56 Billion Subsidy to Use BC as a Free Open Sewer:
*Kristi Miller, DFO Scientists Allowed to Speak Under Trudeau Government:
*Fish Farm Sewage - More than the Entire Human Population of Norway:
*Alexandra Morton - Summary of Fish Farm Companies Problems, Mostly Norwegian:


*Are Any Aquaculture Awards/Benchmarks Valid?:
*The Environmental Promises of the Government of Canada:
*KEY Document - Eliminating Fish Farms From Our Pristine Oceans, Now:


*Fish Farms Negative to BC Economy:
*Farmed Atlantic Salmon Should Not Be Eaten - Norwegian Scientists, Doctors Say:
*Cermaq Site in Clayoquot Sound Closed by Ahousaht Protest:
*Russia: Fish Farm Pollution in Russia, Kills Wild Salmon, Pollutes Ocean, Company Denies Everything:
*BC First Nations Take on the Court Battle to get Cermaq, Marine Harvest and Grieg Seafood Fish Farms out of Ocean:
*Anousaht First Nation Stands Up to Foreign Multinational Cermaqq, and Stephen Harper, Chilean Residents Take on Cermaq and Win, Nova Scotians Boycott Farmed Fish in Stores:
*Index to Articles on, Also Our Tax Money for Diseased Dead Fish:
**Fish Farm Lice Kill Wild Salmonids - LITERATURE REVIEW, 2015:
*Skuna Bay Sells Farmed Salmon to Gullible US Open Tennis Tournament:


*BC Residents Don't Vote Conservative - No To Stephen Harper and Marine Harversts, Cermaq and Grieg Seafood:
*Stephen Harper and the Conservatives Don't Get BC - Atlantic Salmon Poster: This has the Atlantic Salmon in BC Poster in it.
*DFO and CFIA Testing of Diseases in Farmed Salmon:
*101 On-Land Fish Farm Systems:
*Ahousaht First Nation People Take Stand Against Cermaq Fish Farms and their own Chiefs:


*Stephen Harper Government Eliminates Environmental Laws for Fish Farms: ***Note, this post has the PCB Cancer Causing Chemicals in Fish Graphic in It
*Norwegian Fish Farms at the Tipping Point:
*KEY DOCUMENT - 266 Fish Farm News Bites:


*Marine Harvest has ISA - Worst Fish Farm Disease:
*Peru, Too Can't Harvest Enough Fish Meal for Third World Human Consumption:
*Grieg Seafood Loses Salmon to Low Oxygen in BC:
*Nancy Greene Raine Silence on Fish Farms Speaks Volumes on Support for Wild BC Salmon:
*Problems with GMO, AquaBounty Atlantic Salmon:
*Fish Farms are Floating Pig Farms - Daniel Pauly, UBC:
*Fish Farms are Not Sustainable - Feed Prices Rising - Rabobank:
*Yet Another Corrupt Fish Farm Award:


*Seventeen Ways the Government is Helping Kill Wild Salmon:
*Global Aquaculture Loses One Third to One Half of all Production to Disease:
*Norwegian Fish Farm Disease and Lice Costs:
*Nova Scotia Public Strongly Against Fish Farms in the Ocean:
****Marine Harvest - Lice Are Out Worst Problem in Open-Net Fish Farms - Helge Aarskog:
*Second Post: PRV Found in BC, Judge Tells DFO, Fish Farms They Can't Put Diseased Fish in the Sea:
*PRV Found in BC, Judge Tells DFO, Fish Farms They Can't Put Diseased Fish in the Sea:
****Salmon/Fishing Revenue Towers Over Farmed Salmon:
*Stephen Harper Conservatives Against Wild Pacific Salmon - Vote No to Stephen Harper:


*Salmon and Trout Die of Cold (Not Disease!) in Atlantic Canada - Cooke Aquaculture:

March 2015

*Lice in Norway, Free Ride in BC, Canada:
*Fish Farm Certification - Marsh Bay, Marine Harvest, BC, Canada, - Not a Real Award:
*Norway - Lice Out of Control:
*Canadians Don't Want In-Ocean Fish Farms - Fake Eco Labels:
*Fish Farm Feed Tonnage Declines, May Level Out, Sort Of:
*Fish Farms are a Boom Bust Industry:
*Norwegians, Canadians, Europeans, Americans, First Nations Tell Norway to get Fish Farms Out of the Ocean:

February 2015

* USDA to Certify Feedlot Fish Farms as Organic:
*Seafood Watch Green Washes NZ Chinook In-ocean, Open-Net Fish Farm:
*Fish Farms Are a Boom Bust Industry:
*BC Fish Farms - Low Employment:
*BC Fish Farms Subsidized by Taxpayers - $2 Million Each:
*Lice in Norway - Biomass of Polluters to be Cut in Half - Stricter Laws than BC, Canada:
*Norway to Make Laws Stricter, Not Looser Like in Canada - Shame on Shea:

January 2015

*Fish Farm Boom Bust Cycle - Buying up the Competition: 
*Key Document - High Survival Rate for Post Smolt Atlantic Salmon in Closed Containment:
*VeroBlue - Huge On-land Fish Farm - 40 Million Pounds of Fish:
*Fish Farms are a Boom Bust Industry:

December 2014

*Kim Jong-Un: On-land Fish Farmer, North Korea:
*NB: Wild Atlantic Salmon Decline, Miramachi
*Study: On-land Fish Farms Make More Money
*Key Document: Irish Public Against Norwegian Style Fish Farms:
*Summary: Fish Farm Environmental Laws Damaged by DFO, Harper Government:
*Key Document: Norwegian Fish Farms Choose Advertizing Not Coming On-land to Solve Their Problems:
*Norway - Closed Containment Study:
*Canada, Strictest Fish Farm Laws? No Best Science? No. Weakest Laws in the World? Probably:
*Fish Farm Feed and GMO Plant Products

November 2014

*Key Document: CFIA Testing of Wild Pacific Salmon - Alexandra Morton
*Key Document: Strictest Laws in the World? Not in Canada
*Key Document: World Wildlife Certification for In-ocean Fish Farms Doesn't Mean Much:
*Globe and Mail: BC Farm-Raised Salmon Advertisement, Nov 25, 2014, Page S3:
*Key Document: Fish Farms Eliminate Jobs, Citizens Complain, Laws Too Weak:
*G&M Fish Farm Ad:
*Norway Polluted with Farmed Salmon:

October 2014

*Index to Fish Farm News:
*Aquaculture Activities Regulation Canada:
*Fish Farm News Index

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